Daily Tarot – New Moon, Old Wounds, Powerful Insights

Sustainable change is this week’s theme.  The New Moon pulls back the curtain and the pain of the old story will be naked before you at the age of the original wound.  Be as gentle with your pain as you wish others had been when it happened.  Your compassion fuels the courage you put to use when Mars joins Saturn and squares up Venus and Mercury.  Translation of these aspects says when think, feel and act on something in a different way it carves out a new brain response to old triggers.  Voila, hello sustainable change.

Old triggers will show up.  It is necessary and not the Universe being cruel to you.  How you handle it is important.  Don’t worry about getting it right or perfect.  This is a long lasting shift and these beginning steps are probably less than graceful, but they are foundational.   Just do it a step at a time.  If you slip, notice and adjust the behavior the way you would encourage a baby learning to walk.  Be curious about you.  Your own actions and motivations are a rich resource of insight into you.  Switch off auto pilot and be present, really present for what you do and where that action lines up with a greater understanding of who you are now.  Was it a knee jerk response or a habit or do you really want to do it this way.

New Moons offer a chance to set an intention and watch it grow into welcome change.  Since the Spring Equinox is almost upon us, this New Moon offers a double whammy of creative power.  Imagine how much more life you can enjoy if you lose a big chunk of old suffering.  Like a windfall weight loss or masterful house cleaning, this New Moon affects you on a deep level.  If you aren’t aware of what’s happening it feels more like real shock and stress.  When you understand the benefits offered and how to work with them, you can turbo charge change that feels good.

These changes start internally, then based on your personality it flows to the world around you.  No need to apply pressure for your insights to translate into immediate actions.  Best to let strong emotions remind you to hunker down in a little self reflection before you act.  Mars and Saturn together promise long lasting results, sustainable change when you manage impulses and are mindful of what you do.  Begin as you wish to continue… Which means if you make a mistake, slow down and retrace your steps to bring actions into greater alignment with a powerful yes or no that is yours and yours alone to choose.

Each authentic yes or no is ground zero for sustainable change.  Choose wisely, which means feel your way rather than over think it or rush it.  Real answers feel good in your body even if your mind freaks out a little.  Your mind isn’t use to sharing control so practice brings it into a healthier relationship with your instincts, emotions and body.  They all have wisdom to offer you as well.  Spend a little time on what goes into your decisions, actions and choices.  You are worth your time.  The Card and Stars will help.

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Card of the Week:  The Wanderer

The leap of faith is called for this week, symbolized by The Wander.  The beginner’s mind is another meaning for this innocent Wanderer.  Even when a situation looks as if history repeats itself, know this is the merely the trigger to show you the distance you’ve traveled from the old wounded place.  You are different so the results will be different when you act from your authentic yes or no.  Not what you were taught to feel or do, not what you are expected to feel or do but instead the real yes or no for you.  It may surprise you, what pops out of your mouth, and it feels good to look at things from from the driver’s seat.  Suddenly revenge fantasies fade in comparison to creation fantasies.  You are drawn to what feels good rather than wasting time going back to balance the scales of justice for old stories.  There’s a certain sense that it’s not necessary – life will help bring all things in to balance when you focus on creating a better life now.  Each day, see yourself and your day through the lens untinted by the past shadows and from there, you leap – a new Era begins with you doing just that.









Monday:  King of Arrows

We wake up to tremors that send shock waves through old emotional patterns. The Wounded Healer, Chiron is in the mix in a kind way to remind us to do some mental spring cleaning.  This King is the highest flying bird and the mind, represented by Arrows, gives us the 10,000 foot view.  So as things get activated we watch it like an old movie.  There is time and distance from what happened to help us make sense of what happened and review the story to see where it no longer applies.  There are good lessons, wisdom born of pain, to quote Helen Reddy.  Except the pain is less tangible, while the insight into what you’ve done with it gets clearer.  Like grains of sand in an oyster, focus your attention on the pearls you’ve made to deal with the irritation of the old wounds.  Quiet time, a pause long enough to process what you notice today is a wonderful way to get the most out of this Monday.










Tuesday:  Knight of Arrows

Oof, be careful you don’t jump to conclusions today.  If you do, you see it through an outdated lens that won’t get you where you wish to go instead of the beginner’s mind.  Don’t rush anything today if you can help it.  While you sleep, your dreams make what you desire seem like an easy reach.  This is worth your attention because those images help you expand what you desire.  Still, you want sustainable change, which is what you get when you slow down a bit.  There are good resources available today and it may feel like it’s all on greased rails with green lights ahead.  You aren’t wrong, this is just a strong caution to go slowly even with a clear path and excitement.  Take it a step at a time and gather information at each step.  When you pause as you leave the past behind it is a stronger separation from unhealthy patterns and bonus, additional assets often pop up along the way you don’t see when you rush.










Wednesday:  Ten of Vessels

This billboard announces happiness is within reach, oh Happy Day, indeed.  To go with this joyful acknowledgement of your success there’s a word to the wise, to navigate truly deep emotions requires time.  It’s annoying to hear this yet again, but it’s going to be the theme for a while thanks to Saturn in Capricorn, so get used to it.  This card tantalizes with the promise of wishes fulfilled and you definitely enjoy the riches this card promises.  It arrives with both Jupiter and Saturn to remind you that feelings travel in waves with highs and lows.  The good news is the high’s get higher; the bad news is the low’s get lower.  Hint, you’ve already had a month of excavating some of the darker sides of these aspects so today you get to ride the high tide on the flip side.  Your capacity to feel increases and that’s a good thing.  Anchor the good feelings with a smell, taste, memory or two to help balance out any gloom that may still leave a shadow or two on your heart from this stormy February and early March.









Thursday:  Four of Arrows

This four is signals a mental rest is required.  What can you do to drop you into activity that is relaxing or muscle memory that doesn’t demand too much thought.  Your mind is on overload ahead of Saturday’s New Moon so down time is a must for you.  Be sure to choose what feels good to you.  This afternoon Moon moves into Pisces and shortly afterwards dances nicely with Saturn, adding extra value to time you take for you today.  Do as the card suggests and rest.











Friday:  King of Stones 

Today has power and command written into it with this practical King.  The planets are busy ahead of tomorrow’s New Moon, to help you drop into your body and connect with all the aspects of you.  The body holds your feelings, intuitions and thoughts.  The Sun and Moon’s collaboration helps your personal power feel real, right down to your bones.  You’ll have tangible proof you make a difference in the world around you. The North Nodes activity reveal how your personal desires play a significant part in your unfolding destiny.  What you long for is an important part of you and you aren’t given a true heart’s desire without the ability to see it fulfilled.  The wild card is you have to open up to what this will look like.  We get a fixed picture in our head and fixed stones are hard to move.  Hold it with an open palm.  When you picture what you wish for, add the phrase ‘I receive all this or better’.  The ‘or better’ is a key way to stay flexible and allows for results to exceed expectations.  Sorrow is compounded when you have wish fulfillment offered but can’t accept it because you refuse to see it if it isn’t dressed the way you pictured.  Let your heart’s wish be present, real and acted upon, yet find the way to stay open to ‘or better’.









Saturday:  Eight of Bows (New Moon)

The power of this Full Moon is to harvest the pearls of wisdom from your past rather than keep your eyes on the pain that spawned the them.  If you are ready you can release suffering.  Now that’s a reason to celebrate, right.  Pain is a part of life but when we add an awful interpretation of it where we feel maligned, unloved and powerless we create much of our own suffering.  The Moon in the last degrees of Pisces invites us to see others as just like us, human and capable of suffering as much as you.  Disagreements can invigorate and strengthen the community when it is dealt with as an inevitable part of being human.  If you wish to live in a kinder, better world you create it with each moment.  When you offer yourself compassion when you hurt without blaming someone for it, you’ve taken a step in the right direction.  This is not to say you can’t negotiate for a kinder interaction with another.  In fact, you are required to do so.  It’s part of your contribution to the world – your yes or no is what makes up healthy boundaries.  Only when you provide yourself this safe container can you fully show up in the world as a whole version of you.  This is how to live in community, share resources and build a world you thrive in rather than just survive.  Eights are always what you put out there returns to you.  What are you sending, what are you receiving.  Adjust from or celebrate the feedback – it’s our greatest asset.









Sunday:  Hooded Man

Wow, do you benefit from some quiet time alone today.  There’s a lot of insight, wisdom and emotions flowing after yesterday’s powerful New Moon.  Chiron is a big player so healing is under way.  Water, good food, rest and relaxation are a must today.  Those internal wounds require no less tender care to heal then a broken leg or burst appendix.  So go easy on you today emotionally.   You’ll be glad you make a little effort to look out for you because your Destiny unfolds from here.  Like a river there are twists, turns and occasional obstacles ahead but it’s all part of the adventure.  As you heal your energy rises to meet the bumps in the road with calmer acceptance and courage to make something good out of whatever comes your way.  Plot twists become the texture and flavor in your life story rather than a tragedy of their own.  Doesn’t it feel good to suffer less?

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