Daily Tarot 6/24-7/3 Standstill And Decide

Another Day, another card to help you create – with a mix of Astrology and Hand Analysis thrown in, how can you resist a little more help telling the rich story of you?

Please do keep in mind the cards don’t decide anything for you, they draw on ancient symbols and wisdom to give you insight for better decisions!

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The Card of the Week gives an overall theme to help kick in extra layers of meaning around the card of the day.  Use it as a pair of night vision goggles to help clarify what’s been out of focus or shadowed.


Card of the Week – 

Eight of Arrows

8 of Arrows

This Eight is a warning to be aware of your mind high-jacking you this week.  What you put out there comes back to you and what you take in becomes part of you and what you put back out.  With all the crazy in the world right now, be careful consuming too much of the news and media diet of disaster and tragedy.  Awareness is fine, overload is possible.  So watch what you are surrounding yourself with because it affects you more than you realize this week especially!  This week has the element of struggle in it and in order to get through it, you require balance between frightful and the hopeful.  Find the things that give your courage, put on a song that means victory to you.  I love the old Rocky theme song, it always gets me optimistic again.  Do what feels good to you to help offset the darkness that is also present.  It won’t wipe it out but it gives it a bigger context so you can deal with it more effectively.  Life has challenging times, you can navigate this with some help and support.




Day One – 
Three of Arrows

3 Arrows BorderedOkay, this pesky little card is continuing the theme of the week where your mind is potentially your greatest foe.  Your choice is to see what’s going on for other people and be inspired.  After all when other people succeed or accomplish something you wish you could do, it actually helps you know that you can do it too.  I call it the ‘compare and dare’ principle.  The caution is to realize that first we can ‘compare and despair‘ that we don’t have it, or it didn’t happen for us.  This is meant to be your starting point, not your stopping point so keep going when you feel that welling up.  Or if you have that energy directed at you because YOU are succeeding, keep it in mind.  You can help others remember that when we see what is possible, we can then achieve it ourselves more easily than before we knew it could be done!  Whew, right?

Take Action:  Don’t let the gremlins get you down today.  Master your mind chatter and let everything show you how the difficult can get easier.  Doubt your doubts when this three shows up!




Day Two – Six of Bows

6 of bowsCongratulations – you succeed in keeping your mind in check and the Universe is going to give you a metaphorical kiss on the brow for it.  Today is about letting your achievements be seen and appreciated – first and foremost by YOU.  The world will join the party.  Patient effort is rewarded with success.  And isn’t that a sweet spot in a bumpy week.  This card always speaks to effort crowned with victory.  So stay the course, know your work is bearing fruit and enjoy!  Since the six is always a self contained number, be sure to be the first to recognize what you’ve accomplished!


Take Action:  This six requires some mirror work.  Get yourself in front of a mirror and pay yourself a much deserved compliment why don’t you?  You’ve earned it!





Day Three – Queen of Stones

Queen StonesToday is a day of tangible results.  Thanks to your generosity the world will give some of it back to you in all kinds of interesting ways.  Your job is to be open to seeing the cosmic ‘thank you’s’ for what they are.  This Queen is the most patient, reliable and slowest moving so things may show up in a small way that builds into something much bigger.  Let the Universe show you how long a thank you can take and let the gift keep on giving!  A good attitude pays off enormously, so have some fun with it and enjoy a solid patient progress kind of day!

Take Action:  Notice one place today where something good that happens is a result of what you put out there in the world.  You may even find you have more than one that pops up… count those blessings!






Day Four – The Two of Vessels

2 of Vessels


Sweet!  This card always means the beginning of a new relationship or a new project that is young and tender.  So treat yourself and what shows up today with consideration and thoughtfulness.  I like the Wildwood Tarot’s explanation for this card, “The initial attraction and exploration of potential”.  Use this energy to kick up some fun and excitement in your world.  Tune in to your body and let the home fires burn more brightly!  This is about feeling your way more than thinking your way today!

Take Action:  Whatever lights your fire today, add fuel!







Day Five –The Green Man

Green ManThis Major Arcana card builds on the momentum of the past few days to help you put yourself squarely in the driver’s seat.  Mars is going direct after a long trek backward and it is time to use all that you’ve learned and experienced to move forward.  More than a doer you’ve been forced to wait and decide what matters to you and how you want to make that happen.  Now you take charge of your life using experience and personal power to get things going in a way that works better for you.  “Mature in your power, patient in your resolution” go about your day using your influence.  Using the fire and water of the rest of the cards this week, be sure to bring the rich warmth of inspiration and creativity to what you do.

Take Action:  Take one thing that has been stalled or delayed during this Mars retrograde and decide what you want to feel about that situation.  Get specific – not about actions – but about how it feels to have something move on this issue.  Then watch what happens…




Day Six – Eight of Stones

8 StonesWe have a theme building here.  This card says when you apply your skills and dedication to the tasks at hand you craft something beautiful and long lasting.  The stones represent the physical form but this card speaks to the infinite resources because of the eight.  So the invitation is to use all your resources, heart, mind, body and spirit to put behind what you want for today.  Let the effort flow from focused attention to doing something you love, whatever this may be.  With eights what you put out there comes back to you.  So there is the promise that good labor will be blessed with rich reward.

Take Action:  Pause a moment in what you are working on today and check in to be sure you are giving it your full attention and not just acting from muscle memory or by rote.  Be present for the tasks at hand.




Day Seven – Blasted Oak

Blasted OakStrap in my friend, the mental discipline this week’s cards have called for are being put to use today.  Get ready for some changes.  Now that Mars is moving direct, some things have built up pressure behind them and are going to move – a few may move quicker than others.  So be prepared for some shaking and baking when this card shows up.  Rebuilding may be required for some areas while others may be flattened beyond repair.  Trust the shock change is like ripping off a bandaid.  It may sting but it hurts less when it goes quickly.  Know that anything that is swept away will be replaced with new growth and opportunity.  You never know, this may be the big jump forward you’ve been waiting for!

Take Action:  Be kind to yourself, your system may need time to adjust to the changes today.











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