Ancient Fire Dragon Full Moon 9/19 and A Choice


This week has some pretty intense Astrological aspects you may already be feeling. Things that have been cooking since last December are ready to kick into higher gear. I love to say you don’t put a skyscraper down on flat ground. First you have to dig deep and anchor the building. Since last December each of us have had something in our lives that is meant to reach tall on the landscape of our lives. We just had to put the foundation down first. This week is where the building process reaches level ground and starts to show to those around us.

For each of us it plays out in different ways depending on where in your birth chart and hand the emphasis sits. For some it is showing up in their homes, others it’s relationships or work. Thursday’s full moon is in the constellation of the Ancient Fire Dragon that can create or destroy depending on what you do with the lunar energy.

When I talk about earth, air, fire and water in your hands (as you see in the gift sample reading on this site) what that refers to is bodies, minds, spirit or emotions. The markings in your hands, the astrology in your chart are simply ways to understand if your gifts and challenges are more likely to play out in one of those four arenas as you continue to create or destroy in your life. This moon calls out your patterns – those you are finished with and those you are building upon.

The patterns in our birth chart are echoed by our hands, expanded on with the lines and shapes. The fun part is the hand updates what began at your birth – your very own progress report. Or in the case of your destiny, even before you were born!

Take a quick look at your life, see the theme(s) in your tougher moments. Sometimes you see mind/body/heart/spirit acting in pairs. Maybe your biggest challenge is emotional isolation and how you physically struggle to demonstrate about what you feel. Or the flip side, you think something and it quickly and easily comes together in real life. Those challenges are where we build our strengths when we realize that’s what they are there for. The ease is where we gain ground and feel progress, see it, measure it and know we’ve achieved.

This week is all about noticing what’s been building in you since December of last year. What are the ingredients to your view of success or failure? What is left to be undone and what is still there waiting for a higher profile?

For me it definitely hooks into my Life Purpose. Part of my destiny is ‘life in the spotlight’. That’s something I’ve walked away from embracing except in smaller circles. For example, when I was 12 years old and had a chance to compete in swimming at a national level, possibly Olympic level with the times I was achieving. Instead I quit swimming.

But destiny doesn’t work that way. It kept presenting me with more options and I mostly walked away. Until this work became my full time occupation. Suddenly, I didn’t want to walk away. Instead I faced my Life Lesson about fearing imperfection – I’m riddled with them so I thought I’d keep it a secret. Oh well, secret’s out now. My work mattered more than my ego.

Still, I had to find a way to do it that felt right for me. Several high profile opportunities came my way that would fulfill my destiny but not in a way that felt natural, harmonious. A show using my insight to spill the innermost secrets of unsuspecting people might have been a big hit, but I absolutely can’t get that past my gag reflex.

Finally I found someone who had all the right ingredients and a similar goal to mine. We are cooking on all four burners now! See, knowing your destiny AND your heart is the winning combination. We are taping this week and next after a request for MORE from some powerful people. Stay tuned for more fun stuff that will benefit YOU, too!

Here’s to destiny and a helping hand…

Lisa Greenfield

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