Daily Tarot September 4-10th, Angry Words And Floods As Mercury Goes Direct

Be mindful with your words this week my friend.  It’s important to be honest, first with yourself and then with those around you.  Mercury goes direct on Tuesday just ahead of this Full Moon and the Truth continues to surface.  Your focus is best spent on where to do your own growth work.  If you spend too much time on other people’s shortcomings you miss the opportunity to dial into your own personal power.

August brought you the eclipse and Mercury Retrograde to get your attention on your inner authority.  When it goes direct over the eclipse point on Tuesday you get your report card.  Those who are deeply unconscious or fearful are going to rage to try to get their way.  Where ego overtakes you, the bill is due and all the hiding out or raging won’t change that.  There’s continual correction over the next eighteen months.  It isn’t punishment, it’s merely the way to get you to be truly strong and brave and not just sound or look like it.  True power comes when you can take the consequences for any and all of your actions willingly.

It won’t work to hide out while others bully you into doing what isn’t right for you.  But neither is it appropriate to gear up for an epic confrontation, convinced of your rightness.  You are on a Goldilocks mission to find just right for you.  How do you stand up for yourself without over or under doing.  I’ll quote Brene Brown here:  “Don’t shrink, don’t puff up, just stand your sacred ground”.

Your feelings are sacred.  But they aren’t the whole Truth. Others have valid contributions.  This is why you can’t go on a rampage agains something or someone else.  Get the facts, find out the whole story, have compassion for another’s point of view and stand your ground unless information adjusts your position.  With Mars where it is in the picture you can’t escape consequences, just don’t be judge and jury on another, it’s a dangerous seat to sit in this week.   Trust me, life itself is handing out consequences right now for poor choices.  Just look at what Climate Change helped escalate in Houston.  This is what I mean.  Balance will be restored so mind your own process and let others handle theirs.

Instead, focus on you and do your part.  Be real, be you, be appropriately open.  Feel everything without judgement or apology and allow others a different point of view.  Find common ground if you can and if you can’t then be willing to let time show you what the next step is.  There’s a learning curve here.  Let consequences teach you more about where you are capable of added responsibility and also where you require more responsibility from those around you.  The Cards and the Stars will help.




Card of the Week:  The Queen of Pentacles

This earthy Queen shines a light on right actions, right attitude this week.  Be very clear on what is your responsibility and what isn’t.  This is not a good week to excuse others from consequences of behavior that crosses your boundaries.  It’s also a reminder not to rush to judgment.  Let all the facts emerge; pentacles are the slowest moving element.  Mercury stops its retrograde motion and prepares to move ahead. Slowly, steadily choose one good action at a time. Mars joins it opposite Neptune so their are some unpleasant Truths that emerge.  Again, don’t leap to conclusions.  Take it all in, weigh all the information before you act.  Strong emotions are absolutely part of the mix this week, indeed the aspect is called ‘flooding’.  You take command when you give those feelings a container.  I’m a big fan of time as an easy fix.  Set your timer to ten minutes and let yourself fall in and swim for a short space without the need to act immediately until it’s clear what the next step for you is.  Then you can take a powerful step forward from a purposeful place rather than an over reaction.  Let patient progress be your ally this week.









Monday:  King of Arrows

This high flying King is back to give you clearer perspective ahead of the Full Moon.  Mercury stops its Retrograde and there’s a planetary stack up with your fears of love and loss at the center of it.  We are wired to avoid pain and look for pleasure, it’s a survival too.  Yet this can keep us trapped in cycles that repeat and repeat.  Survivable but not terribly enjoyable any more.  The King of Arrows moves us to a detached and clear perspective so we see where we are stuck.  The places we need to separate ourselves from old limited beliefs, protective habits, and a fear of unpleasant outcomes come into focus.  With Uranus, Jupiter and Saturn all making contact with the Moon, you can let go of old patterns and emerge a bit wobbly but much richer in potential life on the other side.  It isn’t about getting it right, it’s about steps in a new direction that trust you can handle the outcome.  Notice where fear tries to steer you and center back on the fact, you make it safe to show up in the world in new ways.  Results are just more information to help shape your actions.  They aren’t a vote on whether you risk or stay safe.  Take some new risks.  Baby steps, Saturn is all about the long haul.

Take Action:  Believe you can get a different outcome for something you’ve been afraid to try again, because you are different.






Tuesday:  The Sun

Well, it’s a day of contrasts that’s for sure.  The Sun is the most positive card in the deck so steady improvement is promised.  Mercury stations Direct while the Sun and the Great Awakener, Uranus, tune you up for a course correction.  Today watch where your words have far more impact than you may have realized.  That includes how you talk to yourself, by the way.  Your inner dialogue and it’s limits are reflected back to you through the words you see, hear and listen for in the world outside of you.  Use that as your compass to adjust the communication to reflect your personal authority on anything that takes place in your world.  You have a role to play and it’s your job to draw healthy boundaries without trampling someone else in the process.  It’s an adjustment and not a quick one.  Some places require you speak up for yourself, other spots need you to listen to another’s point of view.  It’s all helpful if you let it land.  Where you can’t change what you don’t like, you absolutely can shift how you interact with it.  That’s the goal.  The Sun moves slowly day, by day, so take it a step at a time.

Take Action:  Choose one place to speak up today and one place to listen.  Bonus points if they are the same person that receives both these actions from you.







Wednesday:  Page of Arrows Full Pisces Moon

I’m thrilled to break the news, the ‘Victim’ role is over.  Or at least you can’t keep sitting in that seat without an ever increasing discomfort that goes with it.  Pages are the inner state that precedes actions.  This Page goes right to the mindset where you give anyone or anything else power over your state of mind.  Not true, not possible, chirps this Page.  The only person who keeps you in pain and ‘at the mercy’ of something or someone else is you.  Now that you have the keys, are you going to let yourself out of jail?  This Full Moon is stacked with help to move you off the Merry Go Round of Victim, Rescuer or Persecutor and into self reliance.  It may feel weird and require a few wobbly steps at first.  But there’s a lot of life waiting for you when you aren’t going around and around in circles that get you nowhere fun.  You are responsible and with responsibility comes power.  The power to create things beyond those three roles you’ve been limited to for too long.  If you show them, those around you can hop off too.  It’s more fun to have company as you go forward.

Take Action:  Anyplace you’ve felt helpless in life, take a good look at one thing you can do to take your power back if you face down the fear of making a mistake.







Thursday:  Knight of Bows

After the inner state of yesterday’s page the action Knight roars into view.  The Knight of Bows is the bravest of the Knights and he’s timely as the Moon moves into Aries and dusts it up with Mars.  Congratulations on locating your Brave.  Proceed with one eye on the road and another on the speedometer please.  Pace yourself.  The more you can harness your forward motion into one direction, the further you can go, if you just pace yourself.  There’s an old habit or two you are meant to overcome and the stars and cards want to help you do it, and in a way that lasts.  After the Full Moon you are meant to explore new places and spaces where you have to establish or hold a healthy boundary in your work, personal relationships or family.  Previous power structures are toppled by you when you take back what works for you and speak up when things don’t.  Be mindful you don’t trample another on the way.  Also good to remember the people in your life right now didn’t create the blurred boundaries all by themselves.  Learn to ask others to take responsibility while you show them how you do it yourself.   Now that’s brave.

Take Action:   Take one place you’ve been frustrated by those close to you and ask for a healthier boundary.  Stay with what you feel and what you need.  No accusations, please.






Friday:  The Green Man

Well Hello personal power.  This is the Emperor card in traditional Tarot and it’s all about you as the Master in command while you navigate the internal storms. Both Mars and the Moon put you at odds with the Great Transformer, Pluto so your fears and actions have a loud echo today.  Think before you speak or act.  Feel your way forward in a manner that allows you to persuade others rather than force them to change.  Who doesn’t prefer to be tempted to try something new rather than ordered to do it.  When you team up a strong back bone with charm you have the winning hand for lasting change.  By nightfall Saturn, the Wisdom Bringer and Jupiter the Great Expander help you get just how good a combination your softness and strength are together.  You’ve got the recipe for success!

Take Action:  PAUSE before you act on things today to see how to issue and invite instead of a command.








Saturday:  The Queen of Vessels

Emotions are going to flood today, be prepared.  Jupiter, the Great Expander is opposite Eris the Goddess of Discord, so there is going to be some upheaval.  Keep in mind some shake ups are exciting.  The better news is you are able to see the potential in the shake up, it’s not one of these situations where you grit your teeth and say ‘someday I’ll be grateful for this’.  It comes with discomfort, but when you have something worthwhile in view the challenges only hone your resolve to move through obstacles and enjoy the reward.  The Moon and Mercury change signs together to a slower pace.  This Queen signals good fortune and happiness amidst the chaos so do your best to give all those emotions a worthwhile container.  When you put words, actions and perspective around them, you actually can enjoy them even more.

Take Action:  Tell a friend your good news, share the good fortune with someone who wants to celebrate it with you.   








Sunday:  Three of Stones

Well your efforts to watch your words are rewarded today, thank you very much.  Where you restrained your raging impulses to spew at someone and instead put a healthy boundary down has twice the dividends to pay you today.  First you know you are capable of standing up for yourself and therefore it’s safe to take a few more fun risks in life.  Then the second windfall is where facing your fears and being your own authority puts you firmly in charge of your life long term.  You know now you have what it takes to show up for yourself and so do others.  Welcome to the winners circle only experienced by those who put themselves in the game.  Good job, these dividends pay off for a long time ahead.

Take Action:  Take what worked for you this week and see where else you can practice standing firm on your behalf without trampling others. 

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