Daily Tarot 18-24th New Moon of Failure, Fixes and Resilience

This New Moon has us knee deep in disaster clean up on a global level. It’s a process and it you may wish it all cleaned up already.  Because there’s an anxiety that often goes with all the mess and chaos that you feel as tension in your body.  It’s normal.  It’s appropriate.  There are also good things going on everywhere alongside the things that don’t work out and a chance to make a difference in interesting ways.  This week you’re invited to see the whole picture.

Disasters have a way of pulling focus so that all you see is what feels like a looming punch coming at you. You are always and forever in charge of your internal weather, though.  Those fear storms are going to blow in, so are anger or frustration and despair clouds.  These storms can pack as big a wallop as any hurricane.

So how do you handle it?

This week you get both storms and some help.  It’s your resilience training.  When plans go sideways, people disappear or disappoint and you can’t get all the details under control, there’s a sea of emotions this stirs up.  Will you try on a new story instead of the old one you’ve outgrown?  I promise you, if you are alive today, you simply can’t squeeze back into the old you without a great deal more discomfort than it takes to face this week’s wind gusts and rain.

You’re building muscle and you may be surprised at just how strong you really are, whem you take a closer look.  That strength means you can safely take on more risk and a lot more life that goes with it. The cards and the stars will help.





Card of the Week:  Seven Of Bows, Clearance Reversed

Cleaning up, clearing out takes time.  This week the Cards and Stars remind us that growth is chaotic, messy and even a bit disastrous at times.  Yet it is still growth, life, abundance even.  Your maturity increases as you learn to expand your tolerance for growing pains.  If you want to be done with clean up, focus on the simple tasks this week.  Don’t overlook those little daily maintenance events that smooth out your path for the bigger bumps.  Do you have what you need at home for supplies?  What about clutter?  Look at where the chaos is in your home, your car, your desk and bring some attention and order there.  Then as the stressful outside events happen you have less additional stress hunting for what you need when you need it.  This New Moon invites you to organize the smaller things to help you deal with the bigger things as they arise.  If you can’t do it yourself, bring in some help.  But put some additional order in your day to day and give yourself some relief on those things you cannot control.  Change is a process… take it a moment at a time.








Monday:  Ten Arrows

Ah, today we have some tense aspects and the card that heralds disaster in traditional Tarot.  The big question is, how do you handle it when things go badly?  What does failure mean to you?  Who decides when you have succeeded and when you fall short?  In the Wildwood Tarot this card is labeled instruction.  Indeed the most unforgettable lessons in my life are in those moments of despair when it all went so awfully wrong.  Because of what I interpreted the failure to mean.  Do you punish yourself more with the story you tell about what those disasters mean?  This is the place to take an active role in clean up.  You aren’t wrong, bad, unlovable, persecuted, targeted or abandoned.  Things just went wrong.  The temptation is there to make yourself or someone else wrong as a way to take control or shift blame.  The Moon is opposite Neptune, so you may feel like you’ve been wronged by someone or something.  Get off the victim Merry Go Round and instead see where you can grow in what you are responsible for in future situations.  Someone let you down?  See where you can more clearly ask for what you need and take time to investigate what they want and need.  It may be that there were too many assumptions on each side.  Change that next time with conversation.  Failures teach.  Be open to learn.

Take Action:  Look at any failure with an eye towards seeing where information and communication may have improved things, even if they couldn’t save you from disaster.






Tuesday:  Ancestor

This is the perfect card for Saturn’s activity today.  The aspects and the card want to help you face the places and spaces where fitting in so you could belong cost you too much of yourself.  It’s time to take it back.  You may not have the perfect structure for the life you want to live, but it is abundantly clear to you where you don’t fit in the system any longer.  Those places where you try will make you miserable.  Not a little miserable but an unmistakable misery.  Like a toothache that you can’t ignore.  Those inherited or learned beliefs about you, they are slowly being replaced with a sense of yourself that is much more true to you.  In time they become your new Traditions.  But for now, it can be painfully constricted to live inside something that doesn’t fit.  So be prepared to challenge someone’s idea of you with the truth.  If you center in what you want and need and still consider what they want and need you can navigate.  As long as what they ask for is that you be someone other than you.  Deal-breaker if they do.  Baby steps.  You never know how much others need to see you firmly and lovingly be more you.  It may start a trend.

Take Action:  Speak up, say no, say yes to something that is what you know you want that you’ve been scared or too shy to request.






Wednesday:  Ten of Bows

Ah this is the second ten in the week, that signals good fortune of work.  This means when things don’t turn out the way they were expected to, there’s good fortune ahead when you change it up.  Resilience is one of the most important qualities you need to enjoy life.  It’s the part of you that can shake mistakes off, believe in yourself enough to pick up and do it better the next time.  You can admit there are things you don’t know, things you can do better with another chance.  Just knowing that is the beginning of resilience.  Today, Mercury and Pallas Athene’s influence help you adjust quickly when mistakes, screw ups or oversights were your first contribution so you can turn it into a ‘good to know’ moment with a better offering the next time.  See it, own it, improve it and move on – you’ve been caught being human.  Join the club.  Next time you do it better, you really can.

Take Action:  Take responsibility appropriately today – just what’s yours so others can learn as well how to be responsible for their mistakes.  We all learn this way.







Thursday:  Two of Arrows

Today pay close attention to what you judge in others.  Nine times out of ten it has more to show you about YOU then it accurately reflects others.  We judge those who struggle with the same things we do, we are just doing better in the moment.  So today take a good look at who and what you judge.  Then kindly investigate your own shortcomings in this area.  It won’t be comfortable today but at least in can be productive in the discomfort.  It’s an all too human response to get in our heads and pick at another’s behavior when we are secretly worried about our own.  Face your fears, you are not unlovable in your mistakes and you have the ability to correct or improve anything as long as you are still drawing breath.  If you’re irritated at what’s unfair around you, work on making it more equitable when you model personal responsibility, take time to find out more about the situation before you judge it further and then add something to improve it, if it that’s a changed attitude.  You will be pleasantly surprised at how satisfying it can be by dinner time with the Sun and Ceres get together to reward your good efforts.

Take Action:  Frustration with another is your starter pistol to tune in to your own choices first.  Any corrections will turn out better once you’ve appropriately owned your part.







Friday:  Ace of Stones

Sweet relief we have progress today, with a little help from Moon conjunct Uranus and a sweet assist from nurturing Ceres.  What that means is your week was great training ground for you to learn from your mistakes and others so you can move with more ease through the hurdles in life.  They inevitably come up, and the more life you want to live, the more you’ll encounter them.  Now you know you can not only handle it, you probably had a few moments where you really did yourself proud, too.  There’s an earthy rich feel to this card and today.  Celebrate being in your body in whatever way feels best to you.  Dance, sing, savor a favorite food.  Delight in your senses and give yourself credit for a tough week done well.  There’s more good feelings where this comes from, when you overcome challenges, accept yourself as you are even while you make an effort to do better than you have.  You don’t just survive, you can thrive!

Take Action:  Pick your favorite way to enjoy being in your body and indulge… Then do it again.








Saturday:  Nine Stones

Nine, nine, nine, nine, nine.  Sing that number why don’t you.  This solid number says you got this week’s lessons on a master level.  The big picture is in view, you see your place in it and you love what you see.  The world is on your side, challenges and all.  You have found strength, resilience, courage and took small (or maybe big) steps in the direction of being your own highest authority in the world.  You can see the raw spots and know that you need love and care there, but those wounds don’t define you anymore.  They are just a part of the picture that add color and contrast.  Your actions are in harmony with your inner sense of self and you can intuitively select what’s right for you.  The trust you’ve built these last few weeks since the eclipse is your ally and it grows the more you act on things from that place of authority.  Keep it up, all that strength and resilience look good on you with that core of loving compassion for yourself and others.  You set up your own new traditions.

Take Action:  Review your week and take a good look at how well you navigated the bumps and bruises.  Congratulations, you’re a role model.








Sunday:  Blasted Oak

Good thing you had yesterday to stand on solid ground and feel your expanded sense of self yesterday because today blows the doors off the status quo and ushers in some big changes.  Now how shocking they are has everything to do with how attached you are to things staying the same.  If you can relax and stay open to what happens you’ve can enjoy those changes more than struggle with them.  Some of the changes will be slow and require you to go beyond familiar landmarks in life.  Some of the change will be shockingly fast and you won’t have time to think, just respond.  You can do this, you are ready or the change wouldn’t be here.  Like a bandaid quickly ripped off, it may sting a bit, but the light of day only speeds up the healing.  That healing is the slower part, now that it’s uncovered.  Give yourself what your require, watch out for those pesky judgements as your way of discharging fear you aren’t up to this.  Then go with it.  Relax and breathe every chance you get.  You never know when a change ushers in an adventure of a lifetime.

Take Action:  Breathe your way through today.  Here’s the Breath of Love exercise to help get you out of reaction mode.



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