Daily Tarot June 26th – July 2nd, Chiron And Discomfort As An Ally

This week we have some intense aspects to help us finish the healing process we’ve been in this year. Over the next five months we can really sort out what drives your behavior and consciously take back those triggered impulses.  There’s the sweet promise of freedom that begins this week.  Free of mindless conditioning that creates the same pattern over and over again even when you can’t stand this particular loop.

First you have to sit with what you feel, really get to know it without rushing to label it, judge it, fix it or deny it.  That’s no small task, I know.  Patience is generally in short supply but even more so this summer as Mars and the Sun travel so close together.  Which only edges up the resistance to pushing back on that jump to action.  Think about this, weight lifters build incredible strength through resistance training.  Look at the astrologically simmering impatience as bench pressing a lot of emotional weights.

By the time of the eclipse in August you’ll be a champion power lifter.  Are you ready to shoulder the responsibility for working with whatever is there in your life?  Decide for yourself – what do you really, really want?  Not what should you want.  Not what are you supposed to want.  Instead, what is your heart’s desire and then let the alchemy available this week show you how to use whatever happens as just an intriguing twist on getting you closer to it.

There’s some huge payoffs to go with this awkward leap.  So weigh out the options, have your cheerleaders and by all means listen to wise counsel on how to leap from the best possible spot.  Then the jump is up to you.  Go ahead, there’s magic in it.  Wait and see…


Card of the Week: Shaman

This is one of my favorite cards.  The Magician, as he is known in other decks, holds an invitation for the brave.  Will you create something unexpected?  When I say that I’m not talking about trying to shock or surprise someone, even though it may happen.  Instead I’m talking about you coloring outside your familiar lines this week.  Put a leash on your mind’s four horseman – fear, doubt, judgement and criticism – and instead trust yourself with a bolder choice, a new belief, a kinder story.  This week especially you have astrological support. which the cards echo, for a pause in rushing to judgement on interpreting what something or someone means.  Instead of seeing behavior as ‘the same old story’, be surprised when you see it with fresh eyes.  The new information open’s up a whole range of playing options you probably haven’t had before.  That’s what I mean by unexpected.  Put your beginner’s mind and fresh perspective on this week and watch it transform your world as if by magic.







Monday:  Nine of Arrows

The nine’s are teacher numbers and this one urges you to leash the battle in your head with those negative narratives that only dial up worry and insecurity.  Most of us no longer live in a world  where our physical safety is threatened day by day.  Survival mode for physical threat is in short supply in most of the world today, so the fear part of our brain hangs out with less to do and an urgent desire to be relevant.  That disagreement with a family member or argument with a colleague aren’t life and death but boy can the mind work out a good dramatic narrative.  Enjoy how well your fear brain can serve up drama as an appreciative audience of one today since Mars is trine Jupiter and the Moon is sextile.  These make it easier to watch yourself and understand how good you are at the stories, while you dig underneath it to find out what drives that belief now.  With Mercury opposite June equality is a theme while you write that new script.  See where you  can spend as much time understanding what motivates and moves you as you do in action around those triggers.

Take Action:  Take one charged situation you’ve been dealing with and put on a pair of sunglasses as a signal to your brain that you are going to see the truth of your safety in it.






Tuesday:  Four of Stones

Fours signal a firm foundation and it’s your job to ensure you build on one today or put one in place.  Stones are physical actions so we ride the wave of Mars trine Jupiter from yesterday helped by the Moon trine Saturn and the Nodes.  It’s all good support for you to comprehend how strong you really are and see where you’ve been defensive beyond what was required now as an adult.  Defensiveness is absolutely key to today’s gift, seeing your own or anyone else’s through kind eyes.  You protect yourself when you speak up for what feels good and what doesn’t, knowing that it’s no one else’s responsibility to meet your needs, merely their opportunity if they wish to play.  When you pick up this Truth and hold it with both hands, you can stop resenting anyone else for not doing what you wanted them to do.  You now have the ability to make yourself safe, others merely add or subtract from your efforts.  Own that Truth and watch what happens next.

Take Action:  Picture one ongoing argument and view it with fresh eyes looking for where you are defending yourself rather than exploring what’s underneath the conflict.







Wednesday:  The Great Bear

Whoooah baby, today heralds the inescapable truth’s arrival.  Well, actually it’s always been with us but today it is going to rip back the curtain and give you a glimpse of what’s behind the Wizard – a mortal man.  Hello humanity.  It’s important to honor that all of you, the defensive parts, the disengaged parts, the greedy parts, the jealous parts are all part of the magic that is you.  The Sun and Moon are sextile next to Mars conjunct Mercury.  So it’s easier than ever to see that today and be okay with it.  You’re the total package of you and that’s not just all right, your amazing.  Of course there are things you want to work on, that’s human.  You may find yourself facing some fallout from where you’ve been out of balanced or unequal in relationship.  Own your part of it and address the issue so you can move on to something else.  Don’t waste too much time defending yourself, you already had that lesson.  Just take responsibility, discover that you are still loved and can survive mistakes or offer compassion when someone else does the same to you.  There is a rebirth ahead, so get it done and get a move on.

Take Action:  Own responsibility for an injustice or accept someone’s else’s the way you’d want your own apology accepted today.  It’s good for the soul…






Thursday:  The Moon on The Water

Ah, the theme today with the Moon on The Water is how do you handle your deepest needs, as an adult or as a child?  The child in us wants someone else to fix it, take responsibility for what we feel.  Yes, I’ve spent plenty of time in this penalty box, sigh.  Are you able to be an adult and know that sometimes we hurt each other and it isn’t on purpose.  No one set out to make you feel bad about yourself, no matter how much evidence you pile up to the contrary.  They are trying to make themselves feel good and it’s just a bonus if you are also human enough to struggle alongside them.  But that’s the child in all of us.  Today with Moon square Saturn you can unload those programs from childhood where you felt helpless and do it a different way.  Because you aren’t.  With Moon trine Venus and Mercury opposite Pluto you can see how to get more of what feels good when you accept that you are the master of your internal story and how it makes you feel.  You are, nobody else.  Adult or child – your choice.

Take Action:  In those tender places where you’ve been injured or insulted mentally kiss which part of you that hurts and comfort yourself before you accept responsibility.  Now, isn’t that a little better?






Friday:  Knight of Arrows

The fastest of Knights moves through our world today jumping to our defense, perhaps a tad quickly.  Today the square between the Moon and Sun, Venus and the nodes brings up conflict so we can see where we rush in with sharp words that separate us from each other or where we quickly depart in a self righteous huff or silent judgement.  Let those behaviors in you or anyone around you help bring this behavior to the surface so you can transform it with a little magic.  There are precious few people who’ve never rushed to judgement.  So notice what this protects in you, see more about what the soft spot is that gets triggered.  That information is what today is all about, seeing it so you can make another choice.  A choice that serves you better than old habitual patterns.  It’s the key to harmony within yourself and others, which is a handy little tool to have at your disposal.

Take Action:  Watch your mind today like you would a movie or Netflix show.  Really get into it and notice all the characters and backgrounds so you can edit it going forward to get to a more whole place.






Saturday:  Ten of Stones

Well today is a journey, no doubt about it.  This fabulous Ten speaks to Karma and the empowered one to the tenth degree.  So actions are vital to today’s transits.  Chiron goes retrograde for the next five months and moves back over the wound to finish the healing.  The Moon is square Pluto, Mars and Mercury, ouch.  There’s a reason for this and also a payoff by evening, relief.  Today is about choosing to shatter shame or you can just shatter eardrums.  The former promises a payoff for years to come so perhaps that will persuade you.  Then again it may be important for you to vent a little.  Choose where and how and it may serve you well, too.  Everybody has wounds.  No one got through childhood unscathed.  Shame dissolves by over 80% when it’s shared with those you love and trust.  Today is about the light of day and a lot of compassion on those old scars.  Think of it like sunscreen on a freshly healed scar.  The bright light of day may burn without loving compassion slathered on first.  There, that will help.  You’ll have the next few months to rehab it and get up to speed again.

Take Action:  If you know your core wound, talk to one trusted friend today and own it.  If you don’t know it – ask the kindest honest friend or family member you can and face it together.





Sunday:  Page of Vessels

Good news, good news, good news!  This sweet Page is the messenger that brings heartfelt good news.  And there’s a catch… The Mars Pluto opposition says you must act in fairness to all parties.  In other words, power plays to get what you want will get you penalty time.  Mercury is in a funny position with Saturn so you may catch yourself going back and forth between the old behaviors and new ones.  Nothing like contrast to help you feel your way into the solution that fits all of you.  The old choices may be familiar and therefore you think they are comfortable.  But I have a strong hunch that if you tune in you find that you acting as your own comfort and strength rather than depending on someone else to do it for you actually makes it easier to accept support from those around you without the stickiness or fear that comes with a dependency.  Now that is good news!

Take Action:  When you do something today that makes you feel better about yourself, say out loud (first chance you get without freaking out strangers standing near you) ‘this is the most loving thing I can do for myself right now’.



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