Daily Tarot June 19th-25th New Moon Inspires Fun, Finally

Did you notice that two weeks ago we had a lot of arrows, then last week a lot of cups?  Now this week we have a lot of bows and three sixes.  The theme is pleasure and merriment through shared inspiration.  No matter what is going on around you, this week it’s time to find your tribe and PLAY.  Fun time is mandatory…

Do you actually enjoy your fun time?  That’s an even more important question.  This week there are aspects that can drop you back into some of the emotional or mental storms of the last few weeks, still the choice is yours.  It’s a chance to practice trust in this moment instead of planning how to avoid future pain or protecting yourself from possible threats.  Can you show up for this moment fully plugged in and present?

If that’s not easy for you, then practice.  What a fun reason to have a good time, right?  Bows are Fire and our intuition.  Fire needs fuel to burn brightest and that includes praise, applause, recognition and respect.  Give that to yourself each day.  Trust that whatever your choices are today, they were the perfect choice.  If they didn’t turn out the way you wished, don’t worry, that’s good to know!  Learn and be grateful you understand that piece.

We have Mars and the Sun traveling close together and lots of bows this week so watch out for flying temper.  Old wounds throw long shadows if you aren’t front and center in your own life (this means eyes off other people’s issues and squarely on you).  With this in play, self righteous rage boils up and over into rash actions.  You do much better when you harness the energy to punch through old limits and astound yourself with self transformation.  There’s so much more to be gained getting to know you first – make that a healthy choice.

Then take another risk, have another fun moment, connect with one more person more fully you.  Why not…?



Card of the Week:  The Stag

The key word for this card in the Wildwood Tarot is responsibility.  Now at first glance that may not look much like the right word to pair with the word fun.  However, the truth is that without personal responsibility for what we feel, what we want and how we share that with others the fun can come with a price tag that may be uncomfortable to the degree you’ve been unconcerned with how your choice affects those around you.  This is not to scare or limit how much joy you can kick up, instead it’s to support you so you create moments that feed the soul with true joy.  That comes from a place of using your Strength to serve not just your needs but also to honor the needs of the community around you.  Balance between want and needs, between your needs and another’s is all in the mix to be explored this week.  It’s a journey of discovery where you may not have realized how much FUN you can have with a better understanding of how that knowledge serves both your own good and the world at large’s at the same time.  Win win is a game everyone enjoys playing.  So take a few steps in a new direction with that this week and see how well it fits.  Tailor it where it doesn’t… that’s easy enough to do.






Monday:  Two of Bows

Today’s two is about shared ideas taking root so they can sprout in time.  The Sun is square Chiron with Venus sitting midway between those two.  Patience, grasshopper, patience.  Things grow over time, so as much as the bows crave confirmation that what you do has merit or value, only time will deliver those results.  Don’t worry, it’s not far off to see efforts begin to show.  So be your own cheerleader today, take time to share with one another.  Talk, imagine, plan and then let go.  The focus today is on inspired beginnings.  The opportunity is there to check in on what’s a want versus a need.  Do you know the difference for you?  Spend some time there.  Because once you understand this you can work with other people from a place that helps them clarify the difference for them.  Then you can prioritize choices where everyone feels seen and recognized.

Take Action:  When you feel an urge to do or have something today, check in with yourself and see if you can distinguish wants from needs.  How do you know the difference for you?





Tuesday:  Seven of Vessels

Ah, Chiron square says today is about compassion for old stories that wounded us as much as the original transgression that caused the wound.  Forgive yourself and with this Seven, mourn the place in you that was as unkind in telling that story for so long as the other person was to you,  The great news is that with Venus sextile Neptune and Mercury sextile Uranus for this summer solstice you have inspired conversations both past and present that help set you free from that space.   Any place that didn’t feel like love can be released and set you free to connect and feel your value.  You are worth your emotional time today.  Review what you feared was true and start replacing it with what actually is true.  You are worthy of love and belonging just as you are.  Full stop…

Take Action:  Rewrite your interpretation of one icky story that’s been part of your history with a happy outcome.  See sadness flow into loving acceptance and then further down into joy.






Wednesday:  Six of Arrows

Finally the calm after the storm of the last few weeks (okay maybe months).  This mental six says you’ve come to a place in your mind that feels like smoother sailing. You are in transition to a better understanding of how you can determine what things mean by how you interpret them.  Sixes are always a healing number with effort applied.  The Sun conjunct Mercury says you want to speak that new Truth out loud but with Venus semi-square Mercury it serves you well to be patient and let more of the story reveal itself before you jump to hasty conclusions.  The moon will join Venus and then you can really dig into where the trade off between what you want and where you hedged those wishes with too much or too little importance can best be adjusted.  Today’s solstice gives you the most light to work with here in the Northern hemisphere so let that Sun shine in while you head for calm waters ahead.

Take Action:  By evening tell at least one person (even if it’s you in the mirror) a new understanding about you and your story out loud.






Thursday:  Six of Stones

Two sixes in a row is union and it continues an underlying theme of balance in this week.  With Moon trine Jupiter but square Neptune there is a wash of security needs that may present themselves and what or why it is important may get lost in the uprush.  Your task is to sort through what is a valid need, what is a valid want and where is there an old story that hates to be shoved off center stage?  Where have your wants taken precedence over someone else’s need simply because it was tied to a story that wasn’t true.  Once you can dig into those hidden triggers they no longer have the ability to drive you into actions out of balance with the world around you.  This is the place where you can upend the scarcity mentality when you understand your unconscious motivators.  Spend some time here today, it will pay off enormously.

Take Action:  Tune in to your body and see how it responds when you want something versus when you need something.  There’s a difference and it pays to really know your own physical response.






Friday:  Four of Bows

Finally Friday, yippee!!!  This four says a celebration is in order and boy have you earned it this week.  Today’s aspects have the Moon opposing repressive Saturn and then sextile Uranus to help you break free of the heaviness of those old unloving ways.   Today’s New Moon in Cancer says tenderness is much appreciated but with Moon and Mercury both square Chiron it can touch those places in us that fear we don’t really belong.  That’s one of those lies that Neptune retrograde can reveal.  You belong, you always have.  The question is to find the place in you that knows this and plug it in to the place where it’s seen and met.  This place is real and today you can find it.  Even if it’s a little glimpse through a keyhole.  If that’s the situation then celebrate the spark and help fan it in to a roaring blaze.  Go ahead.  Life’s worth celebrating and so are you.

Take Action:  Imagine one time in your history that you knew you belonged and felt welcome.  Recall all the details about it.  Acknowledge it and know that once you’ve had it you can have it again.






Saturday:  Six of Bows

Sweet the Victory in this six and it’s the third six this week which means play, celebration and fun are in order.  Yesterday’s theme continues.  What was begun yesterday is carried on today.  Venus trine Pluto is one that always helps you get to the pay off for any work you’ve done and with this particular six the pay off is BIG.  With Mars square Jupiter and the Moon triggering the T-square it’s time to see how far you’ve come since February of this year.  Whew…  The moon also trines Neptune and sextiles Uranus so the theme is in unconditional love.  Where can you offer yours without a demand in return and where is it offered free of strings.  Notice that today.  Don’t worry if there are places that aren’t quite so unencumbered.  Those are gardens to tend to in the weeks ahead.  For today, reap the rewards of what you do have – and they are there.

Take Action:  Do a happy dance today.  Doesn’t matter what yours looks like but if you don’t have one, find a song and claim it as your happy dance.  Mine IS actually “Happy” by Pharrell.






Sunday:  Eight of Bows

It’s interesting that the key word for this eight is Hearthfire and Ceres the Goddess of nourishment is in the mix today opposite the Sun.  The key is to bring light to stories you’ve been fed and those you feed yourself that no longer can sustain you.  You simply cannot continue to eat those old beliefs and starve.  The good news is you’ve had too many experiences of better food for thought so you know the difference between what makes you ill and what satisfies you.  So today see and celebrate the progress in you and the world around you.  Don’t worry if there are those around you still reacting from their blindness with rage.  When you own the real Truth and act from this place, it does make a difference.  The Moon square Uranus promises the light goes on, it just may be the realization is a tad shocking to you. But as Mars trines Neptune later this evening you take it all in stride and it feels good.  Each one of us sees, learns and does it differently and helps it shift.  Now that’s a cozy place to draw up to when you need sustenance.

Take Action:  Pick one healthy food you really love and pair it up with a new belief so each time you eat it you remember that what you believe, just like what you eat, feeds the soul.

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