Daily Tarot 6/13-19 Neptune Retrograde and I Told You So…

Another Day, another card to help you create – with a mix of Astrology and Hand Analysis thrown in, how can you resist a little more help telling the rich story of you?

Please do keep in mind the cards don’t decide anything for you, they draw on ancient symbols and wisdom to give you insight for better decisions!

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The Card of the Week gives an overall theme to help kick in extra layers of meaning around the card of the day.  Use it as a pair of night vision goggles to help clarify what’s been out of focus or shadowed.

Card of the Week -The Green Woman

Green WomanThe key words when this woman appears are abundance and fertility!  While things have been slowed down or at a standstill for some these past weeks, this card heralds the blooming of the garden.  Things you’ve been working towards and longing for will see flower and fruit appear this week!  Yessssssss, did I hear a sigh of relief?  Indeed.  The focus with this card is to remember how rich and diverse all your choices are in how to think, feel, believe about yourself and anything you are doing. When the obvious solution is apparent, enjoy what is there.  Others will bloom in their own time.  You can’t push the river nor pull open the bloom.  So let the it unfold in natural time.  We are entering a period where our illusions can become Truth if you let them take their own course.  If insist on pushing a particular agenda, you are liable to suffer from ‘I told you so’ syndrome.  It won’t turn out how you think, so let go and let it become bigger, more, lush.  It truly can – if you approach it with open hands replacing expectations with a more empowered place of intention!




Day One – Ace of Arrows

Ace of ArrowsThis Ace asks you to cut away the unnecessary deadwood in your mind.  Time for some pruning of the rose bushes.  For those who aren’t gardeners let me explain.  When you roses get trimmed back to their core, almost to a single stem standing tall like the number one this Ace stands for, a remarkable thing happens.  Over the next few weeks all the sap and effort of supporting those old branches gets channeled into new growth and the result is an explosion of rosebuds.  It’s the same with our minds.  Take all the old pathways you’ve sent those thoughts scurrying down and trim back the ones that haven’t created something that blooms.  From there you can build out new possibility paths in your mind – you may be astonished at all the blossoms waiting to unfurl when you cut back the dead wood!

Take Action: 

 Visualize taking a pair of shears to those old ideas that don’t feel good anymore.  But don’t cut them off until you picture the trimmed branches putting forth an explosion of flowers.  What color are they going to be?  Do share… colors mean more than you realize!



Day Two – 
Queen of Bows

Queen of BowsThis Queen is one of my favorites!  She embodies the principle of both home and work life balanced and inspired.  This is the receptive feminine power at it’s highest expression and in Fire which is both masculine and feminine so it asks you to be still long enough to wait for the invitation to act, join, create.  When you are invited you are most powerful in creating something that will delight you, surprise you and entertain you.  Doesn’t that sound good when it covers both business and love?  Fire requires fuel which is why being asked for your help, advice, wisdom, knowledge, or perspective is important.  It means they see you, appreciate you and that is what makes you shine brightest.  So be prepared for a day where you get to see how much influence you have in all kinds of places and ways.

Take Action:  

Rather than acting quickly today, which you are good at doing, give yourself several points where you stop, take three slow breaths and let the places and people who are reaching for you help you decide where to invest your attention.  Mindfulness today pays huge dividends!



Day Three – 
Three of Bows

3 Bows Bordered

Threes are about communication, so intuitive conversations and signs are something fun that can be strewn throughout your day.  Mercury, the God of Communication in Greek Mythology, connected the inspired idea with action and as such was the messenger of the Gods.  He helped turn inspiration into actuality.  What inspired idea can you act on today to make it happen.  Watch for the spark, trust yourself and then act on it and watch for the satisfaction of wishes fulfilled by YOU!

Take Action: 

  Choose one thing that lights you up and look around you for resources, shared enthusiasm and with that help, mix it up and make something good happen today!  Play with it and have some creative fun!





Day Four – 

Four of Vessels

4 of VesselsFours want you to put things on a firm foundation my friend.  You can’t attract what you don’t know you want.  If you spend a little time going over what you don’t want, didn’t like and didn’t get – that can often help you flesh out what you do want, what you can have with a little specificity.  When you have a clearer picture the Universe has an easier time lining up options for you to choose from.  When you double a four you get the eight of infinity.  It’s the promise that when you add the four corners of what you love to either actions or inspired thought you get endless abundance flowing to you.  But first you have to get grounded on what that might be.  Today is best served for that purpose.  If you find yourself disappointed or falling short of what you wish for, let the feeling help dial up your understanding of what you do want!

Take Action:  

 Take a moment and pick something disappointing and then list three things on the opposite side of that.  What does wish fulfillment look like for that situation.  Go ahead, dream big, what have you got to lose.




Day Five – 
Forest Lovers

Forest LoversAh… this card is a reminder to be gentle with yourself today.  Consideration is the watch word here because you have choices to make!  A healthy blend of the receptive and the active is a great goal today.  Where you catch yourself out of balance doing too much of taking on too much of others emotions, just notice.  It’s a good day to recalibrate and let your body help you find a more neutral path to navigate the day.  If you find you have too many choices or ones that are big decisions, feel if it is right to make that choice today or whether waiting a day or two might be better.  The best choices are ones that honor both sides to you and come from the blending of the two.  That’s where magic happens!

Take Action: 

  Use your body to help you weigh in on choices today.  Do the old fashioned tip test or muscle testing to see if you what you think and what your body is ready for are in agreement.  It’s a great reason to drop into your body and let your senses into the day!





Day Six – 
Six of Stones

6 of stonesOh boy, this six always speaks to physical healing.  The planet we live on is a reflection of how we care for ourselves.  The harsh rush to get more, more, more at any cost is a price that may not be possible to keep on paying.  Where does your body require your attention today?  What’s your energy like, how much sleep did you get, how healthy is the food you put in your mouth?  This six wants you to take good care of yourself today, because the healthier you are, the healthier the world we live in has a chance to be.  Where can you express some of the healing six energy today that lets the ripples go outward into your world?

Take Action:  

 Make a healthier choice today, whether it’s meditating, going to the gym, yoga, deep breathing or through stress rather than reacting.  Choose one that feels good and enlist a buddy if it helps you accomplish it.  Ground this energy and see where it takes you.




Day Seven – 

Six of Arrows

6 arrowsSigh of relief my friend on this six… the second in a row.  Two sixes signify love and union coming in a week that has abundance and options opening up a new can of worms.  After all too many choices can send the brain into a tailspin with all the potential for growth and risk.  This card says you navigate it well, wisely and you marry the head and heart, action and intention to create something that has real value for you.  And if it has real value for you, it provides real value for others as well.   This card says the pause after the storm is necessary and important.  Notice what a lot you’ve faced and accomplished this week.  What are some new ways you learned to view your choices and how others show up for you?  Where are you creating something fresh with how you approach things?  My bet is the challenges of your week were in service of letting go of the old and feeling your way through the new.  You are doing better than you realize.

Take Action:  Give yourself a high five moment for this week.  It was a big week and you did it!  You’ve come a long way and have reason to give yourself credit.  What was your proudest moment?


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