Daily Tarot August 1-7th, The Wheel Of Fortune Turns This New Moon

Another Day, another card to help you create – with a mix of Astrology and Hand Analysis thrown in, isn’t it tempting to have more help to expand the rich story of you?  There’s plenty of planetary shifts but they are more background than foreground this week.  Instead the cards point to your actions helping anchor the shifts that have been happening.

Please do keep in mind the cards don’t decide anything for you, they draw on ancient symbols and wisdom to give you insight for better decisions!

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Card of the Week:  The Wheel


The Wheel is the turn of fate that brings you ups and downs.  It brings good fortune and it meets out justice that can be mystifying at times.  After all, we see wrong doers get away with things all the time, right?  However this card says that where you have invested in your growth, your expansion, and taken risks you will see progress and rewards!  Where you are being brought up short is not punishment, think of it like a correction that keeps you in the lane that takes you where you ultimately wish to arrive.  Trust good fortune is arriving and look for it.  With the Karma card at play it may be dressed in clothes you don’t recognize!  Keep your eyes open know the Universe is on your side…






Day One – Ten of Bows

10 of bows


This ten says suit up today for those stretch goals.  When you aim high you may not make it all the way in one day but you get a lot closer today!  Bows are spirit and intuition so the leap of faith is the biggest step for you this Monday.  This is the Minor Arcana version of the Christopher Columbus story for me.  Everyone’s going left, you decide to go right and it’s quite a journey.  Don’t judge yourself if it’s not India you discover today.  It’s likely to be bigger than the shortcut to the spice trail ever was.  Trust yourself, trust your efforts and go for it!  Today it’s about building your confidence in YOU first and foremost.  The rest will come…

Take Action:  Put your money where your mouth is today. If you’ve said it, now back it up with action and watch what happens!





Day Two – Page of Vessels

Page of VesselsThis page says you have a happy surprise coming, one that feels good.  It also means you want to be good to yourself right now for today’s New Moon in Leo.   The pages are the internal conditions shifting ahead of outer actions.  This one asks you to take a closer look at your emotions with a goal of understanding yourself better.  Be responsible for what you feel and what you want rather than expecting someone else to watch out for your long emotional toes.  This way your internal weather is always at your command rather than at the mercy of the outside storms and you can shine brightly for all to see and enjoy – most of all enjoy yourself!

Take Action:   Be kind to you, give yourself quality time and attention you may have wished from another and you may be pleasantly surprised if they join the party.  PLAY TODAY… whatever that looks like for you.






Day Three – Knight of Bows

Knight of BowsThis is the boldest of Knights and one of the fastest to act.  Pause long enough to realize what those actions mean to you.  Before you rush in, check your ego today.  You have reasons to be proud of yourself and what you are doing.  Absolutely give yourself credit for that.  When you take time to acknowledge yourself the energy shifts and there is less of a feeling of demand in your action and more inspired leadership.  Watch tempers by nightfall.  People who challenge your point of view could get more than they bargain for, but remember, differences serve a purpose and disagreement can help enlarge your view of things.  Agree to disagree but the wiser person learns to listen to opposing points of view.

Take Action:  Pausing does not mean stop.  Just take three deep breaths before you do anything impulsive today.  Or if you slip, catch yourself in the middle of it and take a breath there!




Day Four – Eight of Stones

8 Stones copyOh today is an educational day my friend.  That means you make some good progress but the work comes in around giving yourself credit for it in spite of the flaws or mistakes.  You are learning and perfection is not possible nor desirable to growth.  Come evening time, trust if you are confronted with a picture of your efforts that are less than optimal.   The critic is what needs improvement, not your work!  What you are doing is perfect, even if it doesn’t feel that way.  What you put out there always comes back to you so if you find others criticizing your work, notice where the feedback helps and where it hurts.  Then remember Brene Brown, it’s the man in the arena that counts.  If the critics around you aren’t risking themselves the way you are, they just don’t have the same weight of importance to what they say.  It’s brave to create or love and put it out there.   Well done YOU!

Take Action:  Get into a dialogue with your inner critic and take the mean out of your mind. 





Day Five –  Five of Bows

Five of BowsOh today is a good day to see how far you’ve come this week, yippee!!  There is some collaboration, excitement and yes a few challenges as well but small ones.  Like a chick pecking it’s way out of a shell or a butterfly emerging from a cocoon, you can see you are getting somewhere for your efforts and it’s a whole new world!!  You have faced adversaries (including the one in your head) and know you are more than a match for the doubts that crowd in around you.   Rise and meet the day knowing you get progress and results today that will have you feeling good, good, good about yourself.   Don’t worry about the doubts you have concerning others being involved.  It’s a good thing… they are there to help you learn, even if it’s through some resistance.

Take Action:   Create order out of what looks like chaos today.  You will prevail so be gracious…






Day Six –  Page of Stones

Page of StonesOkay this is the third page or knight this week which follows on yesterday’s card where there is resistance out there and it can feel irritating.  Know this, that without wind resistance planes can’t fly.  The object of yours is to get you aloft!  When people don’t see what you see or feel as you feel it is merely a chance to check out how committed you are to your own path and what you can learn from their push back. That’s the way to use whatever happens today to get you airborne.  This page says there is OPPORTUNITY here, big opportunity.  So maintain clarity and focus while staying open to collaborating – which means taking in other points of view.  Shift is the watchword with Mercury square Saturn.  Limitations are just an invitation to explore new options.

Take Action:  Whatever you come up against that doesn’t agree with you today, find three things from that ‘no’ that help get you closer to your YES.




Day Seven –  The Ten of Arrows

10 ArrowsOkay this card in most traditional decks is the baddie.  It’s plans that don’t turn out, failures, disappointments and things ending.  However in this deck it takes on the additional meaning of instruction.  What I like about this for today is the astrological aspects are cooking and lighting up where delays, disagreements and disintegration can actually BENEFIT you.  It may not feel like it in the moment but what are you being called on to let go of so that you can have more than what you’ve settled for?   Don’t think you need to resolve this today on how to turn it around.  Instead dig deeper on what isn’t working and let these emotions take you step by step to a greater realization of what you want to create going forward.    In this case maybe it’s the old beliefs that it won’t work out for you or that it happens for others, but not for you that need to be ditched!

Take Action:  Write out one disappointment that is eating at you today and burn it (safely of course).  As you watch it disappear, know that things can work out for you – if you are open to them looking like you didn’t expect!







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