Daily Tarot 9/10-16 – The Wheel Turns & Tests

This week requires you to step up and bring the Magic of You to whatever you do.  The Virgo New Moon Sunday ushers in a cycle of deep change, Karma’s Wheel of Change turns and tests your individuality.  To quote Edward Young, “We are all born originals, why is it so many of us die copies?”  The original you has a command performance this week.  Are you ready?

What you think, what you believe, the words that come out of your mouth have layers and layers of conditioning woven into them.  Yet this week the layers peeled back during this retrograde summer through disagreements, disappointments and straight up obstacles offer you a clearer path to some of your original impulses.  Not all of those impulses are appropriate or even helpful but they are highly informative.  Do they still apply and how have they grown with you?  Interactions pop up like ‘Whack A Moles’ this week to test you on your creation power.

Virgo originally has less to do with sexuality and much more to do with legal ownership.  Women were considered legal property in most parts of the world and it only changed here in the States after women got the vote in 1920.  So Virgin first meant that the women were unowned.  What the individual chose to do in this state was their choice to a greater degree than once they were property of another.  Which is why when an idea stimulates you are free to cook it for a while you can then give birth to something altogether new and unique thanks to your contribution.  No one owns your creative process unless you’ve given it away.

You do that everyday.  Now you get to change it, thoughtfully.  How much of the unique you is triggered or impregnated with fresh possibility this week and then what do you want to help it become.  Connections provide the stimulation, what comes out of that is your unequaled magic.  Only you feel what you do, think what you do, act the way you do.  No matter how layered it’s become, the original impulses are yours.  Include more of your virginal flavor, then choose from actions of a lifetime of of conditioning to bring a more differentiated part of you to whatever you do.

Focus on process and not on results just yet and the magical addition of more you helps turn one plus one into three, much like giving birth to a new world of possibilities, no matter the situation or conversation.  The Cards and the Stars can help.

Thank you,

Lisa Greenfield


P.S.  Due to the Awards Ceremony this week and my full working schedule, the next Tarot Update will be sent 9/23 instead of 9/16.  Thank you for your patience. 


Card of the Week:  The Shaman

This moon cycle highlights the Sun and Moon opposite Neptune, which means the lopsided or unbalanced creativity stands out like flies on a white wall.  Not to shame you, but rather to help effect change with you.  One of the greatest shared fears among people has to do with creativity fear.  An idea that emerges within you is not quite ready to be popped out into the world without a little bit of time in the safe womb of your awareness.  Inspiration requires a gestation period that helps grow eyes, legs, and a nervous system.  The Shaman is here to remind us we are responsible for the life of our innovative contribution.   The Universe provides no end of pregnant stimulation, now how well do you turn the information you receive into something that creates a world where you have an appetite to partake of it.  Each part of the process you use to ‘create’ your world is on upgrade right now if you only do the installation.  Focused attention and deliberate creation rather than reaction or over reaction are the path you want to be on the next few days.  If you find yourself on a detour, don’t waste time beating yourself up, just get back on track.  There’s a banquet of life just for you ahead when you do what needs doing this week.  Do it in your own particular way, you can’t get that wrong…even if your way has mistakes in it.  It’s not the mistake that matters, it’s what you do after you make it that does.









Monday:  The Sun of Life

The light dawns and first it illuminates, but stare directly into it and you damage your vision.  Instead look around you to see all that lights up.  Collaboration is blessed under the influences today both for what is brightest and also where the shadows fall.  Do you and your partner nurture creativity with healthy competition to expand potential or is it destructive ego-driven comparison?  For most of us, it’s likely to fall somewhere between the two extremes.  So let the warmth of the Sun thaw your courage to risk, speak your truth and also listen, really listen to another’s point of view.  Whether you agree or not, see what compliments, extends or adds to the process.  Weed out the stories that choke the space where ideas can take root.  Be brave enough to see ‘what is’ and then add to it more of what feels organic for you.










Tuesday:  The Hooded Man

Today is inventory day on what came to light yesterday.  Keep a close eye on where entitlement and self importance stand between you and real creative flair.  If you spot it in someone else first, chalk it up to ‘good to know’, but realize that you have your own version of it.  Everyone is human.  If you pride yourself on keeping those tendencies in check, the pride may be exactly where you need to look.  The Virgo Sun and Jupiter dance nicely with the Deep Transformation energy of Pluto so it’s possible to have break through surges of optimism and courage to break old limits and beliefs around how far your creations can go.  Being realistic about desires for your contribution to really stand out helps you harness the best of yesterday’s Sun influence and own it without the shadow side of arrogance or ‘ends justifies the means’ activity.  You want to build on this week’s energy, and if it’s rotten at the core with unexamined dark spots, it won’t hold up for the long haul.  Feed the growth potential of you, your work and partnership with some good self reflection the Hooded Man always rewards.  Once you have your own inner light, you can shine it so others can see the way clear as well.









Wednesday:  Seven of Stones, Healing (Reversed)

The Moon represents what we love and therefore fear losing.  It reveals our attachment to people, places, things, stories.  This morning dawns with a tense aspect between the Moon and Mars that insists you pay attention to where you spend your time.  The sum of our life is shown in what we act upon – so this card asks how balanced are you actions between what you must do and what you love to do?  We can have all the wonderful feelings, ideas, wishes and hopes but until you act on them they float about unformed.  Of course when they are a wish you imagine them perfect and the gap between the first actions to make them real and what you picture can discourage the bravest among us.  Today you get added courage from the Great Awakener, Uranus.  The bright light goes on and it’s plain view where you can be one step closer to what you want or you can have your list of reasons for not being any closer.  Instead of the comfort food, find the healthiest option and put that in your body.  It’s your choice, you feed your soul with each step towards a cherished goal or starve it your list of obstacles and reasons why you can’t have it.  The Seven of Stones upside down reminds us that healing is cascade of choices we make.  It’s your life…









Thursday:  The Wheel   

Daily Tarot TruthinHand Aug 1-7th 2016The Wheel rolls on and changes in life are the one constant for everyone.  It’s the great equalizer.  Today prepare to be changed.  Which direction it goes is in your hands to shape.  Nature always corrects, we just don’t live long enough to see all the corrections take place.  Today however you will feel it.  The combination of Stars today can bring deep, lasting change you can feel ripple out for years to come.  But with Mercury opposite Neptune you may not interpret the changes correctly.  Rather than focus on pinpointing the changes, instead show up for your day with a conscious thread between your heart, mind, body and spirit.  Pause before you speak or act if you normally react quickly.  Or trust what rolls out of you unplanned even if you normally prefer to mull over choices before deciding which one is the perfect next step.  Be you today, see how that feels.  Let the emotions come up, then examine the stories you wrap around the feeling.  Try on a new story when the old one pinches.  Like shoe shopping, take a lap in something to see if it feels and looks good to you before you commit.  Surrender control, which is brittle and starts on the outside hoping to work it’s way into the fear at the middle of the impulse.  Swap it out for command, the place that trusts one step at a time with you in charge of how you shape whatever comes your way.  The Wheel rolls on…








Friday:  Five of Arrows, Frustration

Ah, the proverb for today is “being the last man standing doesn’t mean you’ve won when the others simply refuse to fight anymore”.   There are worthy battles and there are habitual battles.  Time to clean mental house on the old arguments.  It can be very productive if you start with the arguments you have with yourself.  The good news is that if you spend a little time on this today by evening you can see progress.  It’s not always such a quick return on investment but the Universe wants you to get this behind you.  So it added a little incentive.  Your results, no matter how small, are encouragement to do it again.  Isn’t it time to trade out the frustration and swap it for a sense of victory that won’t disappear because the same old arguments bring you back to the same old stalemate.











Saturday:  Nine of Stones, Tradition

Usually when this card shows up Saturn plays a role, but today Pluto the Dark Lord of Transformation is on stage.  He’s lovingly reaping the scythe to clear out what stands between you and healthy boundaries.  You are responsible for your Yes and your No in life.  Other people aren’t the villains when they behave selfishly, rudely, greedily in their interactions with you.  They are treating you the way you’ve taught them to treat you.  Ouch, right.  Time to bring out your compassion, first for you then for them because those days of getting away with behaving badly around you are numbered.  Watch for ultimatums, they won’t serve you well no matter how strongly you feel like uttering one.  Instead try to see this as an adventure or quest you are on for honors and recognition won through your trials.  Neptune has us longing for easy companionship, but fear must be routed from the driver’s seat first.  While you may want comfort more than encouragement to forge ahead, too much sympathy keeps you stuck.  Time to face the world bravely and know you are not only capable of facing those boundary discussions, you will win the day just by having them.  Draw on your active listening and offer them as a choice.  If they want to build a healthy connection with you then it requires…. fill in the blank.  Otherwise it is an unhealthy connection and won’t be sustainable.  If you offer the adjustment as a way to stay in relationship to you, it takes you further than when you do it as a threat or with blame.  Don’t be surprised if there’s a little negotiation to keep things as is.  Just one more test of your courage.  Meet it…








Sunday:  Knight of Vessels

Progress, progress, progress.  Knights always signal movement and vessels are emotions, so you get heartfelt progress for your efforts this week.  Well done YOU.  With Venus square the nodes and the Moon square Mercury, you most likely had some uncomfortable ‘aha’ moments where you see where you’ve been your own worst enemy.  More so than those you would like to blame or punish for the past hurts.  It’s done, lesson learned if you want to be finished with it.  The problem with what you saw this week is it takes a lot of effort to bury the view.  A much better choice is to put that effort into continued evolution on the track you started this week, bumps and all.  The Moon and Mercury shed light on where it’s been easier to be superficial with what we feel rather than tackle difficult conversations.  The Magic of the Shaman lines up all the gifts and faults that are you and soothes us with the promise that some disruption is healthy.  Change is the one constant and so this week you learned how to manage change better than you did before.  You’ll have plenty of practice in this life.  So celebrate whatever milestones you’ve made this week and know that you always have command of your internal dialogue.  Swap out the bruising inner monologue as unneeded weight and watch how life unfolds with more ease and grace.







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