Daily Tarot August 14-20th Mercury Retrograde & The Cauldron Bubbles

Ahead of the big Solar Eclipse next week we have Mercury Retrograde stirring the pot.  World events will grab headlines thanks to the Outer Planets in the Mix and it’s a snapshot of what’s going on inside you.  The seismic shifts may leave you a little stunned or nervous yet they are nothing you can’t handle with a little support.  The question is who really makes the decisions in your life?

While we believe we decide for ourselves, it’s too often true that what shapes those are a mix of what you learned in early childhood and all the experiences with other people you’ve had since.  That old boss, best friend or influential romance all combine to make a framework of what you act on now.  How much of it is yours, how much of it resonates with you now, and do you feel good about your decisions?  Is there anyplace you feel you ‘have to’ do something.

These are the places this week to notice.  You can do it willingly or else the Universe may drag you there.  It is up for review to help you choose your life from a more solid-centered Truth.  Thanks to a little help from Mercury Retrograde joining the Solar eclipse point (with several other planets retrograde too) you get to see who’s in the driver seat of your life.  What you believe dictates your actions, your actions create your world.

This week wants to help put you back in the driver’s seat rather than reacting to someone else’s story.  Some of the ‘aha moments’ will thrill you and some of them will frustrate you, because status quo is such an easy place to exist.  But you can have so much more life in your life with a little courage to face the uncomfortable places that comes with change.  The cards and the Stars want to help.  Here’s the week ahead.

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Card of the Week:  The Green Man

Ah, this card is the Emperor in traditional Tarot, which stands for reason, logic, control.  It’s one of the symbols for the Patriarchy.  Originally the Patriarchy was the masculine protective urge with noble intentions and aims.  Unfortunately it’s gotten a bad reputation as a bully and authority for authority’s sake because of how it’s being applied these days.  So this week, ahead of the eclipse in a constellation which signals the Death of the King, take a good look where outside authorities that felt cruel, heavy-handed or punishing still influence your decisions.  It’s time to lay the bully down with love.  You can’t fight anger with greater anger, rage is what feeds the tyrant.  Instead you have to bring compassion for the fear behind the punishing thoughts or beliefs that drove another to react that way.  Then share some of that compassion with yourself for the places in you that felt bullied or belittled into acting in a way that runs counter to your true nature.  This week just let this process be enough. Some wounds take a while to heal and this is a deep one culturally.  Trust the inner authority in you, one that preceded any outside rules and practice finding that place in you that knows.







Monday:  Two of Bows

This two invites you to share ideas and discussions with those around you.  Trust your instincts as to whom and chat them up.  Also pay attention to your reactions and words that come out of your mouth.  With Moon square Mars and adjustment between what you feel and what you do or say is required.  But you have to see it, feel it, before you know what’s off.  So in communication today notice where impatience comes up, frustration or feelings that make you want to contract.  Don’t worry, we have some help from Venus to smooth things out so any tension is liable to disappear in short order.  Then you have time this evening to reflect on where your buttons get pushed and see what that has to offer you about what choices do you have to adjust so you connect with what makes you feel more alive, more powerful and more in charge of you.  You set the stage for the clearing this week when you interact and observe yourself.

Take Action:  Talk to people today, those who know you well and strangers.  Just be in conversation so you can observe YOU.








Tuesday:  Ace of Stones

Whew, with Pluto opposite Venus and Neptune opposite Vesta today is all about your personal power.  You will be tested.  People will want you to do things the way that feels good for them.  What pleases other people may not please you.  Where it clashes, you have work to do.  But this Ace says it’s an easy step forward.  One step at a time, no big struggle or effort unless you feel like dialing it up.  Any clash is where you can dig deeper on what you want and how to bring it to the situation in a way that respects what the other wants as well.  Everyone gets considered.  That’s a good rule of thumb this week.  Leo is all about self, where you shine and how to stand out.  So it’s important to spend time with what makes you light up and feel most you.  Then because Aquarius is the opposite of Leo and we have the eclipse lighting that up, you have to also consider that each other person has their own place to shine.  How can collaborate and be in community in a way that honors both.  So today, notice where the clash happens.  Start there.  One step at a time.

Take Action:  Pay attention to the story around what makes you give in to others or ride right over them today.  There’s good insight there…







Wednesday:  The Hooded Man

I love it when the cards and the Stars say the same message.  Moon is in a difficult relationship with Neptune so your personal needs require private time away from the collective in the morning.  Start your day with some quiet time and revisit what you’ve seen this week already.  Because the day gets busy after noon time and you may have new opportunities come your way.  Things that make you feel good about yourself and the adventure in front of you.  Then we roll into the afternoon and evening where emotions flare up only to have you see where and what needs some more adjustment.  This is not a quick fix for the things that come up this week.  You’ll be dealing with them for at least another 18 months as you go from novice to expert on being your own authority.  So when you feel the pressure, step back, get quiet and trust what you are doing.  One step at a time, you learn from what works and discard what doesn’t.  You will make mistakes, so relax about that.  It’s called being human.

Take Action:  Exhale deeply when you feel pressured today, really exhale before you take a deep breath in slowly.  It resets the stress brain…








Thursday:  Three of Arrows (Reversed)

Ah, the Moon and Chiron get a little help from Uranus today.  What does that mean to you?  The fears around the deep wound (or shame) are going to show you where you need to let go.  Most wounds are from a place of powerlessness or worthlessness.  It’s a story we tell ourselves, interpreting what happened as something that meant we were unloved or unlovable.  Fear lies…  Today you get to see the lie for what it is.  There is information that shows up or maybe a surprising new thought that lights us up so we can see the real Truth instead of the old lie.  There is a good reason to celebrate but you may feel a bit too tired by the changes this week to really party.  Instead give yourself something to mark the day and realize you can’t unsee the Truth.  It’s yours to keep and the old lie doesn’t have the power it once had.  You can see freedom.

Take Action:  I want you to reach around and give yourself a pat on the back today, looking in the mirror if you can.  Well done.









Friday:  Queen of Stones

This earthy Queen means you have to have a good attitude and you’ll need that today.  We’ve got a stack of planets stirring the pot and it’s going to swing from sweet to sour to salty and back to sweet again.  It’s called life.  The day will have you challenged to adjust expectations.  I like what Rhonda Britten says about expectations.  “They’re just pre-meditated resentments”.  Stop giving your power away expecting someone else to do or feel something that reassures you.  Instead put the energy into seeing yourself, acknowledge your own lovability, your own actions.  When you come from this place you find that what starts out as an obstacle quickly becomes a chance to receive more support, more recognition and reward thanks to a Venus/Moon hookup by 9pm.  Now that’s a sweet pay off for a good attitude.

Take Action:  If you find yourself irritated by someone else today stop and take another look at where the obstacle can benefit you.  You may be surprised at how much it can do just that.









Saturday:  The Seer

After the celestial storms of the week it is quiet today with a simple Moon Uranus match up that causes you to sit up and see things a completely different way than you have previously.  Situations, motives, meanings all stand out with new information that requires you to adjust how you understand things.  Often our fear colors the pictures we paint of what is to come.  Today you can see where those fears masked the power behind the fear.  For example, fear of failure wants to redirect you away from your greatest strengths because it opens new doors.  Your fear brain prefers the known rather than the unknown because it knows how to survive what you’ve already been through.  So if it can persuade you to stop expanding with a threat of failure, it has kept you safe.  Now is the time to go beyond safe and risk living more of your life your way.  See where you’ve been stopped from doing that by those old stories.  Remember you’re amazingly resilient in spite of your unconscious drive to avoid pain.  Pain is the price of living and you can survive some of it.  Choose what risks are worth what rewards and leap.

Take Action:  Be brave today in one place you’ve felt stuck from fear.  Take a step forward on that path outward.







Sunday:  Knight of Vessels

Okay I have to quote the Wildwood Tarot on this card because it is perfect for today’s aspects.  “Discovering how to merge with a concept or find accord with a person.  Promoting harmony.”  The sun is quincunx Chiron which simply means some of the adjustment is easy and some of it is a struggle.  Today you see where the wound or trauma drove your decisions in the past so you can make a conscious choice rather than a knee jerk reaction.  We often assume someone else behaves the way they do because they don’t care about us, they only care about them.  There is some truth to that but a more complete picture is they behave the way they do because of their wound, not because of us.  You do the same thing.  You carry the story around of what something meant in the past and project it on to the present when it may not have any real fit there.  Today you see more of that reveal itself and adjust as needed to bring more harmony into your world.

Take Action:  Question any interpretation you have about what someone’s behavior means.  Be open to seeing a new version of the Truth.

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