Daily Tarot 11/6-12 Preparation for Revelations

Saturn Trine Uranus is making it’s last contact this coming week and what that means to you is be prepared for revelations.  This cycle started last December so think back to what began then and how you felt about it.  Changes that are ushered in with this duo have long lasting potential but there’s a caveat to go with it.  Saturn, the Great Teacher, is also square Chiron.  Be very mindful that you aren’t creating structure to protect you from old wounds rather than from a place that knows you were powerful enough to overcome the trauma.

If you insist on seeing your choices through traumatized eyes you will create a fortress that shuts out a lot of abundant life available to you the next 27 and a half years.  That’s the Saturn Cycle.  Do you really want to spend that much time in a walled enclosure of the mind or heart?  The Nodes bring our Destiny point in to play this week and ties back to the Solar Eclipse in August.  Tune in to where your ego makes your decisions rather than your heart.  Ego insists it’s right, has to have its own way and can’t acknowledge defeat.

You may need to let go of some battles that even if you win, won’t give you what you truly desire.  It’s a pyrrhic victory all because ego simply doesn’t want to lose.  We still have the Truth or Consequences Astrological line up going on as seen in the headlines these days.  Lies can only stand for so long before they create critical mass that brings them down.  The #MeToo movement is proof of this.  Eventual the bill comes due and that time is now.  This includes the lies we tell ourselves.

Time to come clean.  Instead of blowing up at someone else for where they’ve crossed a boundary, pause and first acknowledge where you may have had your own version of oblivious trampling on another’s line in the sand.  Still put your healthy boundaries down, just be very careful serving it up with a self righteous air.  The payment due on self-justified indignation is very close at hand and in November and December you’ll be asked to pay up with interest.  So clean your own mental trunks and basement before you unleash on another.

When you do this and follow it up with a request for your needs to be considered you wield much more power to impact the situation and possibly shift the relationship, too.  It feels better over the long term than verbal fire bombs that leave carnage behind that requires clean up.  This week defensiveness reveals itself for the frightened child it is if you have the eyes and the courage to take a closer look.  There’s so much more life available when you don’t waste precious energy defending yourself from attacks that aren’t a real threat anymore.  Instead you can respond in the moment and transform it into something quite different than the monster of memory.

The Cards and Stars will help.





Card of the Week:  Wheel of Fortune

Daily Tarot TruthinHand Aug 1-7th 2016The Wheel turns and a cycle is coming to a close.  This one began last December in 2016 and it’s time for the Truth to come out.  The ripples spread as we approach Saturday’s final close contact between the Great Teacher Saturn and Uranus, the Great Awakener.  Thanks to their support you can really feel the difference in how you deal with problems that crop up.  The challenge is in how to use this power well.  Like riding a bike, if you turn a corner to fast you’re going to tip over.  So the Universe put some training wheels on for you and those come in the form of consequences. Oddly enough, the fact that you have a short leash on how quickly you get feedback (or fallout) from throwing your newfound power around is one of the best support systems you could ask for.  The trick is to be careful about your attention and where you keep it.  Bring it back to you and your needs and motivation.  Then check in and really see what is going on with another in a way that finds the equal distribution of power.   Whatever happens, see your part in either creating or cleaning up any situation and often both are present.  If you try to land on the victim spot, you’ll be corrected.  If you try to police those you feel are screwing up, oops, corrected again.  If you try to rescue another without their express request for help, nope, brought up short once again.  Bring it back to your stuff.  Your hidden motivations come to light and it’s up to you to take good care of yourself and then take responsibility for improving it in a way that feels best for you.  Trust the chaos.  You’re in training.  Then let the hidden gems show up in your educational week ahead.  This is the best way to prepare for the revelations ahead.







Monday: Five of Vessels

This Five causes some confusion for people because in Wildwood Tarot it’s Ecstasy, where in traditional Tarot it’s heartache or disappointment.  The aspects today help clarify it for you.  Saturn, the Great Teacher, asks us to make an adjustment to our wound that won’t heal, represented by Chiron.  Thanks to an assist by the Moon and North Node, the light dawns that trauma in life is what cracks us open and teaches us compassion when we let it.  Research shows that three ways to true soul evolution come to us either through sexual connection, spiritual practice or, yes, trauma.  Like a pine cone that pops open in a fire and seeds the new growth after the devastation, our wounded place has a rich bounty to offer.  Which is why the last year of shock changes and shifts had benefits for you beyond what you may realize.  The unexpected is more familiar and you aren’t quite so frightened when authority figures flaws and weaknesses are revealed.  Yes it is uncomfortable.  More because you sense you have to step in and do your part to help shape the situation more to your liking.  This is the way to take the trauma and turn in into something closer to the ecstasy promised in this card.  Five’s are creativity and vessels are heartfelt.  Risk will give you rewards only if you open yourself up.

Take Action:  Sit with the pain of an old memory and ask for the gifts in that trauma to be plainly revealed.







Tuesday:  Queen of Arrows

The number of lunar aspects today could take the first part of the day to list.  So instead let’s focus on what all the Moon activity means.  This is the most challenging Queen of the four.  Arrows are the mind and this is the critical Queen.  She represents the place in us that would rather be right than be in connection or community.  It’s why she’s called ‘the woman alone’.  The caution today is be very aware of a drive to be right that lives up to the old saying you can win the battle and still lose the war.  There are many ways to ‘be right’ and one of them is to surrender your facts and defenses in search of a greater Truth.  One that honors the layers that go in to any personal connection with each other.  Arrows (the Mind) separate us from what we love in the hope of containment when you swim in feelings.  The problem with that is it can be a very effective distancer in relationships.  One of the more useful tidbits our of the celestial stew today is your own defensiveness is plain to see if you look in that direction.  It goes back to where you overestimated who or what threatens you and underestimated yourself.  Notice what comes up today and feel your way through with the awareness that you are partly responsible for any distance from who and what you want in life.  Now that you see it, you can start to correct that, one defensive moment at a time.

Take Action:   Take a good look at where you defend in situations rather than ask questions and discover.






Wednesday:  Ace of Bows

The Moon is at it again today, first by opposing the Great Transformer, Pluto, then by holding hands with the wound and finally in a pushing match with Uranus.  Be prepared to challenge the place in you that gets stuck in your old trauma.  It’s likely to come up today and you’ll be tempted to fall back into old patterns.  Resist the temptation or recognize your in it and pull yourself out.  It won’t be easy but you can do it and you are going to feel so much better when you do  It will feel like finishing a marathon you never thought you’d complete.  Just do it.  There’s a spark of recognition for you each and every time you start to get complacent in the small, stuck place you know so well.  Follow that light that promises you a better outcome, a fresh start and renewed enthusiasm for whatever it is you do.

Take Action:  Do a review of your day by 9pm tonight and see where you literally can see it differently and re-view in a way that takes your power back.








Thursday:  Six of Pentacles

Ah, the consequence card is here.  This six is the promise of good effort rewarded or greed corrected.  If you let fear drive you to take more than what you actually need (credit, authority, emotional bandwidth) you’ll face the cost of that power grab.  There’s a place in each of us that is always tempted by more.  More fun, more success, more credit, more love are just out of reach and we get caught chasing after them when often we don’t stop to enjoy what we’ve already received.  Notice when the young place, or wounded place screams for more, more, more as proof that you are loved, safe, valued.  This is normal and it comes up for almost everyone whether you’re aware of it or not.  The important thing today is to use the Moon’s challenging aspects that stir this to the surface so you can make an adjustment.  It starts when you give yourself credit, praise, applause and recognition for what you already have, already achieved.  When the urge comes up, see it and answer it with something inside you rather than a grab for something outside of you.  For those who have overgiven, this card reminds you to pause, rest and let what you’ve put out there come back to you without an effort.  Your job is to receive.  Most people will have both of these at play today.  Adjust, acknowledge, take responsibility for what happens and see your world move towards a healthier environment.  Sixes are always about wholeness and stones are physical proof.  Let the full view give you a healed understanding of where you true security rests.

Take Action:  Demonstrate abundance and see where you can share your good fortune with another in whatever way feels best.  (Praise, acknowledgement, vulnerability, financial, etc)






Friday:  The Hooded Man

Today you get results when you choose a healthier view of your world and all that happens in it.  The Moon is conjunct Ceres the Goddess of Harvest so you get your report card on how well you’ve nourished your power in the stories you tell.  How often do your feed your sense of self with an interpretation of what happens as interesting and an invitation to try something new? This Card has light as a key factor in the Hooded Man’s journey.  Tune in to your own shadow side and the stories you tell that make you feel sick; your own strengths and the stories you create that make you feel healthy.  Then put the whole 360 view together as you move forward and  brighten your world with a view of you that is much more in line with the Truth of you.  This inner knowledge and awareness helps light not only your own path but inspires others to make their own subtle shifts as well.

Take Action:  Take a good look at one story of pain from the past and reinterpret it to see a more balanced view of what happened.  Where did you shine, learn, grow through trauma.








Saturday:  The Moon On Water

Yesterday had us explore the inner light, today it is about reflected light.  The aspects today have the Moon once again playing a big role in the emotional mood, in perfect keeping with this card.  Plus we have the Saturn/Uranus square, the last of three contacts made for the close of a cycle that began last December 2016.  Prepare for secrets to come out.  Feelings that have gone deep and needed time to navigate.  Places of shame or greed that required adjustments so you could be fully seen.  This week following the Full Moon has walked you through where your defensiveness keeps you isolated, not your unlovability.  The Aspects and cards support you so you can release any woundology and live from a place that owns your own power more fully rather than hanging on to old stories where you were often less capable.  You are can handle yourself now.  You are stronger, wiser and more resilient then you were when you were hurt.  Plus the Moon always pulls in your intuition.  The trick with that is to remember that it won’t always look like what you want it to be.  Doesn’t mean you got it wrong.  Think Christopher Columbus and India.  Most mistakes aren’t mistakes, they just aren’t India.  Columbus discovered a whole New World, that’s where your intuition wants to take you.  Trust yourself, know you can handle whatever comes to light, heck, you may even enjoy it!

Take Action:  The Wheel, Hooded Man and Moon together means that you can let go of the fear that if it looks too good to be true, it isn’t.  Trust the too good to be true moments and enjoy.







Sunday:  Queen of Bows

This Fiery Queen who has it all and enjoys what she inspires.  Fire is the realm of Spirit and Intuition and continues to encourage you trust your path.  Take every decision you’ve ever made and affirm right now it was perfect.  If the results didn’t get you where you wanted to go, remember Christopher Columbus once again.  It took time and other people’s contribution before we knew what to make of his ‘mistake’.  So today you have to try on the big Truth that your intuition didn’t get it wrong, you don’t fully understand what it is that it offered yet.  Once you get to this realization, you really can delight in making intuitive decisions backed up with some good facts.  When you use your brain to figure out how to do or how to achieve where Spirit calls you, then you have a winning hand every time.  Plus you spend a lot less time fretting over the would have’s, should have’s and could have’s.  What can you do with all that wasted mental energy when you let go of what you think results mean when they aren’t what you wanted, YET.  Important three letters to remember to give it time and other people’s contribution to see what it is you actually have achieved.  Now that’s some good news worth waiting for, so don’t rush to decide anything.  Trust yourself and what comes to you, then choose and let go of specific outcomes.  Be open to surprises that can delight.

Take Action:  Give yourself one heartfelt compliment in the Mirror today, doesn’t matter on what subject.  Just do it.

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