Daily Tarot 9/11-17 World Crisis & Creativity

You’ll want a bigger crayon box to hold your expanded creative range this next week.  If you choose to play bigger, you’ve got a lot more options on how you create and what emerges if you make even a small effort in that direction.  For those craft-challenged individuals who shudder at the thought of ‘creativity’, I’ve got really good news for you.  The place to play out this expansion is in your mind.

It’s all about how you define things, what they mean to you.  For example, you are part of the human race.  Where do you see yourself in the scheme of things on a global scale?  Do you think of yourself on that level?  When you go to the grocery store and they ask you if you want to round up to help Hurricane Harvey victims, you are plugged in to the world beyond your immediate experience.  When you tune in to news, or Facebook and read those headlines, you participate in the world at large.  Now, how do you define your involvement there?

My bet is you underestimate yourself and your impact.  Nothing like a crisis to have a few million people come together with small gestures for big effects.  Blood banks overflowed with donations after 911.  Today I watched U-hauls pull out from neighborhoods that survived going toe to toe with the biggest fire on record in Los Angeles and still took a few minutes to put together things to send to Houston for those who lost everything. Local stores use the change in each purchase to go towards relief effort.  All you have to do is buy what you normally would and contribute up to .99 cents.  Each moment of compassion,  every little wish or prayer for those in need, any thought that focuses on what someone else is going through connects you with the bigger world.  Expand your definition of your global impact.

Today if it isn’t you in crisis, how will you invest that bounty or grace.  Think outside the box, involve yourself in the way that fits you, care just a little bit more about contributing to a better world in the midst of struggle, even if it’s a moment of concern or a prayer sent their way, or perhaps a kind post on Social Media.  You never know who it touches or the difference in that small gesture.  You make the world a better place moment by moment in a thousand little ways.  See that in you.  Then do a one more thing in that direction.  Imagine that times a few billion people…




Card of the Week:  The World

It’s no accident this card comes up this week.  I draw these up to 21 days ahead of the weekly write up.  Our Globe is a big part of the energy and the story this week.  How do you define your world and your place in it?  Do you like the thought of being part of it all.  Does it overwhelm you or scare you a tad?  There is no wrong answer, truly.  It’s simply worth your time to consider these questions.  Answers aren’t mandatory and if you have them easily at hand, know those answers may shift this week.  That’s why I ‘m asking you the question.  Your part in the scheme of things is important, more than you realize.  Look for connections, threads, interactions that link you to a much bigger field of life than you knew you were connected to each moment.  We have the mistaken impression that what we do each day doesn’t really matter on a global scale.  But it does.  This week is all about both being aware of that and then consciously shaping what you do with it.  Again, you can’t get it wrong.  In fact, be very careful of doing anything someone else says you ‘should’ be doing.  I have a firm no ‘shoulding’ on yourself policy.  Don’t let anyone else do it either.  Because that puts you in your head and you have to start with your intuitive tug and your heart.  Play there.  Don’t rush.  Explore.  There’s a lot of room to play here…







Monday:  The Wheel

Daily Tarot TruthinHand Aug 1-7th 2016This card reminds us that fate turns from good to bad, then back to good again.  Nothing stays the same.  There are things we can control and plenty we cannot.  Where you put your effort today has a lot to reveal to you about the wounded place that may not be sure of your own authority just yet.  It’s okay.  You really just came into your own and a learning curve is understandable, necessary even.  The cards and stars today remind us we are complex creatures and easy or simple answers may not do the trick.  Hunker down, do a little self examination on where your interpretation and actions show you where you can turn over the old story of your limitations and find new strengths to contribute.  Or find new ways of contributing the old strengths.  Let the mix change as you acknowledge your own internal shifts.  Watch yourself like a movie with a before and after picture.  What’s your before, what’s your after going to look like?  Enjoy this – your life is your movie and you can edit a great deal of how you interpret the story to give yourself much more satisfaction.

Take Action:  Really use the movie image and imagine your life as a movie.  Is it a comedy, dramedy, action adventure or a horror film.







Tuesday:  Hooded Man

Did you notice We have a lot of Major Arcana cards (those picture ones rather than the playing deck ones) this week?  That happens when there are big themes woven through your life.  It’s not about little changes, it’s about big changes.  Breathe easy though, the outer planets are involved so it’s global shift here rather than your personal one.  It definitely affects you personally but you didn’t directly bring it about.  Your job is to show up for those uncomfortable moments, tune in to what is right for you, find a way to bring yourself as an individual to whatever you do even when it ruffles the calm waters.   The Hooded Man is lit up with inner knowing and can show others how to follow their own with his example.  Be mindful you don’t steamroll with your disruptive innovative contribution.  But do show up with it and let the disruption help anchor you coming clean about your likes and dislikes.  Remember to show others the same respect for their personal preferences as you’d like shown for yours.  This is for the long haul so you might as well start things on an honest foundation of what you like and don’t like.

Take Action:  Risk an unpleasant Truth if it’s called for today.  Tell it kindly, but tell it.







Wednesday:  Eight of Vessels

Leave the old patterns behind with this eight, there’s a new beginning ahead.  Today it’s about fine tuning your inner mother and your inner father through discomfort.  What thought pinches when you think it.  What feeling weighs you down and makes you miserable.  First you need the comfort of the feminine, then you need the courage of the masculine action.   Today your emotions are dialed up so you can apply both sides of what you require. This eight is the promise of rebirth when you trust emotions carry you easily to where you ultimately want to be.  Can you let go of control, feel the feelings – when they feel ‘too much’ then give them a container.  The Moon and the Sun (inner Mother and Father) are in tense aspects to help you recognize them.  Be patient, this is new territory.  Practice.  You don’t have to get it in one shot.  Let the emotions well up, shape them yourself, water takes on the shape of what it is poured into then trust what happens next.  Mindfully doing this is a powerful way to take the next step in being your own authority with compassion.  Then begin again.

Take Action:  Use your phone and give yourself ten minutes to feel a strong emotion today.  Time is an excellent ‘container’ for a feeling that seems out of control.







Thursday:  Ace of Arrows 

Ah, the Ace that cuts through the clutter in your mind appears just in time for a stellar line up.  Even the Asteroid Eris is in the mix, adding a dash of chaos.  Can you let things look messy without rushing to put things in order so your anxiety can relax?  Patience with the pruning energy of this Ace means you strategically lose limits on thoughts, feelings and behaviors that had you play small in the past.  The line up today invites you to see where you’ve got a lot more life offered when you sit with uncertainty then cut free from ‘shoulds’ and past patterns you’ve outgrown.  There is strength in numbers today with Moon trine Neptune.  Find the right people to share the stretch moments with because the Moon is also opposite Pluto.  Let good friends help you see where the power struggles are an inside job first.  Others just stand in so you can hear your objections out loud and test your strength.  Like a chick pecking your way out of a shell, pick pick pick at those pressing limits slowly and you will set yourself free.

Take Action:  Have one person you trust today share with you where you seem to be at odds within yourself.  Then look at how that pushing match shows up in your life outside of your head.







Friday:  The Archer

Yet another Major Arcana Card today.  The Wildwood Tarot offers this invitation:  This is a time to be bold and commit to hunting a new life and a better relationship with the world…”.  Considering the World is our card of the Week, I think the instruction and invitation are pretty plain.  What you love and what you long for may put you in conflict with your secure habits, people and places today.  Let it.  You have practiced emotional discomfort this week while you practiced reparenting yourself.  Learn to tolerate your discomfort in expansion so there is nothing to hold you back from doing it more.  There’s a great big world out there for you to take part in and add to with your unique contributions.

Take Action:  Don’t look to be comfortable in those stretch goals, instead practice tolerating the discomfort.









Saturday:  Six of Arrows

Ah, the calm after the storm.  Sweet relief we have clear skies ahead after the wind and waves navigated this week.  Sixes are about being whole and intact, healed even.  The arrows are our minds.  So you can expect a day where your mind and actions have clear alignment.  Mercury conjunct Mars means that what you believe you can do, you accomplish.  Results have a way of bringing down anxiety and help restore a sense of balance in the world.  There are things you can’t do much about like hurricanes and earthquakes.  Then there are the things you can do something about.  Today do some of those.  Don’t worry about what things to do, your gut knows.  Or your to do list calls.  Do watch for angry words today.  Mars and Neptune worked together to uncover the lies we tell,  and the Truth will set you free, but as the T-shirt says, first it will piss you off.

Take Action:  Follow your gut today on what to do and when to do it.  Don’t second guess, just go.








Sunday:  Seer

Today the aspects are stacked liked planes at LAX airport, one right after another in a way that requires you to navigate with your instincts rather than your mind.  Notice what makes you uncomfortable and make adjustments.  With the Great Awakener, Uranus in tense relationship to Ceres, watch out for under or over-eating.  Spend a few minutes with what drives the cravings or denials.  What fear drives you to stuff or starve?  It doesn’t have to be food, it can be emotions or activities that feed your soul.  You’ve got lots of help today to see the Truth and how to play with it in a way that creatively brings you fresh options, a better story about what’s happening and what it means to you.  You require care and comfort before you can be strong and brave.  Both are within you.  Today feed the care side of you, you’ve been strong this week.  You will be tomorrow.  So today, take care of your needs and set the example for others.

Take Action:  Acknowledge all your needs as part of you without shame or blame.  They may not all get equal time, but the require acknowledgement.

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