Daily Tarot Oct 2-8th, Full Moon Relationship Blowback & Chemistry

This week’s Full Moon serves up a tantalizing brew and offers you a chance to get to the bottom of uncomfortable relationship patterns.  The hitch is what you accuse another of has its roots inside of you.  In other words, you have your version of it, too.  This unpleasant Truth can make for some fireworks this week if you don’t realize what’s happening.  Thanks to Pluto in the mix squaring Mercury, Sun, Venus and Mars, you have to make adjustments that allow for your responsibility in any disagreements.

Aries Full Moon highlights the impulsive, knee jerk actions or reactions in relationships when it’s unconsciously driven.  Harnessed and contained, however, that Mars/Aries fire gives you the drive and courage to speak up for yourself, take risks and expand your reach because you know you can establish your boundaries.  An unconscious Venus-ruled Libra Sun shines a light on where you stuff your feelings rather than express anything that possibly discomforts the other person or expect others to do that for you.  If you put this considerate Venus/Libra viewpoint to use when you have to share an unpleasant truth consciously, you suddenly have a recipe for a much stronger connection through thoughtful, honest conversation.

Do know that volatile reactions are likely since Pluto stirs up survival instincts, especially with Mars contact.  The young place in people gets triggered under this aspect and you can have all kinds of blow ups, even from people not usually prone to outbursts.  Because Saturn is also in the picture, adjustments on both sides are going to be required for long term success.  There’s no escaping the blowback on blow ups.  When you burn the other person, no matter how richly you believe they deserve it, you’ll get burned too.

Best to find healthy outlets for the passion simmering and relationships offer a rich place to bring the cauldron of emotions in this regard.  It can be a place to connect on a deep level with a greater intimacy and vulnerability with the growth you experienced this summer.  You are your own authority and this is your life.  Bring the magic of personal desire and the will to overcome obstacles together to any partnership and watch the leaps and bounds you can enjoy this week, with unexpectedly pleasant and heated rewards for some.

The more you show up to dig deeper on what your old story was about anger and passion, revisit it as the authority you’ve learned you are in your own life, the richer this week will be for you.  There is no short term pain of coming to terms with old imbalances or injustices that can’t be outweighed by doing your work this week.  You have the ability to right the wrongs going forward when you speak up for yourself and your needs while allowing others the space and freedom to do the same.

See yourself bring about Justice For All in any relationship, one step at a time.  The Cards and Stars will help show you how.



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Card of the Week:  Shaman

This card is the combination of will and desires to create magic in your life.  When desires are unfulfilled do to challenges it either persuades you to let go and move on or they show you how much that heart wish matters when you continue in spite of obstacles.  Where in your life have you wanted something enough to hunker down and face whatever comes in order to get that wish.  Olympic athletes are one example of what the combination of will and desire can achieve.  They lose competitions and keep going.  They have to trade large chunks of their life to train and they keep going.  Where in your life do you have a big wish and what are doing to make it a reality?  Did you realize how much more of you was required to achieve your goals?  You’ve done it, everyone has.  Most people just don’t realize what they accomplished.  This week discover where that is in you and then look at what else you wish to bring this combination of will and desire together.  You must, must, must be open to where others are doing their own version of this and find ways to join forces rather than battle.  When you do that you are part of the rising tide that lifts all boats.  It’s your own brand of Magic…









Monday:  King of Vessels

We have the masculine King with the Feminine Vessels which is a combination that also heralds ‘magic’ today.  Feminine readiness with Masculine courage gives birth to a new possibility.  Mars is still in easy relationship to Pluto so you have some power to draw on to help you stretch out in new ways or face down old fears that kept you from expanding with wonderful results.  Don’t worry about the exact outcome, it’s perfect to witness the progress.  This card advises you to lead with heartfelt intuition and then take charge and step up or out.  Turn ideas into reality when you do.  Then let it unfold without too much rush to judgement.  Find your people to support and share your journey.  The best things in life are better when witnessed and encouraged by loved ones. You are on your way.

Take Action:  Speak a brave truth today, even if it’s just to yourself in the mirror because the energy you put out there sends ripples out that magically impact things yet undone.









Tuesday:  Ace of Stones

What started as an idea is actually something you see materialize today with this Ace of Stones.  Aces are new beginnings and this one is rock solid, literally.  You can see it, touch it, taste it, that’s how real it is.  There’s something inspirational about being witness to what began as a hope or a wish actually being something you can now put your hands on, so to speak.  Take heart at what you can do.  You will want to use that joy as a touchstone because the Moon is opposite the Mars/Venus conjunction.  Mars represents our actions and Venus our desires, so the moon is our fear standing opposite those inspired actions.  Be prepared to have the so called ‘voice of reason’ try to talk you out of new ventures.  It may even come in the form of a well meaning friend or loved one.  Listen, hear them, factor in what they say.   Instead of being talked out of your course of action by their input, instead adjust the timing, the progress or the participants in your plan.  Work with the information you receive, no matter what it says.  Shape it rather than fear or reject it.   Your job is not to let them decide your desires or wishes, but instead to contribute outside perspective that can ultimately help you succeed.  Now that’s magic.

Take Action:  Use other’s advice or warnings as good information to incorporate without it being the deciding vote on what you want or what’s important to you.







Wednesday: Page of Arrows

Ah, this Page is known as the inner critic.  Pages are always the inner state that precedes action represented by those ‘on the move’ Knights in Tarot.  Mercury cozies up to Vesta so what all this means is be careful that the interpretations you make aren’t feeding your inner critic.  Our mind is a powerful ally to help us step back and review things from a more logical distance instead of swimming lost in emotions.  However when your mind sets out to separate you from what you love it’s gone over to the enemy’s side.  The best tactic to use is to allow your critical eye to help refine how and when you go after your dreams rather than trying to talk you out of them.  Anytime your judgement tries to separate you from what you love and long for, it’s off course.  Instead let it feed you important information about what you didn’t get or what didn’t work so you can adjust and improve the situation with that information.  Notice where that inner critic can show up spoken through the voices of those you love and respect.  Be careful giving their words more weight than your own heart’s desire.  Factor in the information, but don’t let it decide for you.

Take Action:  Factor in the information from your inner critic or other people, but don’t let that feedback decide for you.  Let it inform you instead…








Thursday:  Guardian

Wow, this Full Moon and the Guardian shows up – this is an important day for sure.  There’s been a transition going on within you and today’s Libra/Aries Full Moon that square Pluto is a finish line that may not be clearly marked.  It may take weeks or even months before you get the full effect of what shifts today.  But shift it does.  The old is done, the new has begun within the decay of what came before.  Just like the new leaves of spring are there inside the tree who’s leaves now fall, so too, is your new growth underway despite things that end around you.  The theme is equality for all.  Equally heard, equally seen, equally respected.  This is not about weights and measures of who did what or gave what.  It’s more a matter of who really shows up versus who doesn’t.  Those places where you aren’t fully seen and heard shift more with each day as you learn to speak up as well as listen.  It’s a learning curve and this is not an overnight leap.  Rather it’s an inevitable process that you’ve been in and will continue to understand as you go forward.  So for today, see where your courage and voice could add more to your life.  Learn how to plug it in effectively for you and those around you.  Encourage them to do the same.  The results are there, the biggest ones just take a while to show themselves.

Take Action:  Watch for temper flares today and if they happen bring compassion and strong boundaries to improve the situation.








Friday:  Nine of Stones

This Full Moon spills over into an opposition of Jupiter.  Say hello to the big picture.  Today things make more sense and your big picture point of view, nines are masterful at that, has help from the Great Awakener Uranus.  You may understand it more than your mind can grasp but you feel it.  The stones represent the body and our actions, so when you see them in a situation you start to grasp how much you’ve shifted.   You are beginning your own traditions rather than following blindly in inherited ones.  Your relationship with your wound, your old stories is something you feel not only capable of handling but pretty darn good at how you handle it too.  Well done you.  Now that’s a tradition worth your time.

Take Action:  At day’s end review your actions for the day and really see how far you’ve come when you add a more authentic you to whatever you do.









Saturday:  Two of Vessels

Sweet!  We started this week with the Shaman which represents the applied desire and will to get results, along with a willingness to trust how it turns out when it doesn’t look the way you want it to look. This two after the Full Moon is the promise of new beginnings filled with new desires.  Now that you understand that you survived your challenges, overcome them, steered your own ship and weathered the storms, you are brave and inspired enough to make some new wishes.  There’s a banquet of possibilities for you, decide which ones you want to feast on and plunge in today.  Ah, that’s a wonderful place to arrive.

Take Action: Make a new heartfelt wish today, one worth facing challenges to achieve.










Sunday:  Great Bear

Whoosh, off on an adventure you go.  This card promises you a release and a liberation from pleasing others as a core motivation in your life.  It’s important to consider others, include others, give and receive in partnership, but you no longer decide what you are going to do based on what others may or may not like.  Venus square Saturn says you have to commit to yourself and your dreams for the long haul.  Face your difficulties and the wold is much more your oyster.  You can feel it on a deep level, the world is not against you or punishing you when things aren’t going as planned.  Instead it is an onramp for an adventure that calls out talents and strengths in you that you didn’t know where there.  People can surprise you and it isn’t frightening or shocking, even when it’s quite different than you pictured.  This card with the Shaman promises that when you look at the world and any disappointment or delay as a place to bring you as a means to make magic happen, nothing is ever the same again.

Take Action:  Find the blessing in something that went awry this last year but turned out better than you feared.

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