Daily Tarot July 10-16th Relationship Fallout Facts

This week has some successful information to share with you that will be a relief and a break through or you can can just shout the house down.  The Full Moon Saturday dialed up tensions in just about everyone and there is a purpose to it.  The Full Moon definitely kicked up the places in us where we can stretch and grow when it comes to emotionally nurturing ourselves as well as standing up for our rights and needs.  Now we roll into the week and you will face the place in where impatience for results or chronic inaction blocks you from true creation and needs to be refined by you, for you.

Mars and the Sun are traveling together for the next couple weeks and square Uranus, the Great Awakener.  The Sun and Mars in this tense aspect to Uranus are a powerful force when it comes to action – but what kind of action is key.  Are you someone who talks about things but has a hard time taking that first step?  The next few weeks will turn up the flame under you until you cook or leap.  Presure builds to help you get out of the stuck place and into the first few steps on this next leg of your life.  It’s bumpy but there’s a lot on offer for you when you just begin.

Or maybe you are someone who is quick to snap, jump into action and prides yourself on getting things done while others just talk.  Caution, danger ahead.  Tempers run high right now and so does impatience with other’s misplaced authority.  If you try to take over without being asked you could find an explosion is the result.  The goal of this pressure cooker is to get us to a more collaborative system.  First we have to see where we’ve been resistant to true partnership.

This week if you catch yourself ranting about someone or something turn that lens and anger into something far more productive and less provocative in the volatile climate we have out there.  Where does your frustration help you harness actions that better serve you and the situation.  If you find yourself angry that someone else isn’t ‘contributing equally’ have you considered that more effective communication may also reveal where they wish you would contribute something different as well.

A good rule of thumb is to be as generous with other people’s shortcomings as you want them to be with yours.  Start there and try a conversation from a place of seeing other’s as equally valuable to you and the process.  It’s going to have a much better outcome no matter what.  Because you steer it towards balance that may have been missing but can be restored.  Rather than ruling something a flat yes or no, play with the maybe in what’s going on a bit more as you test less familiar ways of working with people and situations.  Go ahead, the cards say you’re better at it than you realize.




Card of the Week:  Six of Bows

Victory, sweet victory!  The Wildwood Tarot tags this as abundance and with the bows your victory is broader reaching than you may realize in a moment.   This six is the promise of much needed relief from struggle woven into the picture.  So where you show up for your lessons this week you will see quick results.  They may feel small in the moment but I stand by the statement that this week’s victories carry much more importance than you may see at first.  So while Bows are not known for their patience they are absolutely genius at seeing the big picture.  You’ll get glimpses of it and some sweet aha’s if you are willing to do your work.  Learn your lessons and who knows how many people will catch fire from the sparks you give off.  You have everything you require already, when sixes are in play.  So trust your better self to help you reap some well deserved success this week.









Monday:  Balance (Reversed)

Hmmm, this card is Temperance in many decks and it counsels moderation.  Don’t push or shove but instead allow things to unfold.  Reversed it definitely speaks to the urgency of the Mars/Sun connection where you want to get it done and done now, thank you very much.  Yet when it’s flipped on its head you have some place that is out of balance in you that must be addressed first before you can achieve much with your efforts.  Ceres the asteroid of nurturing moves into Cancer and with the Full Moon we just had on Capricorn/Cancer it’s asking you what are the stories from childhood that are not aligned with who you are now?  Do those beliefs still feed you?  Today is also about consciously choosing to create your own family with those around you that love and support each other.  Blood is not the only factor that makes a family and the Moon in generous aspect to Venus with Mercury opposite helps you see where you’ve got ties that bind of the best kind with some people other than your original clan.

Take Action:  Take note of where you’ve sold your family of the heart short and commit to honoring their contribution in your life today.






Tuesday:  Queen of Vessels

Ah the good fortune and happiness Queen shows up on a day that is also easy on the astrological aspects too.  Today says put your emotions on a firm foundation and simply observe what and who stirs you up.  With Saturn in easy relationship with the Moon it means that you can reframe whatever comes up and put it in a much kinder context for you and those in your world.  There’s a generosity of spirit when this Queen holds court so you can practice diving deeper on some of those touchier issues you may have shied away from in the past.  Who doesn’t need a softer focus on things around you these days.  It gives you a wee bit more patience too when someone else’s emotions are front and center.  If you squint a bit you can see where they are diving deeper on their own stuff.  Give them a mental cheer and a public smile.  It can make all the difference for someone, including you.

Take Action:  Seriously, if someone has emotions bubbling up, don’t say a word just give them a smile or a nod (when smiling may not be appropriate) of empathy.






Wednesday:  The Wanderer

An adventure is at hand, are you ready for it?  You are both the Wanderer and the story teller here.  So where do you want your story to take you?  That’s the question this card and these aspects ask you to answer today.  The Moon is holding hands with the Great Awakener so suddenly you can see how to write fresh direction, new characters, interesting possibilities into how you interpret anything that happens to you past or present.  Because the Moon heads into Pisces you’ll naturally have more compassion and empathy for others but you’re also invited to be sure you are in the mix as well.   The biggest ‘aha’ comes when you remember that your mind is only one fourth of what you have to work with in any situation.  Your intuition (or spirit), your heart and your body have some rich insight to offer as well.  This card says trust your gut more than logic, your mind can fool you.  See where the path takes you when you bring logic to bear only after you decide where you want to go using intuition and heart first.  Then and only then the mind helps you figure out how to get there before you act on it.

Take Action:  Be sure your gut and your heart have first say in what comes next in your story.





Thursday:  Ten of Bows

Whew, chances are you did a great job imagining an interesting new story line yesterday so now today you learn how to refine that story.  The Moon has help from Pluto The Great Transformer and Neptune, the Collective unconscious to help you see where you can begin to plug those new plot twists in your evolved life story in to the world around you.  The catch is you are likely to need a couple of rewrites to really get past old limiting beliefs.  This may take the form of friends, colleagues or family with a push back or concern about changing things up. Or it may just be the inner dialogue.  Whatever form it takes, it’s all good.  Because like any good story, yours gets richer and richer the more attention you give it to fine tune.  So let yourself dig deeper on what matters in what you create next and then add some stretch goals.  This ten is an empowered one and it begs you to dream a little bit bigger.  The Universe loves to meet you half way when you let it.

Take Action:  Choose one thing you thought ‘never happen’ for you and take a bite out of it.  If you never thought you’d get to Broadway and you always wanted to – start by imagining a local stage that you step onto and SHINE.  Start there…






Friday:  Page of Arrows (Reversed)

Today is chock full of astrological aspects to both help and shift you farther along that path to create a much more agreeable and enjoyable story for whatever is happening in your life.  One that isn’t dictated by the wounded part of us that underestimates what we are capable of time and time again.  This Page is the inner critic that loves to point out what you didn’t get, didn’t like, were unhappy with as a way to scare you back into familiar, if uncomfortable, territory.  That’s a very effective damper on risks, the list of things that have already disappointed you.  But this Page is reversed.  What that offers you is a chance to retrain that negative chatter and put it to good use.  The Moon with Mars helps add the push to turn the critic into an editor.  The Sun and Saturn ask you to take it slowly and with practice you can make it perfect.  So turn your eye to what you didn’t like only as far as it helps you know more about what you DO want to have in the story.  Mercury and Jupiter give you an extra push and it won’t be long before the critic actually feels useful when you see how well it carves away what you don’t like to get a more complete picture of what serves you and gets your heart rate up as well.

Take Action:  Editors take several passes if they are good ones so be willing to edit more than once today – remember practice, practice, practice telling a more fulfilling story.





Saturday:  Four of Bows

The Moon is in full force today having help from Venus, Jupiter and Mercury so the payoff for you with this happy four is you can celebrate a much better story emerging than the one you’ve been living with up until now.  Venus is a slightly tense aspect to Mars but that only serves to dial up creativity.  Four always invites or commends you having things on a firm foundation and bows are spirit so today is a good day to toast your progress this week with people near and dear to you.  Thanks to all the Moon energy, I will caution you that grand statements also benefit most from some guideposts for how to take the next step towards making the story come to life.  Take a risk, put you declaration of a fresh start out there in your community and then anchor it with an action item as something to steer to as you envision a richer, fuller life with more of a joyful you in it.  One that takes even the disagreements and conflicts as a way to help you ultimately know yourself and others better rather than being what drives a wedge between people.  When you start to see how conflict can actually strengthen relationships when each person takes responsibility for themselves and then works towards a common shared good, well that’s success indeed.  What a payoff for a a week that has some issues layered in it.  Those too will serve you if you let them.

Take Action:  Re-view one disagreement with an eye towards seeing how different points of view or beliefs can help us expand our worlds if we stop demonizing what is different.





Sunday:  Knight of Bows

Okay this impatient Knight is the bravest of them all and with just one aspect today, the Moon square Mars it says take it a step at a time.  Things are moving faster and they will continue to pick up speed but pace yourself and enjoy all of what is unfolding.  Did you have fun playing with writing a new story this week or did you feel pressure to ‘get it right’.  If you did feel uncomfortable, can you have some patience with change?  After the Capricorn/Pluto Full Moon last week, you’re deep in your transformation and there are big payoffs for consistent effort.  So keep on keeping on and know that there’s fun in every bit of this next piece.  Things are picking up speed and you’ll get there soon enough.  There’s a fiery creative energy to this Knight and he’ll help you get where you’re going.  Play with your story, make it a movie of your life you’d line up to see and then watch over and over again.  Instead of rushing through it, immerse yourself in it and this way you harness all the heat for real gain.

Take Action:   When you find yourself rushing ahead to ‘what’s next’ take a deep breath and give your present moment some real appreciation for all that you have in it that may be much more ‘you’ than ever before.

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