Daily Tarot – Thanksgiving and No Choice But Love

This week for Thanksgiving the most important thing to put in your mouth is love. As more dark secrets are revealed before the Sun leaves Scorpio, love anyway, and you will surely win the day.  The celestial light helped pull back the curtain so buried facts, feelings and Truth’s can be seen.  Much as you may want to let the curtain drop and pretend you didn’t see it, there’s a much better path forward.  The Card of the Week points out a clear path forward is through love, plain and simple.

World War II happened in no small part because Germany was humiliated in their defeat after World War I.  Hitler had fertile ground to sow seeds of hatred and factionalization because of that humiliation.  Right now Men are being called to account for abuse of power through the #MeToo Movement.  The scales have tipped and balance will be restored.  What will that look like and what’s your part in the evolution?  The Cards and Stars point clearly to the difference it makes when love is added to heal what drives the behavior.  If you want healthy change you have to separate out bad behavior from the person.

In order to change self esteem must be maintained.  People without self respect tend to react, grab a gun, a car or a plane and make a statement out of rage and pain.  When a person feels loved and accepted, while the behavior is absolutely labeled unacceptable – change is easier.  Education is necessary, and on both sides if we want to build a solid foundation.  I can hear the shouts of indignation and I still say, both sides need to learn how to heal this together when we talk with each other, really communicate.  It’s not just men and women, it’s Republican and Democrat, it’s American and foreigner, it’s rich and poor.  There is injustice and abuse in so many directions.  We’ve reached the stage where imbalance costs us more, and more, and more.  The pressure to change is being applied with ever increasing efficiency until we do.

That’s our evolution.

As we grow systems need to be overhauled and sometimes replaced.  This is the conversation of a generation and it’s happening now.  You are part of it whether you know it or not, whether you wish it or not.  Each time you talk with another you put another brick in the foundation we have for mankind to move forward.  Why not do it with love, also known as compassion.  Learn to see the person separate from the behavior if you wish to see change. It starts with your own behavior and how you view you.

It requires firm boundaries.  For those unsure of what those are in your life, look to your judgements.  Often they are the default boundary when you never learned how to do them a healthier way.  Judgements say No to something or someone.  They are a starting point, not a stopping point.  As Brene Brown points out, we judge what we ourselves struggle with but are doing marginally better than what or who we judge.  This week find your boundaries.  Have compassion for the place in you that wishes to do better but struggles at times.  See another with those same eyes.  Don’t worry if you have a hard time when someone’s really triggered you.  Just a step at a time.  Add love…

Grace is a good reason to be Thankful this week and compassion is merely Grace in action.  May you have a Thanksgiving overflowing with both…






Card of the Week:  The Lovers (Reversed) 

This Card often says there is a choice to be made.  Sometimes between love and duty, sometimes between self-satisfaction versus generosity. This week continues to bring up the dark underbelly of our own greed, doubt and all too human traits.  Lovers Reversed says you don’t have to choose between your dark and shadow.  They are all part of you.  When you get caught up in the need to disown the ugly you, it can emphasize those very parts you seek to separate yourself from in a rush to feel okay.  This week, try the whole-hearted belief that you bring your light to the table along with your shadow and that you are lovable.  Love is the one ingredient to bring heartfelt thanks to anything and everything this week.  While we recover from the intense Mars/Pluto pushing match that went with this last Saturday’s New Moon, it helps to bring real compassion to yourself in any situation you find yourself in as the holidays begin.  As you have your human moments, remember that a baby doesn’t learn to walk in one easy upward motion.  How gracious can you be to yourself (and then others) in those not so shining moments when the shadow or wound appears.  Family and/or holidays bring up long standing stuff from the basement.  Deal with it a moment at a time and you’ll make some real progress.  This Card says love always brings the best flavor out in anything you eat this week, including your own words.  Use as needed.








Monday:  Six of Bows

This Six heralds a victory of some sort today and is cause for celebration.  Mars is in an easy aspect with the North Node which gives your steps in a new direction extra support.  The Moon squared off with Chiron means you won’t feel comfortable seeing the world through a less than true representation of who you are now.  Old stories won’t fit and never get off the ground.  It really can be that easy to head in a fresh direction with a stronger sense of the real you and feel good about it.  Both Uranus and Saturn support that inner transformation and any time Saturn is in the picture you can bet the win may be modest but it pays dividends for a long time to come.  Six is the symbol of health and well being, so it feels good to be you.  Enjoy it…

Take Action:  Review your day before you go to bed and give yourself a high five in at least one area where you can see real progress.  Be generous with you…









Tuesday:  Seven of Stones

With the ‘healing’ properties of this Seven in tandem with today’s Venus Pluto and Nodes activity, it really is about a shift in giving and receiving.  The feminine abundance principle illustrated by the Green Woman sitting in front of the wounded Masculine on the ground is perfect example of the balance you also benefit from ‘being’ rather than ‘doing’ today.   Spend time with a review of how well you Give and  how well you Receive.  Venus and Pluto make interesting aspects to the Nodes (Past & Future) and really call on us to be a conscious contributor to the ongoing conversation between the Masculine and Feminine.  The #MeToo movement is one example of where balance is being requested or even demanded.  I call up the Card of the Week here and add that the solution must have love at the core of any healing.  Self Love that puts a healthy ‘No’ out there and feels good about the ‘Yeses’.  Self Love that can receive the No and respect it without feeling loss.  The current imbalance brings up enormous reserves of outrage and I’m not here to minimize anyone’s pain.  Quite simply though, without digging deep for a solution of communication from self esteem it increases the odds we will only tip the balance the other direction and bring us right back to this place with the tables turned.  Each small step to love and accept your own desires and find your personal edges on what does and doesn’t work for you is necessary.  Small steps lead us to big changes in time  Be the change in how you find inner balance today…

Take Action:  Start with acknowledgment of one place you felt wounded by someone else’s actions and let the feelings flow in a safe space.  Don’t act on them, just let them flow for now.







Wednesday:  Five of Arrows

Ah the Frustration card appears with a host of aspects that help to call our shadow defenses out into the light.  Time to acknowledge where our old helpless or hurt place drove behaviors of overcompensating when we underestimated ourselves and overestimated any threat.  Neptune is finally direct today after months of walking us back into those younger places and spaces to map out where the viewpoint originated.  Now you have a better understanding of the behaviors that block real love and connection because you are in protection mode rather than in creation mode.  Big difference between those two energies.  The Moon and Pluto get together to dig deep with sweet support from Venus to really get to the nitty gritty.  Tempers or emotions may boil over or implode thanks to some stress between Moon and Mars.  Jupiter and Chiron add to the emotional temperature just to make sure you really get clear on where you’ve been defended and unhappy.  It’s hard to miss today, and the better you’ve done at self acknowledgment the easier it will be to move through those moments with a strong sense of purpose and progress in spite of any temporary setbacks.  If you lose it, double down and get back on the self empowerment trail as soon as you can.  It will feel good and you know it does, which makes it easier to do.

Take Action:  Take inventory of where you react to people today rather than explore a point of view that doesn’t agree with you.







Thursday:  King of Bows

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all my North American friends today.  There is plenty to be grateful for, and it starts with the only major aspect today is the Sun in easy relationship to the Moon.  This helps drop tensions down several notches when it comes to family gatherings or holiday entertaining and travel.  Sweet Relief, right?  The Moon moves into Aquarius which gives us the benefit of the Big Picture viewpoint.  This King helps you trust your intuitive guidance and also reminds you that you are always and forever the captain of your internal weather.  The King of Bows can also be some struggle about who is the top of the heap and with Fire in the picture, the invitation is to help ensure everyone gets their 15 minutes of fame in the spotlight.  Help ensure everyone has a chance to shine then lean back and enjoy your own glowing countenance.  We improve our environment with joy, help add some today and be sure to take a good measure of it yourself.

Take Action:  There is always plenty to be grateful for, find yours and spread the cheer.








Friday:  Nine of Bows

Nines are a mastery number you hit before you uplevel and move on to achievement on the next arena – and boy you will want to call on your inner mastery today.  We have several square aspects today of varying intensities, so you benefit from intuitive mental discipline to make important changes.  You have the choice to trust yourself and whatever the situation may present and do it differently than you have in the past.  It can be a little different, it doesn’t have to be unrecognizably changed.  Let yourself do each moment and any challenges with a fair idea of where you’ve overcompensated in the past with defenses and instead dial it down and dig a bit deeper.  Or step back and see the whole situation rather than reacting.  We have how we see things, what we fear and the old trauma all in the mix with Jupiter the great expander.  So feelings could run high.  It’s a chance to handle strong feelings and keep command of the ship even in a storm of emotion.  It gets easier as the day goes on and it’s great practice.  There’s nothing about this you haven’t already mastered in one form or another, that’s where the Nine comes in to play.  So stay present, learn and know that you do better than you think.

Take Action:  Watch for triggers and if there is more than one, see what they have in commons so you can see your way forward with a fuller perspective than reaction based choices.









Saturday:  The Great Bear

As full as Friday was of challenging squares, today is full of supportive Trines and Sextiles.  This simply means that you’re in sync with most of what happens today.  The only challenge that comes up is where you’ve sacrificed some of your wants for your security needs.  Now that you feel better being your own authority and can navigate some tense situations, it’s time to add back in things that were back shelved because of risk.  The Great Bear says it’s time.  You are ready to take some smart risks now.  Both Uranus and Saturn are in the picture to be sure you really see your Truth, you can’t overlook how much more personal authority and therefore courage you have in the decisions of what you do each day.  There’s also room for some more fun.  What a great aspect to have on a shopping bonanza weekend.  My recommendation is don’t sweat the Black Friday madness, instead take advantage of the Saturday Sweet Spot.  What you give up in immediate gratification you make up for in ease of experience.  Then again, you may crave a challenge.  If that’s the case, swim upstream and challenge yourself when you feel like it.  Let the good things be easy and if they’re easy, do it again.

Take Action:  Achievements are in reach… so stretch out and grab what you really want not what you thought you could get.







Sunday:  Ace of Swords

Time to prune the mental dead blooms that have seen better days is what this Ace suggests.  Aces are always a new beginning.  This one combined with our Card of the Week says you can cut loose those beliefs that made people the enemy when they may have simply been oblivious.  It doesn’t say now go hang out with them, rather, let them assume the proper size and proportion.  They are not the looming threat that brings you misery.  It’s as straightforward as their actions/beliefs/lifestyle are either a fit for you or they aren’t.  If they don’t fit, then the next step is would you like to stay in relationship with them?  If that’s a yes, then communication is in the next step to see if you can get to more comfortable common ground.  If not, then set them free with a snip of the mental pruning shears.  The Sun and Moon challenge each other so it may leave you anxious at the idea of letting go.  As the day goes on the support from benevolent Venus and Neptune help it be as pain-free as possible.  I always like to think of freeing someone up to succeed elsewhere because with me they can’t enjoy that – we don’t agree.  If it’s family or close friends, agree to disagree then you can begin to let go of old resentments.  LOSE the tug of war with one clean cut.  It’s not only possible, it’s required.  It will feel better than it does to keep the old battles alive.  It doesn’t have to be a permanent separation.  Just step back for now and see where that takes you.

Take Action:  Make one clean cut today – one that feels right to you to let go of and start fresh.







Thank you,


Lisa Greenfield



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