Daily Tarot September 25th-Oct. 1, Floods of Tears & Force

This week we feel the brave stirring of revolution thanks to Mars and Pluto doing a neat two step together.  The Warrior Mars and the Transformer Pluto bring your brave up to the surface to face down the fears, both old and new.  There’s one delicate thing to negotiate however.  Can you be bold with out bowling down all those in front of you?

Like stallions at the gate, the need to speak up, speak out, back off anything or anyone who poses a threat has you stampeding ahead with less than pleasant consequences.  That’s the challenge when things have been pent up for too long.  They tend to spill out at a rapid rate.  There’s even some juicy rationalization to convince you it’s necessary, required even.  Au contraire my friend.

You are best served to spend a little quality time with the place in you that felt bullied that you now have the courage to defend for yourself.  Because in the first heat of courage you may serve up $100 of retribution for a $10 crime.  There’s a flood of feelings swirling underneath any surface actions and tears are highly likely for no obvious reason.  Take time, take stock and slow down a bit.  You’ll have this brave moment for a while.  Don’t spend it all in one place this next week, no matter how tempting the moment.  You’ll be glad for a little restraint coming from you when some may also be aimed back at you.

Because with Jupiter and Uranus squared off, relationships succeed in direct proportion to your self awareness and personal responsibility.  When you own your feelings and willingly accept the risks of interactions with others then the only thing left is to take stock of how well your partners do at the self same maturity level.  The success of any pairing, personal or professional benefits from a shared foundation that values individual responsibility.

It’s rare to be equally matched from moment to moment but the main thing is to agree on the importance of it.  Then you can support each other getting to a more comfortable place with it.  Be each other’s support in growth rather than judge or jury.  Be one another’s life preserver in the rising tide of feelings.  This week the cards and the stars can help.




Card of the Week:  Seven of Vessels

This card is the card of mourning in the Wildwood Tarot and with relationships and the asteroid Chiron in the mix it is wise counsel to be aware of where and how old wounds influence your actions this week.  You may be tempted to even the score of a lifetime of pain in one week.  Not only will it be unfair but it will also give you more grief to clean up rather than moving ahead on successful paths.  Make a wise choice.  When you are tempted to lower the boom, spend a little quality time on what hurts, who hurt you and practice your own inner reparenting there.  Comfort and consideration first, courage and right action next.  If someone didn’t see or value you, your job this week is to see and value yourself.  Because when you do, you can offer that to those you are fortunate enough to be in contact with now.  Be mindful of where you may interpret current actions through old viewpoints.  Grieve for the losses and once you do, you can see the situation with fresh eyes.  That may be all it takes to open a lot of new doors, ones that feel and look so much better.








Monday: Balance

Balance is the perfect word to apply today to all the squares.  Squares in Astrology require an adjustment.  You give a little, you get a little.  Too much push or too much shove is going to get you a big fat donut of progress.  So compromise is required today.  Your job is to tune in to what are non-negotiables.  These are those things that impact your well-being.  The caution with that is to keep an eagle eye out for ego.  Because you can rationalize the living daylights out of an ego need and it may be just the one that requires compromise most.  Tune in to your body for a little clarity when your puzzled.  Your body has a harder time lying to you than your mind.  Well-being expands even under a hard truth so if you have to compromise on something ask your body if this is in your best interest and pay attention.  A ‘no’ makes you feel tighter, contracted or causes chest or stomach tightness.  An ego ‘no’ has you in your head more than in your body.  Justification is almost always ego driven.  Yeses will make your chin go up, your chest open and sometimes you even sit up straight or stand taller.  So know that today you benefit from healthy collaboration and adjustments.

Take Action:  Do active listening if you disagree with anything today.  Really hear and dig deeper on what it is that bothers you before you react.







Tuesday:  Nine of Vessels

Ah, thank you for the Wish Come True card.  Sweet the promise of this card and with Moon conjunct Saturn it’s a long held wish that you achieve that deserves congratulations.  Nines are the teacher number which means you also model what success looks like for others.  Strategic actions are easier today to make the most of the good that comes your way.  You had a chance to practice collaboration yesterday and you take responsibility for what you feel rather than expecting others to make you happy or safe.  I love my colleagues definition of expectations as ‘premeditated resentments’.  When it comes to partnership the sweet spot is to be on each other’s side without sacrificing your core values to do it.  This card says you have people in your life that feel the same way about you.  Now that you know how to create that, let it spread.  The world is much more fun and juicier when you have good people to share the load and the road with no matter the ups or downs.

Take Action:  Either celebrate a wish come true or make a new wish you’d like to come true as a way to tap the magic of this lovely nine.







Wednesday:  Page of Vessels

Ah, this Page is the heart first inner child in you that requires compassion.  Chiron is in the mix and that always signals the need for nurturance first and courage second so you don’t make decision based on past trauma.  You must tune in and be clear on what drives your decisions and actions today.  Watch out for places where you may interpret something as overly harsh or critical when the truth is it’s pressing on a tender place.  As the day moves into night the Great Awakener, Uranus gets a push from Jupiter to help you open your eyes.  You’ll get a chance to see things from the opposite end of things and if you stay open to the shocking view, you gain a great deal of needed insight.  When you take care of your own heart’s requirements you can be generous with others needs or demands and draw healthy boundaries.  It may be just exactly what is required of you to help you make more of your dreams come true.

Take Action:  Don’t climb on the Victim, Rescuer Merry Go Round and set the example in personal responsibility for those around you.








Thursday:  Four of Vessels

While this four is titled ‘boredom’ in the Wildwood Tarot, I choose to look at it is disengagement.  Today’s aspects are such that you aren’t going to be bored or disengaged for long.  Some upheavals in life exist to get you to stretch and find depths and breadth you didn’t realize you possessed.  Anytime Pluto is in the mix you can bet the secrets are exposed, but once you move through the shame or blame in those dark corners there are riches indeed that come of it.  Some discomfort is just your ticket for great ride ahead if you decide where and how to engage with the dance in front of you.  Take the driver’s seat and move your fears to the back, you’ll be glad you did.

Take Action:  When fear pops up be curious and dig deep to find the original source.  Shine a kind light on it and face it straight on so it can benefit you rather than block you.








Friday:  Eight of Arrows (Reversed)

Ah, today struggle is upended and you can see where your mind makes it harder than it has to be.  It’s easier to understand that bumps and reroutes add to the interest of the journey and are not punishment from a cruel universe.  There’s a T-Square with Pluto, Jupiter and Uranus that urges you to see the adventure more than the risks.  Disappointments are a part of life and if you squeeze yourself into smaller space to avoid them you mostly limit the joy that so often outweighs those drawbacks in a life lived with broader boundaries.  Be brave, be bold, risk disappointment or failure today in relationships.  This means speak your truth kindly and listen to theirs when it comes to disagreements.  If both sides aren’t willing to do that you’ve hit the limit of what is possible.  But you won’t know unless you try.  Let go of the battle in your mind, that’s the first and best place to release struggle and see what happens when you surrender control, stay present and be more of you.  Some extra light from Uranus, Great Awakener, helps you see your way forward with fresh eyes.

Take Action:  Speak your truth with kindness and listen to another the same way.  Actively listen…







Saturday:  Two of Pentacles

The Wildwood Tarot calls this card Challenge, but today the aspects all point to abundance of choice being the biggest challenge.  You are going to need to be strategic with your time and resources if you want to collect on all the good things offered.  Progressive change is there as you count all the good things you have around you as you decide what gets your attention first.  Rather than get distracted by the stress of choosing, let yourself be grateful for the rich array of options in every single day.  It’s just a bit more obvious today.  Sometimes we distract ourself from the fear or making the wrong choice with frustration with having to choose.  Tune in and feel your way forward a step at a time.  Abundance takes some getting used to, but oh what a good thing to practice.

Take Action:  This evening look back over the day and make a mental or real list of your blessings.








Sunday:  Three of Bows

This three is the one my friend calls the ‘ship in the harbor’ card.  It may not be at the dock yet but it is in sight.  Threes always highlight communication and this one is inspired conversations.  It serves a purpose to talk to those around you about the good that is going on for you.  If they can’t be excited they may be suffering from the Compare and Despair syndrome.  It’s all too common today, when the hidden value in those mirror neurons in our brain are the help us evolve together.  That means that the real magic is when we see someone else achieve it, we know it is possible.  In other words, the antidote to Compare and Despair is to Compare and Dare.  So today your task is to inspire someone around you with your impending good fortune.  Share the happy moment, it’s a good reason to be happy and spread the mood.  With Mars trine Pluto your actions can help someone else heal a raw spot in them when they flip the scarcity mentality off and replace it with shared good fortune.

Take  Action:  Tell at least one person something good that is going on with you today.  Don’t try to guide how they take it for now, just share it and let the seeds be planted.

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