Daily Tarot August 28th-September 2nd, Saturn and Responsibilites

Saturn is direct and has a lot of push behind this last leg of Mercury Retrograde.  We aren’t done with the excavation inside us yet.  This week is a bridge between past mistakes or failures and the incomplete conclusions you draw from them.  Your power depends on you accepting responsibility for your actions and choices.

When we are in a crisis or challenge place we have two basic ways to handle it.  Some people over function, other people under function.  Which one are you?  Over-functioning takes on more responsibility than is required as a way to control an outcome.  The inner tyrant comes out for protection, but it’s for everybody’s good is the justification for the behavior.

Under-functioning is where you feel helpless and do nothing rather than assert yourself and take risks against what feels like unequal odds.  This way others around you can handle the crisis and you stay safely out of harms way on the side.  Without responsibility you are blameless and also at the mercy of others decisions.

Often people have a mix of the two.  They may over-function on the action side but refuse to take responsibility for their emotions.  This week, with Saturn direct, it’s time to take a good look at your own mix and give it an overhaul.  The over-functioning often comes from raw spots where you made yourself wrong so you could prevent it from happening again when you got it right.  The problem with that is control cuts off from a big slice of enjoyable life.

Under-functioning was often punished harshly for incorrect actions and therefore goes immobile in the face of threat.  The problem with this is you are forever in fear of what will be done and that cuts off an equally big slice of life.

Time to free yourself and others from the expectations you you won’t be hurt.  Pain is part of connection and you can’t have one without the other.  Instead learn to speak up for yourself, allow others to do the same and see what’s possible when you accept the power that comes with personal responsibility.  Saturns a slow mover so it’s step by step.  But once you know you can do it, you can’t ever lose the power.  You can do it again, even if you make a mistake and slip back into an old habit, life will help you remember the Truth.

The Cards and Stars will help.

Lisa Greenfield




Card of the Week: Seven of Vessels

Now in traditional Tarot this is the card of intuition and dreams that require action.  In the Wildwood Tarot it’s the card of mourning.  The Wildwood deck calls on rituals to help you find peace with what is lost or past.  Both the good and the bad of the past need to be included here.  Recall what your coping skills helped you achieve as well as the trauma that made them necessary.  See the whole picture and know your past more completely.   All of what you lived and survived fuels the present.  From here you create a richer future with less control and therefore more life in your life.   The Journey card appeared last week for the eclipse, that’s the Death card in traditional Tarot.  It drew a line between the past where you did not fully comprehend what drove your day to day decisions and the present where you understand so much more.  This week the Seven of Vessels says honor the past with reflection, recognition and your time.  It serves you so well as you move forward.  With Saturn direct now, you simply can’t repeat the old blind patterns without paying a higher and higher price.  Reason enough to give yourself attention this week and say goodbye with respect to what’s dead.








Monday:  Ace of Bows 

This powerful Ace shines a fresh light on patterns you are ready to bury with a little help from Mercury Retrograde and the Great Transformer, Pluto.  The bows are spirit and fire so this isn’t likely to be a logical thought.  Instead show up for the day and whatever comes with it.  See where your buttons get pushed or where you push another’s tender spots. Watch for signs and symbols that point the way to a new perspective.  This Fire Ace can be a blast that way.  Once I asked the Universe for a clear signal of whether or not to go to Peru as I drove down my street.  A few minutes later I pulled in behind a local shuttle bus painted with a rainbow and the words, ‘Come to Peru’ across the back of it. No kidding!  Why not see what magic can help guide you today.  Aces are always powerful new beginnings and this one says trust your instincts, have fun and play with a bigger perspective on your world and watch what happens.

Take Action:  Put one question out to the Universe today and ask for a sign.  Then keep your eyes and mind open!









Tuesday:  Eight of Stones

Eights remind us, what you put out there comes back to you, and this one reminds you that practice makes perfect.  The aspects challenge you today in a way that kicks up the tension between wanting something to be different while you have no clear ability to change it at the moment.  How well can you surrender to what’s going on and trust what unfolds will benefit you, even though you can’t see it at the moment.  Do things differently in this time of limited effectiveness.  Rather than resentment, stay open for other options to emerge rather than being pissed off or disappointed.  Learn to accept what is as practice time to consider things you may not have considered before.  ‘The Mindset of ‘What else is possible’ will reward you richly.  In fact you may be pleasantly surprised by how much more really is possible with patience, acceptance and curiosity.

Take Action:  When you are frustrated, exhale fully then ask yourself what you may have missed about the situation.








Wednesday:  King of Arrows

This clever, far-sighted King brings you much needed perspective to the sea of emotions you swim in today.  Arrows are the mind and the Moon today dives deep into feelings and fears.  So it’s the perfect card to help balance your skills to cope in a new way with dredged up emotions and old hurts.  The combination helps you put yourself on firm foundation with a clearer understanding of what you feel and what you need.  With Mars in the picture your actions reveal a lot about how far you’ve come as your own authority and where you still need to mind the gaps.  Some spots need you to step back and look with the eagle eye the whole Truth, not just the rationalization that feels better in the moment.  Be brave enough to see hard Truths. It helps you interact with more of your power as you find ways to hold those unpleasant feelings in a fresh way.  Once you know you can do it, watch how quickly emotions can channel into passionate creation rather than over-reaction.  By nightfall you get a little help from the Great Awakener, Uranus, and inspiration abounds as to how to use your newfound strengths.

Take Action:  If emotions boil up then take a few breaths and a mental step back to remember you can do this and act from this place.








Thursday:  The World (Reversed)

Ah, The World is turned upside down today so take a good look at where you’ve sold yourself short when it comes to credit for things done.  When you look at the whole picture, like you did yesterday with the King, it’s likely you missed some of your best talents.  Or perhaps those around you miss seeing it.  Your job today is to give yourself credit as well as responsibility.   Ask for support if you have trouble seeing what you do best.  It’s only when we have a good sense of the best in us that we can bear to see our flaws and faults.  If you don’t see where you shine and what is unique about you, those failures frighten and shame us.  It’s called being human and the best in you far outweighs the worst.  Today take stock of what specific actions have you done that reveal your courage, strength, generosity, willingness to show up and take a risk.  Saturn is front and center today to help you build a solid foundational sense of self that lasts over time. Once you see the best and therefore can allow for the worst in a balanced way, you are armed for success – no matter the outcome.

Take Action:  Get at least two friends to tell you what they admire most about you today.








Friday:  Five of Vessels

Oh this card is such a fun contradiction in the Wildwood Tarot.  In traditional decks this is the heartbreak card.  Here it signals ecstasy.  When you allow yourself to grieve for what didn’t work out you can let go of the tangled painful energy and let it flow into something new.  There are five cups and in other decks three are spilled and two are standing.  Life always has more options.  When one thing doesn’t work out there is always, always, always something more ahead.  Where does fear of repeating the pain of the past keep you from moving forward?  You survived whatever didn’t work out.  Painful as it was, you made it through.  Moon conjunct the Great Transformer, Pluto, says you are much more resilient than you realize.  Stronger, too.  You must, must, must tell yourself a different story about what hurt you.  Today is the day.  You’ve got ecstasy as a reward…

Take Action:   Picture your past painful moments as you going from carbon into a Diamond.  Brilliant.








Saturday:  Nine of Arrows

Ah, the mastery of your mind.  This card is the needless worry card in traditional Tarot.  It’s Dedication in this deck.  Like going to the gym when you retrain your brain to see you differently, over and over again, you build enormous strength of mind.  You’ll want that going forward.  Because creating your life requires strength and courage.  No matter what you know, mistakes are going to happen.  Not everything goes right.  That’s no reason to hide out and play small.  You have a chance to take risks today in how you think and what you do.  Take some.  Size them up, be smart and take that bite out of something unfamiliar.  It’s going to bring up your fears.  Those old tapes may play to scare you back into safe familiar places.  Talk back. Push the eject button.  You’ve prepared for this all week and the Great Awakener, Uranus shows up to help break free of the old loop.  Things don’t have to turn out the same as before because YOU are different.  Much different.  Trust that and be brave today as you wade into chaos.

Take Action:  Pick one thing today outside your comfort zone and do it.








Sunday:  Seven of Bows

Whew, another good week under your belt!  This Seven says Clearance is the word for today.  Sweep out those spent emotions, mend those broken beliefs and make room for more good to flow into your life.  You’ve taken brave steps this week, looked at the hard spots and let go of what no longer serves you and replaced it with what does.  Don’t worry if it’s not perfect yet. The Moon and Venus today invite you to feel how good it is to clean mental, spiritual and emotional house.  Two Sevens in a week herald an unexpected spiritual happening.  Fire transforms, so you have a nice reminder that you’ve cleared a lot out and the rest unfolds as you go.  Once you’ve done the dusting, relax.  You’ve earned it!

Take Action:  Seriously, choose one area of mind, body, heart or spirit and clean it out.

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