Daily Tarot 1/1-7 An Ending And A Beginning The Super Moon New Year

The Super Moon January first brings multiple things front and center to start 2018.  First and appropriately so, an ending must be marked.  As we move forward the energy of this year requires an adult to make the most out of all of what’s ahead.  You’ve had plenty of opportunities to step into this space and leave the younger helpless you in the past where it rightly belongs.  This year it is your choice to stay stuck in power plays or to play powerfully… you decide.  Will you choose active creation or reflexive protection?  Isn’t it much more fun to shape your day to day from passionate interests than it is from defensiveness?  Besides with Mars and the South Node together power plays have harsher and harsher consequences.  We simply can’t repeat the old patterns without paying a much higher price.  The Universe requires our growth.

That takes care of the ending, now on to the beginning.  This Super Moon is in a tight trine with Mars/Jupiter and Neptune, which makes it easier than usual to have good things happen.  Mars our action planet is on steroids thanks to the Great Expander Jupiter for a traveling companion.  While Neptune is the collective unconscious or the place we all dream of perfection.  Make a wish just do it with an intention to watch for signs to help you plug it in to the world around you in the best way.  After all, the more people who support your wish, the stronger and faster it comes into being.

What a phenomenal way to begin the New Year.  Capricorn is highlighted strongly with the Sun, Venus and Pluto all here, so concrete actions are required.  The way to make a wish come true is to do your part.  Sometimes it is as simple as talking back to the internal fear voices that predict doom and gloom as they try to get you to safely stay in familiar territory.  Other times it requires active effort, where you must contribute something of your own time, resources and speak up for what it is you wish to create.  It’s unique to you and it requires the best of the old and a lot of the new ways of being in creation.  Which one is the right combination is unique to you, your hands and chart.  I’ve left the New Year’s 12 Month Look Ahead reading active until midnight New Year’s Day.

This New Year’s reading gives you your laser focused map of what’s ahead month by month.  One woman has the eclipse the end of this month that brings the end to a chapter in her life only to open up a huge doorway in mid February to a career move that puts her on a whole new trajectory – her long held wish.  One has to diminish to make room for the other to come in for her.  But it helps to know the second one’s coming as you release the first.  It’s my joy to give you a compass and map for your personal road trip in 2018.

Now back to your week ahead.  We have several Major Arcana cards which always signal big shifts.  These cards point to changes that you yourself have called in and now have to work with to help shape what they can become.  Don’t be frustrated if they start off looking less than what you envisioned.  After all do you see the grown man in a baby?  The potential is there that unfolds over time.  Begin and worry less about what it isn’t and instead put your energy into what you would love it to become.  The cards and the Stars will help.


Card of the Week:  The World

The World card usually signals a whole New World opening up for you personally.  However with the Super Moon and all it’s royal court assembled, this one is also about the World beyond your immediate experience as well.  We start this first week of the New Year with a reminder that we belong to a global society and have a part to play there as well.  Don’t panic, you don’t have to suddenly plug in to international affairs if you’ve avoided news and headlines.  Rather, this is where you put together the fact that the changes you make on an individual level contribute to changes on a global scale.  When you look at the past few months of this post you can see where you’ve been encouraged to take back your own authority and the responsibility that comes with it to move out of the helpless place.  Then Mercury Retrograde had us upgrade our communication to more adult rather than wounded children verbally tangled up.  Now you get a chance to practice, practice, practice being a powerful adult with conscious communication.  From this place a world of possibilities is not only possible but hard to avoid.  So look at any interaction this week as a chance to express the authentic you in a way that allows others to do the same thing and be pleasantly surprised with the results.  At the very least you’ll feel more powerfully in command and at best you’ll turn around some difficult conversations.








Monday:  Journey

Ah, when you take the World card and combine it with the traditional Tarot’s Death card (Journey in Wildwood Tarot) you get the end of something.  A major chapter is done, there is a recognizable finish line of some kind today.  So it helps to mark the ending with a ritual or ceremony of some kind.  I love how Wildwood Tarot calls this the Journey card.  Think of winter in the world.  Things that are done fall away like leaves on the trees.  The structure is laid bare and what’s been released turns into rich food for what will bloom come spring.  The Moon today is in a grand trine (powerful catalyst aspect) with Mars/Jupiter together in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces.  It invites you to make a wish what you wish to bring into being this New Year and send it out to the World.  Mars is actual action so this aspect gives you a more instinctive knowing you can put to use with what the next best step is to make the wish real.  For some people it requires concentration, for others collaboration.  Still others need to sit still and receive information that benefits them before they take the next step.  Be prepared for change when you put the wish out there.  It will happen.  The more you can be clear about what you want to feel the better.  Don’t get stuck on actions and results too soon or you lose a chunk of abundant resources you have flowing right now.  Instead go back to the feelings and really dial up that picture using some of where you felt that in the past.  Put joy, excitement, delight or any other great feeling or collection of feelings in the pot and let it simmer.  The aroma of it will have help, like minds and allies drawing up to assist in making it real.  That is how you play powerfully.   Happy New Year!







Tuesday:  Shaman

Today we put all the magic we have into a changed story.  Both the Moon (what we love and fear losing) plus Mars (Actions) are in stressful positions.  If you keep feeding yourself the old stories of unhappiness and acting on them they will give you indigestion.  If you move too fast in the direction of change you may slip back into familiar but uncomfortable territory.  If that happens, pause, adjust and take one step forward in a better direction than the old story.  This card today reminds you that you have the ability to turn lead into gold when you use all of your gifts to feel your way forward.  Watch out for the mind who wants to throw up a wall or make someone else responsible for a hard choice rather than find a healthy boundary for yourself.  It’s going to be uncomfortable territory for just a short while, then you’ve done it.  The Universe doles out a healing kiss for good effort by early evening.  So don’t worry about perfection or results, try to enjoy each moment instead.  You can almost feel yourself stretch out in all kinds of new ways.










Wednesday: Six of Stones

Sixes represent healing and wholeness and this card says it’s in physical form.  Today enjoy the sense of progress and how a simple choice adds to the next choice and becomes a new normal.  What pleases you today?  Savor it and roll those moments around in your mind as you walk into whatever follows.  There’s a sweet aspect between Neptune the Great Connector and Venus, what we love and desire.  The ripples of your happiness flow outward like ripples in Neptune’s deep waters to carry the message of joy to others around the world.  Ripple after ripple spreads a healthier, happier feeling for each person you come into contact with and they join you for as long as they can.  Together the rising tide of enjoyment can lift all boats.  Delight in your senses today with the plan to share that moment rather than keep it all to yourself, afraid that someone else may have more or better. See where it takes you as the generosity of pleasure helps heal and balance where those starved too long of it are hoarding any of theirs.









Thursday:  Six of Vessels

Two sixes in a row means union.  This six is rebirth and after the body reminder of yesterday’s six, now we add the heart.  The marriage of heart and action is a good place to live.  The Moon is having fun with both Mercury an Uranus as the two combine to give our hearts a expansive awakening on how much feeling good contributes to your life.  Once you let it settle in savor it.  Give those feelings a shape, color, number or anything that anchors it for you.  Because as the evening falls you may be hip-checked as old stories pop up to get you to turn backwards.  Slow down, spend a little more time with the conflict or challenge if it comes up and mine it as rich insight into what drove that story for so long.  Once you know what the stories job protected you from can find a better way to give that to yourself with a fresh take.  Choose one that feels a whole lot more nourishing to your heart and spirit.










Friday:  Eight of Stones

This rhythm of happiness and pleasure that feeds both ourselves and those we come in contact with expands further with this eight.  Now we see a way to master the art of sending out pleasant story and getting one back.  Once you experience that and see some results it’s time to experiment.   What are other ways to leverage all the energy that flows through each and every day?  This eight is a concrete reminder that to master anything you practice, practice, practice.  Let everything that shows up today be an opportunity to master your skill at life.  The Moon is in Virgo today, the sign that favors wholeness, health, intelligently achieved which reinforces the desire to perfect your efforts.  Thanks to a little reflective wisdom from Neptune by early evening you can let go and let things be ‘good enough’ for now.  You made headway, savor that fact and tomorrow is another day.










Saturday:  Page of Stones

The pages show us our inner state that we have before we act on things.  This earthy Page says congratulations, you’ve achieved a stronger, new sense of yourself because of your recent actions.  The mistakes or missteps show you places where you benefit from course correction and Moon/Pluto makes the stretch goal feel so good as you start your day.  By mid afternoon you get lightning bolts of clarity to help direct your expansion in a more inspired way.  Fresh options and/or viewpoints abound.  Then the fly in the ointment shows up.  The old fears or hurts pop up just to see if you really meant it when you stepped out of the helpless or wounded place into this empowered place.  Reach back for this morning’s confidence and let it stand with you as you stare down your doubts.  Remember, practice makes perfect…










Sunday:  Eight of Bows

Ah, two Eights in a week and this signals a development not expected.  Hmmm, prediction is doomed when these two eights show up.  You simply can’t plan for this the unexpected.  However the Page of Stones between these two eights give you a clue.  Your inner sense of strength and security are a key factor.  You are ready for this because of the work you’ve done to be the adult in your life.  You know how to take time for your feelings and then pick yourself up and engage in what’s next after disappointment or loss.   There is only one major aspect today and it is Moon square Saturn.  So the Moon is what we love and fear losing.  Saturn is reward for constructive efforts to bring structure to chaos and respect for the time things take.  It also asks you to respect what has gone before you without being caught in its grip.  Move forward with respect for the old while you expand into the new.  Tradition is ruled by Saturn, so today with this Eight the community represented by the hearth fire has something unpredictable to add to your world. Watch for some much needed praise that comes your way for your recent efforts.  Sweet.  Celebrate with like minded friends.


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