Daily Tarot 6/20 to 26 – Soul Searching Before Action

Another Day, another card to help you create – with a mix of Astrology and Hand Analysis thrown in, how can you resist a little more help telling the rich story of you?

Please do keep in mind the cards don’t decide anything for you, they draw on ancient symbols and wisdom to give you insight for better decisions!

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The Card of the Week gives an overall theme to help kick in extra layers of meaning around the card of the day.  When you layer this card’s meaning with the card each day it helps bring greater understanding of what’s unfolding so you can shape with it more of what you want!

Card of the Week-Three of Stones

This is one of my favorite cards, because it stands for creativity in action with tangible rewards.  But wait, what you receive is often a surprise because Mercury who rules the number three is a trickster!  When you connect inspiration with action you will see what comes out of it – there will be proof of your power to make things happen.  This three almost always points to successful recognition of this power.  You get rewarded for tuning into the senses, timing things well, persistently, consistently moving ahead.  This is not the hare but more like the tortoise on caffeine.  Sweet recognition is here for you this week for where you have contributed.  It’s also the reminder that when you do create consistently the seeds you sow begin to bear fruit and seed even more possibilities.  Look for the good you’ve done to come back to you second and third generation even.


Day One – 
Ten of Stones

Ten StonesHome, oh blessedly safe home.  The place of security and familiarity waits for you to drop in and take your shoes off, your masks off and sink into just being.  Today offers you a chance to bring the feeling of that safe place out with you as you venture into the world.  Chaos may appear to rule in the world but within you is a quiet space of absolutely safety and peace.  You have the option to go there whenever you need, wherever you are.  It requires practice and yields riches beyond measure for those who do.  Whether your home reflects that reality now or not, you have the option to create your own and use it as a refuge when the world is harsh.  Ten is an empowered one, which means you have influence far beyond what you see.   Do you see the evidence of that?  Use those moments, memories to help decorate the safe space of home.

Take Action: 

Where are you impacting your world?  Stop a moment and count the number of people who count on you for something.  Today notice where you may be someone’s safe place and let that add to the furnishings of your heart’s home.



Day Two – 
The Stag

StagNot to fear monger but this card says that Mother Nature has the last word today.  Where balance needs to be restored, it inevitably will be.  Correction is the theme today.  What has been neglected will come forward with haste and speed or what has been egotistically taking center stage for too long will find itself on the back burner somehow.  Correction is a natural part of any cycle and interfering with correction can only create more backlash if it is not done with respect for what needs balancing.  When we get saved from consequences too often, or if the are put off too long the intensity gets dialed up.  Prepare for that today and use the safe space of home you visited yesterday to keep you calm as the Universe speaks the last word.

Take Action:  

Wherever correction takes place today, notice where and what you can do to move forward in a more centered state.  It may half way across the globe, or in your front yard – how you react is up to you.  Find home…




Day Three – 
Five of Bows

Five of BowsThis hearty five speaks to conflict in the beginning of things.  Sometimes a little opposition is all that is needed to get the juices flowing.  I always use the metaphor of the chick pecking its way out of the shell or a butterfly fighting its way out of the cocoon.  Effort expended means possibilities expanded.  Don’t charge in blindly but do proceed.  It’s in overcoming obstacles that you realize how strong you are.  It’s not about success or failure of what you are doing, it’s a success just to test yourself against your fears without letting them stop you!  So don’t worry about exerting your will on others, instead feel your will and practice applying it wisely and well.  Like a day at the gym, you will feel pleasantly exhausted and muscled up rather than beaten down.

Take Action:  Today is an action day!  Tackle one fear you have and face it.  Don’t worry about how it turns out, call a friend for support, practice mirror pep talking, do whatever it takes but test yourself today! 


Day Four – 

The Ancestor

AncestorToday the cards and astrology really tie together.  This Venus cycle has been so challenging, with death and disaster showing us what is important to us and where we have failed to connect with our worlds in a way that offers everyone meaning.  Today it’s about understanding how what has gone before and what we can do to improve on it comes together in a fresh way.  Use today’s access to start getting in touch with what’s really important to you, what do you love?  Venus isn’t about security – it’s about what makes us feel in harmony with those around us.  What can you create going forward?  There is rich information for you, the invitation is to use it.  Use the

Take Action:  

Personally or professionally, today is the day to start a new cycle of bringing harmony to what you wish to be and what already is. Play with it, use yesterday’s will power exercise to help you move into a fresh start with confidence! 




Day Five –Queen of Arrows

Queen ArrowsThis Queen is one of wisdom and words but the caution here is to use those words wisely.  She can have a cutting tongue that separates her from those she loves, no matter how correct her observations may be.  Or on the flip side, where can you use the intuitive clarity of this card to cut you free of attachments that no longer serve you.  You began a new cycle this week, so there is often some sorrow with the loss of what went before.  Make room for that today.  It’s been a big week, give yourself some time to feel what you are moving beyond so that you can also enjoy what you are moving into more when you finish grieving.  Children go off to college, partnerships dissolve, relationships change and your mind makes a story of it.  Be aware of this card’s tendency to be pessimistic so watch for that today.  Letting yourself feel sad is fine, justifying it with a mean story so you have ‘permission’ to be sad is not.  With any ending there is a new beginning.  Feel it all and be mindful of the meaning you give each part of it.

Take Action: 

 Tell the story about what you feel today and then go back and edit it, three times!  Each time tell a kinder, richer, sweeter version of what you see.  How far can you go with it?



Day Six – 
Ten of Bows

10 of bowsThis is the second ten this week which has to do with a unexpected luck which may be connected with a change of job.  One to the tenth degree is like a mini super hero cape today.  Put on this little super hero magic and let it shine light a burst of light in a dark room.  Today challenges you to be responsible for saving at least a little corner of your world.  You will know what corner – just like Superman, you suddenly have to rush to transform and step into the rescue mode today.  Usually I’m talking you out of over doing and rescuing.  But today, it’s appropriate.  So keep your Spidey senses tuned in and wait for your moment to shine.

Take Action:  

Where you see or feel the need, step in and lend a real helping hand today.  Maybe it’s for you… you’ll know when it shows up!




Day Seven – 

Page of Bows

Page of BowsWow, we build on yesterdays ten of bows with the Page today, which means moving up or an opportunity to advance.  Somebody was watching your super moves yesterday and like what they saw!  Life itself rewards skill applied with forward progress.  So believe in what you are doing, in how you are doing it and go for more!  Engage with the whole process rather than watching it take place.  This card says let yourself be inspired and that will inspire others!  Fire spreads and soon it can light up more paths that require exploring.  Have fun with this today, you’ve earned it!

Take Action:  Give yourself some praise, applause, recognition and respect today.  It’s been a bumpy week and you earned it!  Well done YOU!

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