Daily Tarot Solar Eclipse – Death of The King

Monday is the Solar Eclipse that has been hotly anticipated throughout North America.  After all, the last time we had this action packed eclipse in Astrology, the King of France literally lost his head.  As the crowds rush to get their special glasses and flock to the nearest location to view it, I have a different reaction.  My gaze turns inward.  There is so much potency, power and change packed into this eclipse with intense emotions at the core of it, I require stillness.  That’s not just because of where it lands in my chart and life, it’s because of how key it is globally and what comes next.

Before I get to this week’s predictions, which have to do with your interactions with those around you, I want to invite you to find a little bit of quiet within you before nightfall Monday.  You don’t have to ponder anything deep, your inner knowing has you covered and this is a gradual change over the next eighteen months.  A few things outside of you may shift noticeably in the next six weeks, especially as Mercury goes direct on September 5th, but the core adjustments are continual, bedrock strong and you can handle them.

This week the wounded feminine and masculine meet the healthy feminine and masculine to see how they all work together to give you the richest possible life.  Time to call out the inner bully or victim so they can evolve.   Too much power without compassion makes us cruel.  Too much compassion without Power makes us fearful.  You are responsible for this mixture in your life.   How kind are you to yourself when you’re hurt and then how strong are you when life requires you stand up for yourself?  You decide. The King is dead, long live your inner King.

To help incorporate that reality, first you see where lack of co-operation, disharmony, greed, fear and selfishness that is never satisfied show up in your life.  These things touch everyone, no one is exempt. We’ve let wounds be an excuse for behavior that isn’t sustainable.   When Life is too far out of adjustment then nature will correct.  Nature always corrects itself.  Life finds a way.  The deepest volcanic vents underwater have life living in what is basically boiling salt water, so there is no reason you can’t thrive in difficult situations. However, you may wish to adjust your living environment so you aren’t just surviving.

How will you find your way, when you really truly own that you are your own authority, accept responsibility and know this life is the life you’ve helped to create by the way you interpret anything and everything that happens to you.  Your stories rule you and you can and must edit anyplace that has any outside authority deciding for you.  Remember, bad things happen that aren’t punishment.  Good things happen that aren’t rewards.  They’re just Life.  There’s more of it for you to explore when you take the mantle of authority in your world.  The cards and Stars can help.

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Lisa Greenfield




Card of the Week:  Six of Stones

In the Wildwood Tarot this is the card of Exploitation.  Greed and self-interest often crowd out healthy co-operation between people.  Any place we look to someone or something else to ‘take care of it’ as a way to side step responsibility will not be comfortable.  Have you ducked your own accountability and pinned blame on the ‘bad leader’ rather than acting in accordance with your conscience?  How do you handle disagreements and discord?  Do you acknowledge another’s point of view as well as your own?  Can you put your own needs out and risk the vulnerability of discussion or do hold back and complain, or perhaps enlist others to complain with you?  This week offers you a chance to learn how conflict can deepen connection when there is love and respect in spite of difference of opinions.  If those differences are big enough, it requires separation.  You have a chance to see how big your brave is and temper it with love to get the best results.  Self righteousness is merely a frightened child within that needs to puff up a platform in order to speak up.  Rage is a wound within you that feels less than adequate to meet a challenge so you consolidate yourself with anger.  These are not the best tools, they are merely the starting point.  Know that when they come up you must step back and take care of yourself so you can engage with others in an empowered way.  This is the starting point for the next year and half of change.  The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.  Go…







Monday:  Page of Vessels

Once again, I love the Wildwood Tarot.  The description for this Page is ‘conflict resolution and fair play’.  The Pages represent our inner state of being before we act and what better card for today’s eclipse.  There is a planetary pile up around this eclipse I won’t load onto you, but suffice it to say, the wound is triggered for healing or over reaction you choose.  Your inner authority is lit up with a caution, what you go after must serve you AND those around you in order to survive.  If it doesn’t serve both, you must choose how important something is to you.  Be careful you check how much your wound or ego drives the choice.  The Moon that blocks the Sun is a perfect symbol for where ego grabs more than your share now to make up for past injustices.  You block your own light when your fear helps you become the very injustice that wounded you in the past.  This is what happens when you want those around you now to pay for old wounds.  It’s your job to see, acknowledge, soothe, speak and self repair what was unfair in the past and let it become the strength that moves you forward.  It is not for those around you today to make up for it.  From there, negotiate what’s good for you along with what serves your relationships.  Conflict deepens good relationship when you do it from a more healthy whole place with respect for each other.  Disagreement expands viewpoints and strengthens bonds so balance can be restored in time.

Take Action:  Extend to others the same allowance for motives that you do yourself.







Tuesday:  The Sun

Ah, the light after the eclipse.  The Sun comes out after yesterdays fears took a bite out of the Sun.  Today you can see with better clarity where fears drive unconscious actions that cost you peace of mind and joy.  Where is the light in you?  Those places where you have been strong, survived difficult moments, rose to an occasion, gave more than was merited and did it without demanding credit.  All of these nourish you so you can also see where you’ve been selfish, unfair, afraid and willing to serve up someone else as a sacrifice to that fear.  When we look at our shortcomings in the light of our whole selves it doesn’t swamp us.  It gives us generosity and compassion for another’s human moment.  That said, it is also important to draw a healthy boundary.  Today’s Mars/Saturn pair up insists that compassion doesn’t mean push over.  You must and can say no to others to be able to be in relationship.  But it’s also very important how you say No.  The goal is the quiet, firm, immovable places where you can’t and won’t compromise you.  What are your absolutes?  Do you know them and can you hold them without demonizing those who test those boundaries?  Consider this, those who push your boundaries can teach you how to be strong in holding them.  Your job is to understand what they are and how you interact with your own.  You have a lot of time these next eighteen months to do just that.

Take Action:  Revisit your boundaries and see where some are too loose and some are too harsh.  Makeover time…






Wednesday:  The Journey

Today your wound requires attention.   Maybe more than one, but it’s the dark awful story where you are unloved and/or powerless.  Spend a few moments here, uncomfortable though it may feel it will pay off.  If you don’t understand your pain point, it unconsciously drives all your decisions.The Moon and Venus help you feel your way lovingly through this.  Other people cannot and do not make you feel anything.  They are triggers and very effectively bring up the old story that you then fight in the form of them.  They aren’t your enemy, you are fighting ghosts.  You can’t win and indeed you just can spread the trauma.  There is also the flip side, those place where people in your life battle what they think is you only you know, it’s their ghost they see not you.  Today helps you let go of the old story and the rope in tug of wars.  It’s easier to see yourself as powerful because of what you’ve been through rather than feeling ‘less than’ because it happened.  Natural change is the order.  Let go of the story and you see where the people, things and connections in your life can be released as well.  It’s time…

Take Action:  Give the old story a burial.  Visualize it and make it a good one.







Thursday:  King of Stones

Today the aspects are tense, tense, tense and are here to show you where to take solid actions that build on this week’s expanded view of you.  You get to revisit your ‘No’, double down or adjust as you get more information.  Watch for bullies and intolerance.  You cannot tolerate the intolerant and win.  Instead Intolerance flourishes and tolerance gets run over.  However don’t become like the bully in self righteous indignation either.  There is an inner conflict in you that is more important than any outer battle.  Stand strong, stand firm and do it lovingly.  Compassion doesn’t mean you give in or remove consequences for bad behavior.  This is also true if you have to face consequences.  Where does your behavior require adjustment?  Nobody is 100% right and someone else 100% wrong.  It’s not that clear cut.  Actions have consequences and some take time to reveal themselves.  So find your way through the day and know that your strength and caring are being honed for good purpose.

Take Action:  Practice compassionate strength today when you firmly hold a boundary without blowing up.  








Friday:  Three of Stones (Reversed)

Saturn goes direct today and questions of your integrity (or someone else’s) have to be answered.  The bill is due and payment is required if you have not lived up to your own standards.  It’s a waste of time to try to get another to answer for their omissions.  Saturn takes care of everyone’s personal bill and it’s not your job to police other people.  It is your job to answer for your actions and, by all means, express a sincere wish and request for others to do the same.  Whether they do or not gives you information.  Be careful not to get caught up trying to make someone else comply with what you see as payment due – conflict is to easy to stir up today.  Be clear, communicate your needs and see where there is alignment.  Let disagreements give you more information as to what and who aligns with you and who is not.  Let it refine what your priorities are.  Disagreement deepens connection when people share values and respect and therefore learn about different points of view even if they don’t share them.  Without respect often battle of wills erupts that may be familiar to you but highly unproductive and possibly damaging.  So let disharmony burn off inconsistencies in your walk and talk, refine your beliefs and show you who you can safely disagree with and who is just disagreeable for you.  Good to know…

Take Action:  Be your own integrity police today, don’t police others except when you’re out of alignment.  Ask for it, but best to make it a request, not a demand and hear their side too.  






Saturday:  The Green Woman

With the Goddess of Discord in the picture along with Mars, I can promise you there are more disagreements today.  The Sun conjunct Mercury helps you clarify your position and that is your focus, not trying to get another to do as you wish.  Watch for power struggles as old stories struggle to hang on in their death throes.  Nobody is the hero, nobody the victim and nobody the persecutor here.  Just people who want what they want.  Find where you can or do connect.  Explore the places you don’t to find out if there is a collaboration possible.  Judgment about others is always, always, always a snap shot of your story not the truth about them.  So dig deeper if you judge and know that if you are on the receiving end of some, that’s their story revealed.  Help each other see that, if they can, or walk away.  We judge what we ourselves struggle with but are doing a little better in the moment than the person we see as wrong.  Upheaval today is your friend and has a wealth of opportunities to offer you if you open your heart to see it.

Take Action:  Pay attention to your judgements today – they are rich with insight into what needs to be released by you.








Sunday:  Balance (Reversed)

Where are stuck in the old game?  This card says don’t rush to decide what things are, learn from your mistakes and don’t be excessive in your responses.  You judgements today can help you realize where you still struggle or are stuck.  With Jupiter cozied up to Saturn, this fresh viewpoint gives you long term benefits from a seeing the Truth about YOU.  When Balance is Reversed, anyplace you are outside your own values, Saturn is coming to collect and correct for your benefit.  It may not feel that way, but it will serve you in the long run.  Where have you given too much and therefore demanded too much from someone or something else?  Have you failed to stand up to a bully?  Has that made you a bully someplace else?  Balance needs to be restored.  This is not an overnight process, again you will see it unfold over many months to come.  See the hard Truth today, where have you been out of control and where do you need to heal?

Take Action:  Come clean about one place you’ve expected or asked more than is reasonable as payment for someplace else in your life that hurts.

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