Daily Tarot July 11th-17th – Unexpected Developments & Choices

Ready for a look at the week ahead?  What’s in the ‘cards’ for you this week, let’s find out! We have all three of the heavy hitting outer planets in the mix so it could be a real breakthrough week for you.


I decided to try a new format for how I deliver this to you.  You get to enjoy me talking you through the week in video.  See if it adds some additional information for you.
Please do remember, the cards don’t decide anything for you, they draw on ancient symbols and wisdom to give you insight for better decisions!
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The Card of the Week gives an overall theme to help kick in extra layers of meaning around the card of the day.  Pair it up with the card each day to help build a bigger story.

Card of the Week – 

Four of Vessels

Four Corners of Your Heart
Four Corners of Your Heart

This week whatever happens is in service of you knowing more about what you truly want and what you will do to achieve it.

Where do your actions line up with your words, your words express what you feel and your feelings make you feel engaged with the world around you?

For this week, I”m suspending the Take Action section.  I want you to decide what and where you are going to act on the information you receive.  You steer the ship… Do feel free to share what you do!








Day One – 
Eight of Stones

8 Stones


You’ve got tangible evidence of what you are putting out there coming back to you.  What does it tell you about what you are doing?  Do you like the feedback or not so much?  Make adjustments as needed, acknowledge what you’re doing right.  Keep going… you are doing better than you know.







Day Two – 
Eight of Vessels

8 of Vessels


This is the second Eight in a row and signals a development you didn’t expect.  With the Vessels being involved your heart is ready to let go of what was in order to get something more.  Astrology is right there with it and pay attention to your dreams.  They have good information for you, especially now.  You are ready for what’s happening!








Day Three – 
Three of Vessels

Three of Vessels


Hello celebration!!  This three has to do with fun with friends, shared heartfelt communication making things better.  There’s not much about this card that isn’t a good thing.  Unless hangovers then next day count.  Let the joy overflow… talk with a friend today, share the good mood!







Day Four – 

Three of Stones

3 Stones


I love this card!  Rock solid with roots – your creative communication brings real results.  But with this being the second of two threes there will be a choice to make about the unexpected development ushered in by the two eights in a row.  Nothing like a second option to define another option.  You have to choose between two things.  You’ve got this, make the choice that brings you the greatest joy and excitement.  Hands down, that will take you where you are meant to go.







Day Five – 
King of Vessels

King of Vessels


Ah, the Magician of the minor arcana, this King says when you bring clear sight to deeply held beliefs you can take the worst situations and turn led into gold.  You can have an impact, you are meant to have an impact.  I don’t care how difficult something looks, if you care about it, don’t give up and watch it turn around quickly.  You can do this…







Day Six – 
Queen of Bows

Queen of BowsThis Queen has it all, both work and personal dialed in and is the mirror to the King of Cups.  Where can you balance the masculine and feminine to really make a difference.  Remember the feminine receives input before acting and uses it to inform the best course to take.  Be strategic today, look before leaping…  It will serve you very well indeed.








Day Seven – 

Knight of Bows

Knight of Bows

This Knight is the impatient one, beaten only by the Knight of Swords at rushing in bravely.  However there is real intuitive help here for you.  This is also the Knight of travel and can mean you will be taking a trip for work.  With all that has been cooking this week, this card shows you that you have the courage and the momentum to take action that expands your world, opens new doors and takes you in unexpected directions.  Fasten your seatbelts, now that Mars is direct there is action required that builds on what you’ve learned since April.  Where are you heading, hmmm?  Trust yourself and GO!




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