Daily Tarot 12/18-24 The Galactic Center, Mercury Direct & Making Things Real

We start off this week with a bit of magic in the energy after the New Moon conjunct the Galactic Center.  Life lays out two clear paths ahead for each and everyone of us and this week and next are very powerful fresh start platforms.  How you take these first steps after the Cosmic Starter Pistol goes off with the New Moon sets a pattern.  You can change it later, if you wish, but the energy it takes to course correct gets thicker to wade through as January unfolds.  Which is why it’s good to notice places where the false ego may hold you hostage now, so you can release it and begin from the best place possible.

This New Moon is conjunct Saturn in the constellation that relentlessly uproots things that have lost significance for you – especially around ego and vanity.  That’s a load that feels good to shed, right?  Where have you felt a surge of self righteous anger on your behalf or even for another’s benefit?  Trade it in for a more centered feeling of what you believe and then explore what you can create from this place.  Beliefs are like the luggage in your mind and may shift during take off.  Take note of that and choose what you bring with versus what you  baggage check or even leave behind going forward.

Key to the new Saturn cycle we have unfolding over the next 27/28 years is non-violence and protection of that which is good.  The challenge that goes with this circles back to the self righteous indignation.  Who decides what ‘good’ is?  The cycle that ends now had more emphasis on individual exploration.  Which makes sense that you have to begin by knowing what is right for you.  You’ve learned more about how to trust what is right for you.  You just don’t want to get stuck there with the hard belief that this is all that matters.  Because the second half of that equation now gets added in – what’s also good for other people.  As Mercury goes Direct the 23rd this week, you reap the rewards of some healthy self-examination in how balanced you are in what’s good for you and how that also benefits others.  What do you know and where have you just assumed or insisted that what is good for you is good for others.

After the exploration of you, now you get to learn how to plug it in to the world around you.  This requires some flexibility, maturity and better listening skills.  Not to mention more empathy.  Keep these things in mind, particularly the next couple of weeks – especially in communication matters.  When you catch yourself with temper rising, apply the surge of energy to help you personally change your own behavior rather before you dare go off on someone else.  The phrase, “first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye,” springs to mind.

Speaking of specks and eye’s, an eye infection means I do an audio recording for you this week rather than a video recording.  It hurts to type and I don’t wish to frighten you with my appearance.   Meanwhile, enjoy this week’s Cosmic change-up (a little bit more than 15 minutes long) and look forward to being much more ‘plank and speckless’ by next week’s report.  Happy Mercury Direct to you.




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