Daily Tarot August 7th-13th Eclipse & A Revolution

This Monday’s Eclipse has endings, necessary endings woven through it.  Are you ready?  If you don’t know what is ending, don’t panic.  Lunar eclipses are more of an internal process so before your fear brain highjacks you, take a deep breath and roll your shoulders.  Good.  Now you can look at some of the uncomfortable things so they can shift and help set you free.  Yes, freedom is still a key part of the Astrology and what’s going on for you.

What we have is the end of a false ego.  I want you to picture a clown car stuffed full with a lifetime of your stuff and you finally realize you’ve got it all riding in a clown car.  Time to trade up.  First you have to acknowledge the Truth of where you’ve been stashing everything.  For example, I pride myself that I don’t like to get bogged down in revenge.  I’ve seen it play out around me and I don’t think anyone wins.  But there was also that secret little corner of my brain that thought, “I can rise above it”.

You’ve heard the saying, “Pride goeth before a fall,” right?  Well the thud was pretty loud this week.  A situation came up, the details don’t matter but I was going to stay away from a gathering mostly prompted by a wish to pay someone back for a slight to my ego.  Yikes.  That’s the energy this month, especially this next 10 days if you are able to be honest with yourself.  If you were curious I spent a lot of time on going to the event and was all set to go only to realize I had a conflict that legitimately freed me.  But I know the Truth about my first motives and I’m coming clean here.

That’s the kind of ruthless honesty (coupled with true compassion) that sets you free this month.  That ending I said you can expect, this is one of them.  Anyplace where I delude myself about pure motives I want to now be sure to stand in the light of day and be real to others.  If you can share your real self with others, sure in the knowledge that you can stand the light of Truth, you just won the Gold my friend.  I know it’s damned uncomfortable to be seen in our mess but there’s so much more solid, happy ground when you start with what’s True.

Your mind is going to want to take more than its share of space this week as you start to take a deeper look at what stays and what goes in your life.  It’s your job to manage it.  The cards and stars can help.



Card of the Week:  Four of Bows

Fours always ask or invite you to put things on a firm foundation.  Bows are our Intuition, so this week you are meant to trust yourself as you go beyond safe boundaries (Our intuition is the visionary explorer in us).  The Fire of Bows commands it doesn’t control the way Air/Arrows try to do.  Instead you are meant to know your choices moment by moment are just right.  Don’t worry about what the results are as proof of a good choice or bad.  Instead you must trust that you made the perfect choice. If you don’t like the outcome  see it is as just a directional shift to head you on a new path thanks to the new information.  Can you let go of the belief you screwed up or made a mistake.  That’s not true or helpful.  Much better to see that you made the best choice you could and now you know there’s another option want to try.  That’s a firm foundation.









Monday:  Ancestor (Lunar Eclipse)

Well, hello Astrological stack up like planes at LAX airport, lined up all day long.  Rather than cross your eyes with listing them, let’s talk about Responsibility.  The Ancestor Card always carries at its center the theme of responsibility.  Do you know where you took on too much of it?  That’s often where we try to read people’s mind and protect them from the sting of Truth.  This eclipse says let go of what’s not yours and the reasons you had for the behavior can go with it.  No telling polite lies to yourself if you want to avoid public exposure.  Because this month and especially today, ego driven lies have a steep price.  You may not see the full impact until early September but now you know.  So if only to yourself.  Tell the Truth and doing it with love.  We didn’t start out so defended, so sure we were right.  It was protection.  So take the armor off mindful of who and where you share yourself with today.  But do share.

Take Action:  Be truly vulnerable with one person today, even it it’s yourself.









Tuesday:  Page of Arrows (Reversed)

Hurray, hurray, the Inner Critic gets turned on its head today.  What a relief indeed.  This Page is the mental state that often slows your expansion by picking at all the possible problems, inequalities and risks.  With a little help from the Moon in easy aspect to the Great Awakener, Uranus, we can see where we made the best choices possible.  More information allows us to adjust direction or tactics.  If the pesky little Page shows up, he’s revealed in his insecurities so you can be compassionate rather than frightened.  After all, expansion means risk and those fears just want you to stay safely in known life patterns.  No matter how uncomfortable you may be, at least you know how to survive it.  Well, this week you can kiss that dynamic goodbye.  Practice, practice, practice.

Take Action:  Really take a look behind and criticism or judgements that cross your mind today and be sweet to the fear that drives it.








Wednesday:  Two of Arrows

Remember the invitation to practice I offered yesterday.  Well today is one of those days that offers plenty of opportunity for reinforcement.  Thanks to a bipolar line up with the Moon being supported, then challenged, then supported, then challenged, you will have plenty of small irritations that pull at the thread of your trust in you.  Every time it does, step back into the space where you know all you must do is trust yourself to make the best choice possible, give it some consideration then decide and move on to what’s next.  Otherwise you could find yourself at nightfall wondering what if anything got done today.   Things are a bit screwy all over so no matter how good the decision, outside things can complicate it.  Don’t waste much time second guessing yourself, just take a mental bite out of the proverbial elephant and chew.  There you go.  One bite at a time.

Take Action:  Give yourself a sign for the day that when you feel stressed or challenged you can give yourself the sign so you feel comforted and can move on if you get stuck.  I like a good rub to my belly to help me trust my gut.







Thursday:  Eight of Vessels

What will you leave behind today, that is the question with this Eight.  The Moon, which is what we love and fear losing, has an uncomfortable push from Saturn, who represents our limitations until we get the lesson.  We have some support from the Sun and Mars but first it shows up as what doesn’t work.  Pay attention to any place today that pinches like a pair of shoes you’ve outgrown.  It could be a feeling, a belief or an actual situation or person that just doesn’t feel right.  It may be just under the surface but it’s there – that place that makes you feel like less of you, or less good about you.  That’s the one.  Time to let it go.  It’s much easier today and our soul does well with rituals.  That’s why the churches and structures exist.  We like order and form.  So give yourself a ritual to let go of what needs to be left behind.  It’s not about getting it perfect and don’t worry now about what replaces it.  I have a strong hunch the new is already crowding it out, which is why it’s easier to let go today.  Ahhhhhh….

Take Action:  Seriously, give something a burial or funeral pyre today even if it’s a belief written on a piece of paper.








Friday:  Two of Stones

Okay there’s a whole lot of shift going on today.  I won’t list all the aspects, instead I’m dazzled by the pairing of this Two and today’s aspects.  I love the magic of this work.  You are going to have a little tug of war in your head and actions today between the old ways of thinking and believing and the new.  Don’t panic, it’s a Two.  So you are more than capable and why not see it as exercise or practice.  Nothing like a little ego competition to help reveal more aspects for you to get to know about you.  After all, you spent a lifetime evolving to this point, you’re pretty interesting if you take a little time to notice.  So see what the push and pull are and consciously choose your thoughts the way you choose  your clothes or what you watch on TV and film.  It’s your movie, play with it instead of fighting it and you may just have your hero moment today.

Take Action:  Wherever conflict shows up today, inside or out, pay attention to what each side reveals rather than being caught up in winning.







Saturday:  Six of Bows

Wow, the celestial fireworks continue with Mercury going Retrograde, the Moon walking midway between the pushing match of Jupiter (Expansion) and Pluto (Deep Transformation).  The good news is this Six promises celebration and success.  It does mean you have to fight the good fight to win, though.  So be very, very mindful of fearful or negative thinking today.  Mercury walks us back into old fears so we can see them with fresh eyes, brave eyes.  You’ve already traveled far enough to see those old wounds are healing and you are much more in command then you’ve been in the past. Success isn’t a formula you plot out and then carefully drive towards.  Today you get it that real victory is trusting yourself moment by moment, being present and from that place you create a lot more that you really enjoy in your life.  Now that’s a reason to celebrate!

Take Action:  Do a victory dance or lap today in celebration of how far you’ve come in life.  You deserve it!








Sunday:  The Great Bear

Relief, the skies have cleared and instead of storms we have help from Mercury and Pallas Athene to make sense of all that’s happened this week.  The Great Bear is a good reminder to take some quiet time today and let everything land.  Your mind may be busy but you don’t have to try to catch every thought.  The Sun and Saturn moving together asks us to take it day by day.  Don’t push, don’t rush, allow it all to reveal itself over time.  Some of what you learned has deeper roots than you see now.  So trust that some rest and a little space from all the activity is a good way to be kind while it settles and starts to grow.  You’ve changed in profound ways that may not reveal themselves fully without the passing of time.  Trust it happened and it’s good.  Now rest.

Take Action:  Today’s action is stop all action for at least 15 minutes and rest your mind and body.


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