Daily Tarot July 3-9th Full Moon & Mental Mastery

This week’s full moon is packed with aspects that spell shake up.  Whether it’s actual earthquakes or emotional upheaval, be prepared to have the status quo pulled out of your hands.  You aren’t being punished, there is a loving purpose behind the chaos.  How do you handle changes outside and inside of you?   The ultimate goal is focused strength that you apply to any situation.  That doesn’t mean you start out calmly – in fact that can be a distant glimmer.

However you can find the inner quiet in the tilting landscape long enough to have consideration for the challenges you face along with the resources you require to handle whatever is going on in your world.  Out of chaos comes opportunity and that may help you not dial up the emotions to breaking point.  You have this insight and it may also help with those close to you who feel the effects and don’t know what’s happening.

There will be intense actions, reactions on a global scale and you may find it hard to shut out the swirl of change.  It’s because you have a part to play in bringing something new into being.  You don’t have to get it right or perfect.  Just show up.  You will discover more about you than you knew before and the cards promise some rewards when you do.  Your gifts and talents are exactly what is required this week.  So rather than wishing the commotion would stop (fruitless, I promise) you do best to simply apply yourself to what’s at hand and let it reveal more of the wonderful you for you to know.

Be mindful of how you do it much much more than what you do.  Begin as you mean to go on, because you set patterns up for you to live in a while, so make sure they fit you.  Don’t sweat it if you start out over-reacting.  Fine.  That’s your beginning point.  Then what?  Where do you want to take it from there?  Make another choice and go with it.  Or maybe you avoid everything until it builds up enough pressure you can’t escape it.  Good to know.  Then notice where your tipping point is that spurred you out of inaction and into motion.  Ah good information to have.

Don’t try to make sense of it all yet.  Too soon, my friend, too soon.  Instead take it one step at a time and work in some ability to see your life this week as an adventure or a great action film.  Like Indiana Jones, you may have some difficulties to overcome but cue the music to help you rise to the occasion.  You not only survive, you dazzle.   So pick your soundtrack and get on with your movie.  Make it a good one.



Card of the Week:  Knight of Arrows

This swiftest of Knights is likely to show both sides of his personality this week.  You get to take part in whichever ones suit you best.  On the positive side this one is a speedy turn of events, something that quickly resolves itself with separation of facts and details into workable parts.  His broad perspective and global viewpoint allows you to see all sides at once.  The Wildwood Tarot counsels, ‘vigilance as you go through the process’, wise advice indeed for this week.  Get the facts straight from all sides before you react and you will be well served indeed.  If you pick up the shadow side you have to contend with long standing hurts and resentments turn into revolt or rebellion.   Be mindful that you don’t act so quickly that you divorce yourself from your feelings too fast.  Feelings are like our dashboard.  You can drive without looking at a dashboard all the time but there’s a lot of good information for the long haul.  Choose your thoughts with care from that lofty perspective and they will serve you well to help you make sense out of all the emotions and where you wish to go next with more of you in the mix.  The gift is by week’s end you’ve achieved a new level of mental mastery.  Sweet…






Monday:  Three of Bows

Sweet this three is with it’s promise of success in sight.  My friend calls this the ‘ship in the harbor’ card.  It hasn’t made it to the dock but you can see it safe in sight.  Today let the inspired communication this fiery three offers up show you were you are almost home.  The Sun is trine the Moon, the Moon is trine Neptune and also sextile Pluto.  All those aspects give added emphasis to the positive tone of today.  No matter what is going on in the news, in your house or at work, you have some real bright spots you can feel and see even if you can’t touch them yet.  Allow the anticipation to build, why not?  They say pessimists don’t get disappointed as often but they have much less fun overall.  Today let the bright light of possibility shine without worrying about the shadow it casts.  You can worry later, if you must, after you enjoy a good round of enjoyment in what’s about to hit your doorstep.

Take Action:  Start your day with some toothbrush love – look in the mirror after you rinse and spit and say today has something good to show me and I’m open to seeing it NOW.







Tuesday:  Nine of Stones

Happy Independence Day!  This card is perfect for today, since nines are always about achieving a certain level of mastery that you then are intended to pass on to others.  In other words, you’ve come far enough down the path to shed light behind you for others to follow.  With Mercury in hard aspect to Uranus these insights may shock or unsettle others.  Go ahead and share them anyway.  The Moon trine Mercury and Chiron helps to show people how to rip the bandaids off the healing emotional wounds with minimum fuss or pain.  It may hurt a little but it’s time – and you can help each other while it stings.  A little fresh air is just what you need for the final stages of wound care.  The old stories are fading away and soon will be just a mark where the open wound once was.  You are really free.

Take Action:  Enjoy your Independence Day with a bang – whatever that means to you.







Wednesday:  The Sun

Mercury starts us off with fuzzy Neptune contacts at daybreak that could have you searching for meanings through unfocused eyes.  Give it a little time and as the Sun trines Neptune by early evening things start to come in to focus.  The Sun is the most positive card in the entire deck and promises that no matter what the world looks like, today is a better day.  A phrase I love from the Wildwood Tarot calls this card the ‘inner sun’.  It’s our reminder that we are always and forever the master of our internal weather.  Try on the mindset that whatever may be going on around us happens for us and with us rather than to us and against us.  It’s a small shift and a pivotal one.  The former is empowered and at choice.  The latter requires defense and comes with fear.  You choose.  Today you have help to make sure that you define the circumstances, they never have or will define you unless you let them.

Take Action:  No matter what happens today, see yourself as ‘in charge’ and send yourself off with a salute in the mirror before you leave the house.  Aye Aye Captain!







Thursday:  Seven of Stones

This seven counsels patience with your progress.  Like the Sun yesterday it’s a positive card and symbolizes movement but steady patient forward motion rather than leaps and bounds.  The Green Women is seated there so you can count on abundance swirling in the mix.  There are lots of options and you want to take your time to see which one is the right one for you.  There are only two important aspects today, first Vesta conjuncts the North Node and asks you how well do your choices feed your dreams. Then the Moon conjuncts Saturn and requires you to put your money where your mouth is.  Back up your desires with concrete actions, even if they are little ones today.  Trust there are resources all around you to help you once you step in any one direction.  You’ll feel better when you let some of those options fill you with a sense of abundance even when they aren’t the choices you want.  Doesn’t it feel good to see how much is available?  So much that you don’t have to worry about what you say no to – there’s always another choice.

Take Action:  Practice saying no to one thing that you normally would talk yourself into today.  Abundance means free to choose and trust more will be provided when one option doesn’t work.






Friday:  Five of Arrows (Reversed)

Well the aspects are cooking today to get you ready for an intense full moon Saturday.  We start off with Mercury sextile Uranus which is perfectly symbolized by this Five reversed.  The lightning bolts of understanding in how you see things can turn those pesky negative thoughts on their head.  Suddenly you really do see how even difficult things can work with you and for you.  Sweet!  Then the Moon trines Uranus which helps you ground that new point of you and take it to heart.  Whoops, you’re going to be glad they did because the Moon then moves into a square with Chiron that has you re-examining the tender place under the bandaid you ripped off your wound earlier this week.  Watch how old refrains of ‘poor me’ just don’t sound right in the light of all the evidence to the contrary.  They don’t fit the evidence and boy does that feel good.  As the Moon heads into Capricorn by evening you get a sense of security in your newfound point of view.  Ahhhhh, now that’s better, right?

Take Action:  I want you to put your right hand on your belly and your left hand on your heart as often as you feel like it today and breathe out a big AHHHHHHH.  It feels so good…






Saturday:  Queen of Arrows (Reversed)

Well we continue to replace the old uncomfortable mindset with something that feels and fits so much better thanks to today’s Full Moon and this Queen turned on her head.  This card stands for the woman alone.  It’s that place in us that won’t let someone help us, where we ‘go it alone’.  You simply can’t or won’t be able to do that today.  We are wired for love and belonging and our Capricorn/Cancer Moon and Sun remind us that what happens to the least of us ultimately affects us all.   Our mind is what helps us sort and make sense out of all the options but it can also distance us from our heart when it pulls back for the big picture view.  Flipping this Queen upside down lights up the receptive side of you, the one where you receive information and decide from there what you want to do with it.  But first you have to let the information in rather than pushing outward to keep it from getting close to you.   It’s a powerful reframe and one you have to act on as well as think and feel.  Patience and practice.

Take Action:  Rather than saying no to things today, leave things on the maybe pile for at least 12 hours before you answer.  Just 12 hours extra… see what it offers in that time.







Sunday:  Seven of Arrows (Reversed)

The triple threat of your mind upended continues today with the welcome relief of your insecurities reversed.  Now who doesn’t enjoy a little pullback on self doubt?  There’s only one major aspect today and it’s Saturn quincunx Mars.  That means that sometimes if feels natural and sometimes it feels odd to let go of those old doubts and let the newfound trust in yourself have a bigger part of anything you do.  What a gentle off ramp from yesterday’s heavy-hitting Full Moon.  Learn how to let yourself feel more about what’s going on without being swamped by emotions.  The Arrows symbolize our mind and are the opposite of Vessels and our hearts.  So this line up appears to me like body surfing big waves successfully.  You may be tossed about a bit but you also catch the marvelous feeling of being carried by the sweep of water towards the shore.

Take Action:  Trust the odd moments and mental missteps today, too.  They’re just recalibration moments.  Breathe and let it all come back into alignment with a little time.



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