Daily Tarot 9/24-30 The Blame Game Bombshell

We close out September with a bang of energy around the Full Moon Monday conjunct Chiron.  The theme of the week is ‘the blame game’.  This week when you point a finger anywhere you have four fingers pointed back at you and more likely to get smacked with a bombshell realization of where you’ve been guilty, too. 

What pops up this week is like a report card based on what you attract into your life.  Nobody is likely to have a perfect scorecard, so retire any notion of that possibility.  But the amount of things you welcome versus the amount of things you aren’t so thrilled to see is an important ration to pay attention to the next few days.

Because our blind spot is what this week’s grade shows you.  The things you create from a wounded or ‘small’ part of you are going to pop up like the ‘whack a moles’.  Blame (like that mole) says something outside of you has to change in order for you to be happy, safe, fulfilled or content.   Count yourself well on your way to a clearer sense of you if you only have few moles of modest size appear.

If you find yourself whacking at every turn, your life view is from behind your wound not in front of it.  The pain of your past is used as a shield to justify playing smaller than you are.  This is not to dismiss or minimize what hurt you.  Not a pleasant energy but certainly in the ‘good to know’ category.  Instead you want to create from the place that remembers you survived, learned and grew from it.  Now you want to direct what you learned to a greater advantage in your life.  Mars and Uranus have just squared off for the third time so this upgrade and change of actions kicked in the beginning of last December and is about to come full circle. 

Not that you are done with the changes, but hopefully your actions matured to the point where you can clearly see the difference between an auto response from the wounded child space when triggered versus a measured action that has your strength and conscious choice as the driver. 

The Cards and the Stars have help for you as you keep an eye out for disturbances that require more thoughtful, mature responses.  Including your response to the mistakes that are all too human in the mix.   Thank you from one human to another…


Lisa Greenfield



Card of the Week:  Two of Vessels (Reversed)

Two of Vessels stands for attraction when it is upright.  Reversed it asks us to consider what it means when we attract in what we don’t want.  All the energy and aspects this week are so you see the unwanted things in your life in a new light.  They are the leftover creations of your wounded self driving the bus.  It’s nothing to be ashamed of but rather a place where you can take the wheel back from the unconscious driver that steers you down streets you don’t want to be on any longer.  When you blame something or someone else, you aren’t at the wheel, your wounded self is and it’s night blind.  Take command back, own your part of where you are now and call on the resources around you to help map your way back to a neighborhood you do want to visit.  Knowing what you don’t want is a good step forward towards knowing what you do.  Don’t stop on the unwanted portion, drive on through to what you do want as you release your ideas of how it’s going to look to have it.










Monday:  The Seer (Full Aries Moon conjunct Chiron)

Today is another ‘full house’ of aspects that I want to distill down to usable bites.  You may feel a bit more tender and vulnerable today which brings out your coping skills for better or worse.  How do you handle these feelings and/or memories of when you suffered in some way because you didn’t have ‘control’.  No matter what parenting style you grew up under, now is the time for you to build on your own style of first comforting yourself when things go wrong and then dusting yourself off and so you can get back out there and try again.  How we interpret anything that happens is a story we tell ourselves.  Actions have consequences, that’s not punishment, it’s simply nature in action.

Notice where your stories have someone or something else as the adversary or problem rather than seeing what happens is often a consequence of actions.  Blame is a power kill.  Difficulties in life serve to show you what matters to you enough to get through them, learn from them.  What does disappointment, delay, failure or rejection teach you about you?  It teaches you whatever story you decide it means.  Take command of the story, take responsibility for your actions and their consequences and invite others to do the same by example.  The Seer has a wisdom born of instinct that is older than the modern world.  Trust everything in your life serves you, now find out how with a new story about what challenges past or present can offer you.








Tuesday:  Nine of Bows (Reversed)

This Nine reversed brings to light the places where we avoid growth by rigid conformance to the status quo.  Today’s aspects with Jupiter and Saturn in tense aspects with Mercury and Chiron is the place where our needs, feelings, trauma demands attention.  How much attention is at issue.  Of course you have to care for your feelings and the actions that come from those feelings, but are other people included in the picture.  It’s too easy today to make individual needs take over interactions without balance.  A hungry infant doesn’t care what the delay is in being fed, it simply screams outrage at the hungry belly.  Your needs may not be quite so obvious but there’s a whack a mole waiting to pop up where you’ve had those traumas driving interactions and choices without your realizing it.

You can respect your needs without belittling or dismissing the needs of others.  Baby steps, but important ones are on deck today towards seeing the consequences of wounded demands.  You may be the one who made them or be on the receiving end.  The goal is the same – get this Nine right side up with respect for all concerned.










Wednesday:  Nine of Vessels, Generosity

Ah, two Nines back to back and just one major aspect today means you collect a reward for co-operation and reap contentment.  The Moon squares off with Pluto the Dark Transformer to set you free from unconscious patterns that no longer serve you.  Sweet Freedom is there for you when you hold your emotions and needs along side of others emotions and needs.  They both matter equally even if the feelings don’t match up evenly.  You don’t benefit from parenting others anymore and you don’t benefit from being parented either.

This isn’t about measuring who’s feelings matter more, who’s actions are better or worse.  It reduces it all to what do you feel and need, then how do you integrate that with what another person feels and needs in a way that suits both the situation and you.  Generosity allows for others to matter as much as you do.  It also insists that you matter as much as another does.  There are no martyrs in this mix.  Instead it’s about a healthy exchange, a satisfying interchange.  Don’t worry if you miss it on the first pass, do better on the next one.  Just do it…










Thursday:  The Green Woman

You will walk an interesting path today that threads between your old actions and the new, your present needs and what you thought you needed.  There is abundance with the Green Woman along with the down side of self-indulgent ability to excuse whatever happens as human nature without any responsibility for the consequences.  Emotional excess, through explosions or implosions as a habitual response to life is on view today.  If you choose to be responsible for both what you feel and what you do with it, then the Green Woman offers an explosion of incredible flow to today’s activities.  Things come together and doors open that you can explore for a good while to come.

Or you can pay the piper for emotional excess – be it your own or the impact from others you put up with in your life.  It is your job to say no thank you when someone wants you to carry the weight of their upheavals without doing their own work.  Shared burdens are a bonding experience.  Dumping overflowing emotions on another with no regard for them is another whack a mole.  Watch what pops up and make adjustments accordingly.  Because the consequences are aligned to what you put out there – healthy or unhealthy is up to you.










Friday:  Four of Bows, Celebration

This four highlights celebration and the astrology says contrast matters when it comes to what you celebrate.  The Moon dances with both Jupiter and Pluto today which dials up your ability to feel and experience whatever happens.  The plus side gives you deep, rich connection with those you care about.  Fears are shared and therefore lessoned, success is witnessed and you are celebrated for your unique contribution.  Or the shadow side has you storming around entitled, demanding recognition and respect when your behavior invites neither of those tributes.  If the people around you don’t celebrate you it’s time to investigate why that happens.

Be open to see the whole picture.  Where you settle for less or where you offer less than your worth.  Fours are always a firm foundation, this one says get clear on where you see and celebrate the best in you and in those around you.  Then check to see you’ve partnered with people of like minds who can see and celebrate others as well as themselves.  This inventory is powerfully active today and when done honestly, with compassion, can leave you in a great position to build more moments of real celebration ahead.










Saturday:  Ten of Stones, Home

This ten is an empowered one, perfect reward for a week of ‘adulting’ you just accomplished.  There is a Grand Trine that is like plugging into a major power grid between the Sun, Moon and Mars.  This trio helps your inner world show up in your outer world more complete and solid.  Your words, your deeds, your feelings and the results of those are on display and you clearly witness what you have created.  Don’t worry if it isn’t perfect.  You have everything you require to make ‘home improvements’ after this week’s inventory and report card.  Don’t get sidetracked with ego driven perfectionism this evening after the progress you made this week.

Switch your gaze back to a healthier you in the driver’s seat rather than a trigger happy wounded child in you creating difficulties that don’t feel good or get you where you want to be.  Give yourself some praise and recognition for where you’ve taken back some of your shadow.  Know that once you do it, you know how to do it again.  Practice it every chance you get.










Sunday:  Eight of Stones, Skill

We pick up Sunday morning where we left off yesterday with practice, practice, practice.  It’s oh so tempting to believe that once you turn a corner you are done with that problem and can safely leave it behind.  While that is sometimes true, the deep themes of this week require more than an ‘aha’ moment.  That means the situations will show up again in various, smaller form to give you the chance to practice what you learned.  Pluto, which has been retrograde since April 22nd this year, goes direct today in Capricorn.  Now we move ahead covering the territory we covered twice already to be sure you finish your transformation.  Pluto sits in the Gate of Truth, so first and foremost you have to see the whole Truth about whatever happens, not just the view you prefer.

Most likely you’ve had responsibility you didn’t want or know you had reveal itself.  This isn’t punishment, it’s power.  If you aren’t willing to own your part in whatever happens you stay a victim in life.  This doesn’t mean you had control of bad things you didn’t want.  It does mean what you do with those memories is entirely up to you.  Use them as excuse to abuse another, you are responsible.  Use them as a tool to find your own inner compassion and strength, you are responsible.  Take a good look at your life through that lens and a wealth of possibilities beckons you.  After all, Plutocracy is government of the rich.  When you own your power, you are rich no matter what circumstances you find yourself in, right?  Here’s to wealth of the very best kind as you head through the third and final pass of Pluto.  It doesn’t have to be perfect, just perfectly you.  Practice…










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