Daily Tarot 12/25-31 Christmas, Chaos and Heart

For those of you who celebrate Christmas, Merry Christmas.  For all of you, I wish you a truly Happy and Healthy Holiday season.  We have Saturn, the Great Teacher, who just moved into his own sign for the first time in 27/28 years which puts Authority front and center of what’s going on in life today.  Who’s the authority in your life?  We’ve played with this for a few months to be ready for what unfolds the next almost five years.  Old structures always need repair and in some cases replacement.  This is exactly what happens in our own lives when Saturn makes this kind of transit.  First it can feel a bit chaotic and uncertain while you make new choices.

Time to sort through which traditions, habits and beliefs still fit, feel good and wear well and which ones don’t.  This coming week the theme is especially strong around families and expectations.  Chiron, the wound that heals us, adds a little grease to the rails and things can get tense unless you remember one key thing.  Our hearts are wired for love and belonging.  Conflict comes up when being connected runs up against differing wants and needs.  We are in a major reconstruction period where how we communicate that in a way that includes both sides gets a major overhaul.

Which means first the cracks and potholes show up.  Ouch.  Just in time for the holidays.  Instead of seeing the tension and tiffs as a problem, try on the viewpoint where they reveal the map of what needs work going forward.  It can help bring down the heat under some of the conversations, especially when you add in the reminder that your wound colors the view of what others are saying or doing.  You are your own final authority on anything and need no justification for that truth.

However, you do want to learn how to integrate your wants and needs into the relationships in a way that is sustainable.  This is the key word to apply to your choices.  Blowing up at someone who crossed a boundary may feel good in the moment but is that kind of response sustainable?  Not saying some people don’t seem to deserve it, I know, I know.  Still – you can join them there or you can lift it up a few layers of maturity and see longer term results rather than immediate ones.  Treat them the way you wish to be treated, bring your heart forward before you do or say anything.

Here’s to a good week ahead, filled with sweetly satisfying moments where you feel good about yourself and your choices.  The Cards and the Stars can help.  P.S.  Still getting rid of the eye infection – no video this week.  We will start fresh for 2018!

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Merry Christmas and Peace Be To All.

Card of the Week:  Ancestor

My colleague Adam Elenbaas did a terrific take on Saturn when he reminded us that it is not just the Wise Grandfather and Teacher but also the Grandmother.  This week’s card Ancestor from Wildwood Tarot harkens back to the ancient wisdom where our body and the physical world around us had an honored place.  We created traditions, religions and governments to help organize the world we lived in so we could better enjoy its benefits.  Unfortunately that also brought in more opportunity to exploit the ‘system’ to one individual or groups advantage, the dark side of the Masculine.  The challenge with this is that nature always corrects imbalance.  Down through history excesses of one plant or species would eventually be its undoing as well.  We are at that tipping point in history again as countries around the globe look at power shifts, while Mother Nature serves up her own consequences in rather dramatic fashion.  This Saturn period has more of the feminine connectivity and fear-driven power grabs are not healthy for relationships of any kind long term.  However it can be difficult to reason with those driven by this motivation.  So it takes careful, patient, long-term responses to help move people off of scarcity mentality and on to a more open-handed, abundant community and world.  Once again adding more of the Grandmother in to the mix. Saturn is the time-keeper and measures it out slowly, step by step.  So this week keep your focus on the present, do a self check before your respond.  Call on your inner observer to see rather than just react to things and see where it takes you.  It may be a touch uncomfortable but it can start to feel good fast with practice.








Monday:  Ace of Bows

Merry Christmas, Happy Monday and a new Ace greets the day.  The Moon is conjunct Chiron in Pisces early this morning followed shortly by Venus meeting up with the Great Teacher as well.  This means it is time to grow up and take responsibility for making what you love real.  If you truly want something, what do you do to make it possible in your life.  This isn’t always about actions, it can be an attitude, a belief or anything that stands between you and what you love.  This Ace is an intuitive new beginning, one fueled with the heat of passion.  First you must believe you can have it, then you have to see it as if it’s true.  Keep an open mind about how it shows up.  Don’t get hung up on how the particulars look and be willing to let it be whatever size step it may be in the right direction.  If it’s not be the whole enchilada in one sitting it’s because the Moon is square both Saturn and Venus.  That acts like an exhale where you have to breathe out the fear you can’t have it before you can take a nice long inhale in where you really can trust that you can make it a reality.  One’s are about you, the individual, so you have to start owning your heartfelt desires and the fears around them before you are sturdy enough to share them with others.  So begin at the beginning, stay true to your deepest longings and let the Universe serve up the signs that you are on track toward the goal.  Now that’s a real Christmas miracle…








Tuesday:  World

The only major astrological aspect today Moon is in Aries and trine Mercury as it turns back towards the final pass over the Saturn point.  In the Wildwood Tarot they refer to this card as ‘natural balance’ and the ‘Universal Mind’.  What I love most about this is that it follows yesterday’s fiery Ace and encourages you to open up your desires to discover where they plug into the World around you.  When you do this a wealth of possibilities emerge with bountiful abundance that helps drive out the fear of scarcity or lack.  We still have to deal with loss, this is a present fear with anything you love and can’t imagine losing.  That spark in you that was stirred up yesterday has a unique place in the World, it enriches it and becomes something you risk attachment to and the ever present failure or disappointment that comes with your heart’s investment.  So the balance of these two core elements, the ‘natural balance’ adds strength to the collective unconscious.  One risk taken by you, inspires others to take their own.  This is the way we help bring the order of things back to a more sustainable place in relationships with everything around us, including this planet. One flame when lit throws back some of the darkness, but imagine thousands, ten thousand such candles.  Let your inner fire be a light that helps kick back the shadows of fear and greed so you feel safer and more connected to all the resources around you.








Wednesday:  Four of Stones

The Moon moves into Taurus as the day progresses, an earthy sign that trusts what it can see, feel, hear, taste and smell.  How perfectly does this Four illustrate the invitation to put things on a firm foundation.  You’ll want that because the Moon is conjunct Uranus, the Great Awakener first and then Pallas Athene shortly thereafter.  The Great Awakener shows you your fears so you can deal with them yourself rather than boxing yourself in with defensive armor.  Then Mars meets up with Neptune to help you intuitively act in a way that helps you put solid foundation under your expansion this week.  Actions count today.  Since Fear overestimates the threat and underestimates you as a survival tool, your job is to catch where you do that and act on it differently.  Where have you survived in the past any threat to your happiness or security today?  What did you learn from that experience?  Remind yourself that it can turn out differently this time because you are different now.  YOU make different choices and choose new ways of handling similar circumstances.  One choice at a time you overwrite the old story of loss or pain and replace it with a much happier version of what’s possible.  Doesn’t that feel so much more secure?









Thursday:  Six of Arrows

Ah this card is perfect in the week’s line up because this Six of Arrows connotes healing of the mind by going beyond your known boundaries.  The risks you’ve taken this week pay off in sweet ways as you test yourself and pass with flying colors.  The Moon is in easy aspect to both Venus and the Sun before noon arrives.  This signals the storm is behind you and you are headed for safer waters, even if they are unfamiliar.  The Sun and Moon acting together with help from Venus assures you that there is harmony within and without as you keep creating from a place of an authentic you.  Any anxiety is around braving the unknown more than any real difficulty or harm ahead and with Moon touching Neptune you can feel the collective tension of global change and growth.  You breathe easier, see more clearly and celebrate going past the old limits while you manage the fears.  Well done you.  By evening Moon is opposite Mars with a little push from Mercury and the North Node to help keep the momentum of actions aligned with the fuller expression of who you are and what you want in life. Tackle those fears of the unknown and see how much you’ve handled already as it falls behind you.









Friday: Five of Arrows (Reversed)

Our first reversed card in a while and it happily upends our frustrations.  Perhaps because your sense of self empowerment has some tangible successes this week to encourage more of the same.  The Moon is in easy aspect to Pluto, the Great Transformer to help you clean out the mental closet of self doubts.  Fives signal creativity and with the Arrows involved it’s the mind that can tell you an impressive story to squeeze initiative out of you and get you to stop taking risks.  That clever mind knows how to sandbag expansion with fears of failure or loss.  Ah, but yesterday’s Six of Arrows already showed you how to go beyond those limiting beliefs and stories to the place where you know you’ve achieved or succeeded being a more empowered, authentic you.  The Moon opposite Vesta pushes and in easy aspect to Chiron supports us as we take our wounds not just out of the driver’s seat, but put them on the roof of the car.  They are visible but with no steering power as the winds of change blow away rotting pockets that might contaminate new ventures.  You’ve got the wisdom they offered without the stink of self deception around you being weak or powerless now. You are free to create from a much better place.









Saturday:  Knight of Bows

Knights signal action and this Bold Warrior charges in driven by intuition as the Moon moves into Gemini to give an explosive feel to the day.  The Moon runs into a roadblock or two today that says you have to make things real with the courage of your actions, not just your thoughts or words.  But before you do, this brave Knight carries the caution to manage your impatience.  It can be easy to get carried away and charge in before things are ready for you and knock a few others out of the way.  It’s okay to be excited and enthusiastic.  Get ready to stand up and be noticed.  Just pause a breath or two before you do so you can strategically do the most good with the least harm.  Our individuality can create conflict for those around us and that’s alright too.  It’s how you contribute that makes a huge difference.  Being mindful of another’s feelings doesn’t mean you are hampered by them; it means you explore where your differences can add to another’s life even while it disrupts it. There is only one major astrological aspect today between the Moon and Neptune so how you make things real gets much, much easier when you factor in how it impacts others without letting it derail you.  Bows are Fire, so use your intuition moment by moment with strategic pauses to gather insight, then be true to you and act from there.  You can’t lose… even if you don’t immediately see the win.  This Knight has the caution against impatience.  Let things settle before you pile more change on top all at once.








Sunday:  The Great Bear (Reversed)

Here’s another reversal and it’s a biggie.  The Great Bear Reversed asks you not to jump to conclusions.  As you have charged ahead this week, sailed into new territory and felt grounded with the changes, there still is a ways to go.  After all we Mercury direct opposite the moon but also in tense aspects to Chiron.  Which can have those pesky wounded fears wanting to climb back in the driver’s seat when you don’t see the all the results you wished for.  Thanks to a little nudge from the Great Awakener this New Year’s Eve, you can see when it happens and make a different choice.  In fact this is exactly why it happens.  You simply cannot repeat old patterns where you interpret information through the same old wound without paying a steeper and more painful price.  You must choose to act on things in a new way, believe things are different even when it is hard to see enough differences to feel like you’ve made real headway.  You cannot control life, instead you must be present, take command moment by moment and surrender to the flow of life you swim in and believe that new life flows through you even when you can’t clearly see a stack of evidence.  There is proof that things have changed, when you stop looking through the lens of fear and impatience.  Slow and steady, trust your way and end this year standing tall in the knowledge that you are your own support system and highest authority.  You can risk yourself more in work, love, family and friends for the life you long for when you remember this truth.  That is the the real change agent and a great way to wrap up a pivotal year.  Happy New Year to you and yours.

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