Daily Tarot 7/25-31 Shock Planet Goes Retrograde – Lightning Bolts

Another Day, another card to help you create – with a mix of Astrology and Hand Analysis thrown in, how can you resist a little more help telling the rich story of you?  We have a Full Moon in Capricorn this week and it’s in the Vedic Constellation of latter victory.  One that is hard won, worked for rather than handed to you.  You’ve got that coming this week… And you’ve earned it!

Please do keep in mind the cards don’t decide anything for you, they draw on ancient symbols and wisdom to give you insight for better decisions!

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Card of the Week:  Four of Bows

Four Bows

This four is the marriage of head and heart, action and intention and represents the ‘home’ within you that is always there to give you shelter.  This week look around you and notice where you are most at home.  No matter how crazy the world around you, you are always and forever the master of your inner world.  This card says be mindful of what’s right for you and share it with those you love.  Uranus goes retrograde this week bringing lightning bolts of insight to break free of anything that doesn’t suit you so you can make sure that what you have is what makes you feel ‘home’.  Watch for shattering limitations and restrictions.  Shocking, but in some cases long awaited.  Freedom is at hand and it’s inside of you!






Day One – The Sun

Sun Bordered

The most positive card in the deck starts off the week with a bang.  Challenges will be overcome, new light dawns on sticky problems and solutions are at hand.  Be careful with all the fire in the Sun not to let force be the way you win.  Ego can overbalance your achievement and burn those around you.  How generous can you be when you know you have the winning solution?  There is an outcome that benefits you and those around you.  Take the time to find that solution and be gracious in your success!


Take Action:  Remember that gracious victory can cement future opportunities.  Be a good winner today!



Day Two – The Shaman


Ah, my favorite card in the deck.  Because I don’t care what the situation looks like, with the Shaman’s help you can turn lead into gold.  Think of the magic in nature.  All the things that come together to make a perfect strawberry or a sunset are working with you to help bring about the perfect solution to anything today.  Be open to the all the resources around you and be patient with timing as the alchemy can turn little victories into bigger ones or disasters into opportunities.

Take Action:  Pick one situation you’d like to transform and ask the Universe to show you some magic around it.  Then trust your intuition, play your part and watch it change before your eyes!




Day Three – Knight of Vessels

Knight of VesselsA shift your heart wants is yours today!  This lucky Knight brings an invitation or proposal to connect you with something you desire.  It helps to spend a little time not on the ‘actions’ you are looking for but what those actions mean to you.  If you’ve wanted an invitation, typically what you want is love and belonging, creative acknowledgment or heartfelt connection.  When you are clear on what you wish to feel this trusty knight can deliver the good news!


Take Action:  Pick one thing you’ve really wanted to happen and spend five minutes digging deeper on the meaning it has for you.  You may be surprised at your motivations and the clarity helps bring about the answers for you!




Day Four – Knight of Arrows

Knight of Arrows

Ah, there is movement this week and the second Knight in a row confirms it!  This one is the swiftest of riders and can travel far to deliver you the big picture on what is unfolding.  Don’t rush to judgment is the caution today.  Be bold and brave, take in all the new information this week has already served up for you and let it show you what needs to go a different path.  This Knight can herald a separation, and the arrows represent our minds.  So mentally you are ready to make a break and this is where the courage comes in.  Just don’t be too quick to throw the baby out with the bathwater.  Let all the information present itself and pace yourself.

Take Action:  Even if you decide what is to be left behind, give yourself 24 hours before you act on it.  Let all the insight have a turn…



Day Five –  Page of Vessels

Page of Vessels

Okay we’ve moved from the Knights to the pages.  These cards are the inner action that usually precedes the outer action.  With it backwards, we have the Uranus retrograde in play.  It’s after we do something that there are real gems to be harvested on how we feel about it!  This page says you have a happy surprise coming, one that feels good.  It also means you want to be good to yourself right now.

Take Action:  Take good care of yourself today and enjoy some of your favorite things – food, film, friends.  What you are drawn to is important to have today!




Day Six –  Page of Arrows

Page of arrowsWhew, we have two Knights followed by their corresponding Pages.  This is an unexpected breakthrough, right in line with the Uranus retrograde.  Today you want to be aware the inner critic could rear it’s sharp tongue.  Best to remember that what you don’t like, don’t want, didn’t get is merely your starting point NOT your stopping point.  So let what you don’t like help clarify more of what you do like, want and have!  Be aware there is a defensiveness that can come with this card because you can hear criticism where it’s not being said.  So let the kindness of yesterday carry over into today and practice being aware that the critic only wants to protect you from the risk of the unknown.  You’ve got this, really.

Take Action:  Whatever you come up with that doesn’t agree with you today, let yourself find three things from that ‘no’ that help get you closer to your YES.




Day Seven –  The World Tree

WorldAhhhhh, pay off!!  This card shows that your insights and efforts this week are opening up whole new worlds of possibility for you!  Congratulations.  Trust what you know, what you are creating and who you are connected with are bringing about a bigger, richer world for you to live in today.  Sweet!!

Take Action:  Make a mental list of the ground you’ve covered this week and be open to letting the progress you’ve made astonish you.  Congratulations!!



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