Daily Tarot 7/18-24 – Full Moon Spells Victory

Another Day, another card to help you create – with a mix of Astrology and Hand Analysis thrown in, how can you resist a little more help telling the rich story of you?  We have a Full Moon in Capricorn this week and it’s in the Vedic Constellation of latter victory.  One that is hard won, worked for rather than handed to you.  You’ve got that coming this week… And you’ve earned it!


Please do keep in mind the cards don’t decide anything for you, they draw on ancient symbols and wisdom to give you insight for better decisions!


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The Card of the Week helps you add edges and connect all the daily cards so you can build a clearer picture of what it means for you.

Card of the Week – 

The Journey



This card can rattle a few cages because it’s traditional name is Death.  But rarely if ever does it mean a physical death.  Instead it is about endings and letting go and the fears that come with it.  We latch on to the familiar and keep it long past the point where it serves us and this card says find your rituals and use them to let go of what’s time is done.  Something ends this week, or you finally understand something that ended recently.   Since last December we’ve been restructuring on a deep level, what we do to survive and what we survive for.  It’s time for us to put those shifts into action and help anchor the new in our bodies when we do.  So this week you can find ways to say goodbye to the old and do whatever feels right around your feelings – celebrate or mourn.  It’s adding struggle you don’t need for the new to climb over the debris of the old.  So clear it out and make space for what’s coming in to land.




Day One – 
 Five of Bows

Five of Bows

This five is one that I’ve always equated with a chick pecking its way out of a shell or the butterfly struggling to free themselves from the cocoon.  There may be difficulties in the beginning but ones that serve you in breaking free of limits and getting to the bigger world that’s waiting for you.  There is power, excitement, forward movement and energy in today for you.  Any difficulties you get served up will only show you how strong you are and how far you’ve come.  You will prevail!  Be creative, let inspiration kick you into new arenas and collaborative conversations.

Take Action:  Let all the options be a dance today.  Circle with some, separate from others, shake your booty and have fun with it all.  Inspired possibility can be a blast!





Day Two – Ace of Bows

Ace BowsWhoosh, there is a new beginning sparked today.  On the heels of yesterday showing you what you are capable of, this Ace sees the fire in you leap in a new direction.  Be sure that the sparks are fed with praise and recognition for your courage, then contain the fire before you head off on a path you may not have considered before today.  It may have been blocked by old limitations and fears that just don’t have the same power they once had.  You can trust yourself, your inspiration now all that’s required is fresh eyes and good collaboration.  Your instincts will guide you.


Take Action:  Talk to at least one person today about a new idea you’ve had.  Get that conversation started… you may have to try a couple of people but you are worth your time because today will pay off!




Day Three – Eight of Arrows

8 of ArrowsThis eight is the loop in our mind we get stuck in, circling.  It’s the ‘would of, should of, could of’ loop.  You are only as stuck as you believe you are my friend!  After the powerful start to the week this card shows us how the protection mechanism in our minds can be your enemy more than your friend.  Most of what we think is true is not the whole picture.  Remember the wise saying, “Whether you believe you can or you believe you can’t, you’re right”.  How you handle those fears in your mind are the biggest lesson today.  Are they going to take down your energy and enthusiasm or are you going to manage the negative mind chatter and work through fear and doubt.  It’s mind wrangling time because what you put out there comes back to you confirming your point of view.

Take Action:  Choose, do you believe you can – or do you believe you can’t?  If it’s the latter, go find a trusted friend and talk your way through to a different thought!  They are both true – it’s which one you choose.





Day Four – Ace of Stones

Ace Stones BorderedCongratulations!  This Ace says that you’ve moved through your fears (don’t worry about how well) to arrive here, today making things happen. Stones are the physical realm and Aces are new beginnings so look for some of the promise early this week to start taking shape today.  Calls come in, first steps are planned, connections are solidified, real change is happening.  Baby steps perhaps, but steps they are!  This is the second Ace this week so that means union – it’s a coming together, like one plus one equals three just like when a baby is created.  These small steps are giving birth to a promising new beginning.

Take Action:  Where is there a step you can take to make the spark of an idea you’ve been holding make the leap to a solid container.  Whatever your instinct is, start there!






Day Five –  Knight of Stones

Knight StonesThis Knight helps maintain yesterday’s momentum and carries you forward so you don’t give up.  New beginnings require patient, persistent steps in the direction you wish to go.  This knight is the slowest moving so trust the progress even if it’s slower than you wish or if it pauses on the way.  There is strength with this Knight saying you’ve got the muscle and the will to win the long race.  So relax about the pacing of it all, fine tune the details along the way and keep on going!  There’s power in the details today, step back and see how many details are adding up in your favor.  You’ve got momentum building!

Take Action:   Take five minutes and add up all the things that went right this week so far.  You may be pleasantly surprised!





Day Six – Queen of Vessels

Queen of VesselsThis Queen is the good fortune and happiness Queen – yippee!  But her promise comes with a caution – your emotions are your own responsibility.  They are powerful magnets to attract in more of what you want and some of what you don’t want can come your way along with it.  Sort through the incoming tidal wave and use intuitive wisdom to say yes to what’s right for you and no to what isn’t.  That comes with the territory of being able to draw in new options and connections.  Real maturity makes the most of the good fortune flowing your way so you can enjoy your happiness, share it with those around you and not be depleted or resentful.

Take Action:  This is the card says be generous but also be discrete.  Give wisely today to someone who richly deserves to share your good fortune.





Day Seven –  Knight of Arrows

Knight of ArrowsThis swiftest of Knights brings news of separating paths.  Be careful about rushing to judgment or making a decision too quickly today.  Notice where your opinions take you as the information comes in, because they reveal old mindsets that may be what’s meant to be left behind!  Swift thoughts can fly but you are best served waiting to act on what comes to your attention today.  Thinking is required, clarity is required, awareness is required.  Your first and even second take on the information may still wind up being adjusted as more insight shows up.  Take it all in, know that it’s flowing fast and furious for a reason.  Trust timing and be willing to let go of old resentments.  This Knight is brave and can be the hero if you don’t rush to judgment!

Take Action:  Suspend acting on anything today until you’ve given it at least three passes.  Run it by a trusted friend who can help you see with fresh eyes.  There’s a lot to consider before you act! Then be brave and it will serve you…






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