Daily Tarot November 13-19 New Moon – Internalize Power or Battle Uselessly

We have quite a week ahead of us with the New Moon Saturday that focuses on how you use Power.   It requires more of last week’s careful navigation away from self righteous indignation if you want to benefit from what’s just ahead.  With Mars and Pluto at play, it’s all too easy to slip into bullying behavior to try to correct where you feel bullied.  Watch out.  Becoming what you fear and dislike won’t separate you from the trauma.  Instead as you become the bully, you bring that energy with you everywhere.

Whereas if you apply the force of your sense of injustice, anger, resentment to a shift in your behavior, you have less to worry about from those around you.  Now that really is the winning lottery ticket.  It’s more opportunity to practice dropping ‘wound’ mentality that views the world from a young or helpless place.  Instead put yourself back in the driver’s seat where you decide what does and doesn’t work for you.  It’s that simple to understand, and not so simple to do.  Especially when so many people find it much more familiar to blow up, accuse another of bad behavior and interpret their life as stories with dramatic heroes and villains.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good hero story.  It’s just that right now, chances are you aren’t going to see people through a big enough lens to accurately judge who are your friends and who are your enemies.  Fear is too close to the surface in this time of great change.  Fear distorts our perceptions and then our conclusions.  Instead, use this week’s spike in tension to organize, clear out the clutter and get resources where you can see them.  That goes for mental housekeeping twice as much as the actual tidying up at home.

What are your strengths, what purpose really drives or motivates you and how connected to your heart is that purpose?  The more you navigate using what you love as your compass for what gets your energy and time, the less likely you are to be involved in ugly battles this week.  The more you let fear drive you the more brutal the show down is going to be.  Sadly this energy is the kind that has already sparked violence too many times these last few months.  Surely there is a better use for the powerful Mars/Pluto push.  Attach it to what you love and watch how fast you get traction there.

Try that this week.  The Cards and the Stars will help.




Card of the Week:  The Wanderer

Usually, as the saying goes, ignorance is bliss.  This week though, rather than emphasis on the ignorance of innocence that goes with this card, instead call on the gut response.  Your mind will have you racing ahead with words to beat the enemy into submission when all that may be required is a firm and steady gaze that hears and acknowledges a point of view without agreeing to any of it.  Use your mind instead to see where you can consolidate your time, efforts and priorities so what you love gets quality time from you this week.  Review difficult conversations before you get into them and try to see both sides.  I didn’t say AGREE with both sides, just see it so that when you do speak you come from a better place than a soapbox or pedestal.  It helps resolve the situation more effectively if it’s possible.  If you’re still in a place of wanting to see someone else pay for a transgression, delay the conversation if you can.  It won’t go as planned and you may not like where it takes you.  Still, the Wanderer moves simply through the possibilities protected by innocence.  Find yours and keep it close at hand.  If you don’t know what it is, try seeing it as a Beginner’s Mind, as if everything is viewed for the first time.









Monday:  Seven of Arrows

Today you reap rewards if you are ready to see and tell the absolute Truth ABOUT YOU.  Entirely possible you want to scream unpleasant truths about someone else today, what they did wrong, where they’ve behaved badly.  Not a good path, my friend.  Better to look at yourself in the mirror and acknowledge some of those pesky little motives that hide behind the more noble ones.  Come clean with the human moments that used past wounds as an excuse to behave in a way that protects you but can be unkind to others, perpetuating the trauma.   Good, now, clean it up.  When you are honest about it, know this simply means you are human and drag it into the light you aren’t likely to have your shadow driving the bus.  Chiron challenges the moon and it’s all too easy to rationalize.  Make a different choice.  Okay, now that you’ve done that you can tell the truth about a situation that feels unfair or dishonest.  Just not until you’ve done your own work first.  This Seven and a whole lot of challenges to the Moon (fears and insecurities) from both Saturn and Neptune on top of the Chiron wound decrees your wound doesn’t get the bosses seat any longer.  Do your groundwork first, then you set yourself up to have a much better outcome with any truth telling.

Take Action:  Tell one trusted friend or loved one an unpleasant truth about you and share an action step with them to help balance any bad behavior around it.







Tuesday:  Four of Vessels

Well there is progress on dropping unnecessary defenses today with this Four.  Fours always invite you to put things on a firm foundation and Vessels are heart driven.  The shadow side of this is disengagement due to excess heart protection.  When you cross off all the things that you won’t do because of the possible risk, you wind up here.  That’s where the work begins.  Get back to what you love and what is worth the risk of hurt or failure.  Thanks to a little help from Venus and Chiron you can see where the trade offs from security have cost you more than you want to pay.  Then the Moon, Mercury and Mars help you plan a course that heads in a much more satisfying direction.

Take Action:  Choose one heartfelt risk you want to begin to take now.









Wednesday:  Seven of Bows

Aha, the light dawns today!  This is the second seven and signifies an unexpected mental or spiritual surprise.  The Moon is opposite Uranus so it’s perfect to illuminate the big ‘aha’.  After all, they don’t call Uranus the Great Awakener for nothing.  The Moon is in easy aspect to Saturn so you can see how to reap long term rewards from this revelation.  Pallas moves into Aries and this brings you a beginner’s mindset to go with the Wanderer Card of the Week.  Hit reset and you get a mental or spiritual do over.  It’s a good one, too.

Take Action:  Don’t rush to decide which moment is the ‘aha’ because you may get more than one.  Stay open and enjoy.










Thursday:  Ten of Arrows

This is one of the most challenging cards in the Tarot.  It signals endings accompanied by strong feelings of loss or despair.  The Moon moves into Scorpio conjunct Jupiter, the Great Expander and trine Neptune the collective unconscious.  Arrows are the mind and this ten shows up when you need to release control and surrender to what is present in the moment.  When you get stuck fighting for a different reality than the one in front of you it mostly leaves you feeling helpless.  The MIND is what puts you in misery, more than the actual circumstances.  When you let go of what something ‘should’ be and engage with what is you plug back in to your power.  Today with Venus also trine Neptune and Sun trine Chiron you can stop making decisions from your wounded fearful place and instead hook up with all of your ideas, history, training and resources to make something that satisfies.  Remember the Christopher Columbus principle.  While you may not have discovered India, you opened up a whole new world.  You don’t make mistakes, it’s just not India.  It takes time and other people before you know what you have created.

Take Action:  Catch yourself when you judge or despair today and repeat these words, “It’s just not India”.








Friday:  Ancestor

Today is a clear break point in history that may take a while before it’s entirely visible.  Still there will be movement today away from inherited beliefs and towards more of your own true beliefs.  You’ll have moments where you see your choices, behaviors and feelings with a much clearer view.  This makes it easier to decide what is best for you from your core self rather than the shoulds you’ve been trained to follow.  It’s a strong right turn in a new direction that may come out of a tiny moment or situation.  Trust your yes and act on it.  What’s right for you always makes you feel lighter, stronger, shoulders back and head held high.  Even when others disagree, you feel the rightness for you in your body.  When it’s a no for you there’s always a sense of contraction.  Even if you’re told it’s the right thing to do, you know the real Truth because your body speaks loudly when you listen.  After yesterday’s Ten of Arrows, notice where your mind ran over those subtle clues in your muscles, heart and stomach area.  You are your own best authority says the Ancestor.  You make the world safe when you listen to what’s right for you and then work to consistently act from this place.

Take Action:  Ask yourself a yes/no question and get to know your bodies language better.








Saturday:  The Star

Ah the light glimmers after the intensity of this week.  This card promises when you show up for your personal growth, your lessons, your life you get rewarded with progress that puts who you are front and center in your life.  The New Moon is trine Chiron so you really healed in some deep places and can start to see a healthier future ahead of you.  The Wildwood Tarot calls this the card of renewal and the sign of a new cycle in front of you.  After the changes around the Ancestor yesterday, time for a fresh start.  A New Moon release ceremony may help you to anchor in the reality that you are no longer ruled by something outside of you.  Yes there is structure to contend with but your choice of how to engage and interact is much more authentic to you.  By evening the Moon moves into Sagittarius and gives us the urge to take our wisdom and put it to good use.  Be mindful it can also dial up the need to impact your world with your newfound wisdom.  But the best example is your own behavior rather than preaching to another about the benefits of being your own authority.  Tempers run high this week so be careful correcting another’s view of things.  Keep your eyes on you and speak your truth and let them hear it or not.  Let go of trying to change anyone but you.

Take Action:  Visualize burying, burning or sending out to sea those feelings of helplessness and know you always have power in how you interact with anything.







Sunday:  King of Cups

Mars is square Pluto today which puts stress on the enormous physical impact of Mars and the Deep Transformational movement of Pluto.  The shadow side of this is unharnessed rage from the young helpless place that wants to dole out hurt as it’s been hurt.  The light side of it is almost unstoppable shift in how you do anything.  Time to turn that corner and really own that this is your life, you make it what it is from whatever happens around you.  Vessels offer you deep emotions to pull from and the King gives a strong masculine action or words to help you express what is only yours to contribute to this world.  That really is the magic of dreams come true.  The Moon is square Neptune so you will run up agains the places where your wants and needs meet with resistance in your collective world.  Or it means that you have to adjust your expectations to deal with what is real instead of what you wish was true.  Your job is to help make it come true.  The promise of this King says, you can if you work your own particular magic made up of heartfelt intuition as to direction with words and actions aligned with those core desires.  Go turn lead into gold today, you can do it.

Take Action:  Look at one situation that you struggle with, see it with fresh eyes that takes responsibility for how you show up in it and try a new tack.  Change how you do it and watch the situation change, too..






Thank you,

Lisa Greenfield





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