Lunar Eclipse Tonight Plus The Change Planets Meet Up – What A Week!

Lunar EclipseHow’s your week going?  Astrologically it has been a rather active week which means I’ve heard from more than a few people that they are feeling the effects!

Monday the deep transformation planet (Pluto) and the shock change planet (Uranus) got together for the third conjunction in the last year and a half.   Then tonight or early tomorrow morning for my east coast and UK people, we have the third lunar eclipse this year.  This one hits us in the truth seeking Sagittarius and information collecting Gemini in western astrology.

So in a nutshell, this week is about the deep truth of who you are coming to the surface in all kinds of surprising ways.  For some people that’s not a pleasant event if you have objections to bits and pieces of your hidden self.  The good news is that is where the Sagittarius can kick in and give you some help.

Because it helps us see the bigger truth – Truth with a capital T.  Here’s my dose of Truth that may help you.

Our brain is wired to divide up the different parts of us into manageable tasks.  When I talk to you about the elements, like Earth heart or Air head, this is part of that categorization.  What it simply boils down to, whether we are looking at personality tests (which I gave out in my 10+ years in Human Resources),Hand Analysis or Astrology is how each one of us is ‘doing’ the individual parts that make up our human being.

For example, Earth is the sensory element.  When we are first born we have to learn how to be in these bodies we call home while we are here on earth.  It’s ‘ground zero’ if you will – those five senses.  It gives action to whatever it is that we feel, think or sense intuitively.  It is our physical body’s representative.  It is our security and the things we can actually touch.

Then there is Water which is the part of us that does emotions and feelings beyond the physical world we touch.  Water or emotion connects us all.  Even kings can be hit with emotion so big they give up a throne or marry a commoner against tradition.   Water is our heart’s representative.  It is what connects us to what we love in our world.

Next we have Air, the thinking element.  It takes all we do in our body and feel in our hearts and starts mapping out a strategy for how we get what we want, how to keep what we want.  Our mind is also the go between or messenger between all that we can see outside of us and what we have within us.  Air is our mind’s representative.  It’s the big picture and how we figure out how we connect or disconnect with the world.

Finally we have Fire.  Fire is the intuitive instinct we all have that helps us sense danger and also pulls us into a bigger possibility than we have experienced.  I always say, Fire hearts were the ones that when all the world believed you would fall off the edge of our planet if you sailed too far out in the ocean, Fire dared the edges and discovered a whole new world.  They hadn’t seen it but intuitively they knew it was there!  Fire is our intuition that connects us with the spiritual or humanitarian side.

Each of these pieces are within everyone of us.  You may be most comfortable acting on one or two of these elements but this week is about showing you where MORE is possible. If you’ve been really attached to your status quo, more can feel pretty uncomfortable no matter how tempting.  However it is just the divine or the universe or your larger self, whatever you choose to call it, pulling you into a bigger life than you’ve been used to living.

For me, I enjoy being the solid resource for people when they need calm in a stormy life.  I love bringing a big picture to help make sense of the different confusing things going on for people and giving safe and kind space to work through difficult change.  I like to be that solid ground, earthy element with a big picture air view to help people feel secure as they head to what’s next.

But this week I had to confront my watery side.  My dear friend who has been trying to overcome cancer had bad news, it has spread.  While I felt I needed to be strong for her, some solid ground instead I felt myself dissolving.  I couldn’t stop crying and was angry with myself for not being her rock she could count on to weather the storm.   Hello shock change and deep transformation.  When we love, we all fear losing what or who we love.  No one escapes that fear no matter how strong or how wise.

There is more to each of us then we are living each day, and that surprise is here to enrich our lives not mess it up.  I am getting in touch with the truth about loving someone deeply and fear of loss.  How can I show up for her emotions if I don’t also show up for mine.  The more I honor them, the less they swamp me when I want to be there for her and with her.  It was in denying them for so long that helped build up the tidal wave.

It is there in each of our hands, astrology maps out in the lines, shapes and fingers on your hands.  It is there in the stars and it is there quite simply in all the elements within each of you. We begin with your hands for what’s going on within you and then we add in the astrology to see how the big picture is interacting with your hands.  For those navigators out there, when you know two pieces of information you can discover a third – it’s called triangulating.  Which is what we do when we look at both of those to see what’s ahead for you.

If you are feeling it and want to know what is going on at that deeper level, I want to help.  My combined Astrology and Hand Analysis reading is normally $225.  For this weekend only you can purchase it at 20% off.  Do the reading anytime you like, you don’t have to do the reading this weekend.  If that is something you know will help you, click here to make sure we make sense together of the big picture in you with all the wild astrological elements we have this year!

For everyone out there feeling these changes, know that change is something we are wired to do powerfully.  Which is why our brain resists it SO much.  After all expansion is risk and our brain works to protect you.  But we have two more conjunctions of the deep transformation planet and the shock change planet coming.  No person, country, economic system or political system will make it out of this decade the same.  So it’s all about learning to do you in response to change.  When all else fails, breathe… you are still here.

I am here to help.




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Lisa speaks truth here.. I have noticed for the last few weeks changes–both neg & positive.. – in myself. What’s interesting is that rather than running from the negative, I looked it pretty squarely in the face.. negative stuff I had done or felt recently.. some I really regret but it also showed me what I was feeling.. and how by surpressing it wasn’t keeping it down.. it was dying to emerge..
the positive for me is often harder to accept but I found that by acknowledging the positive, accepting, receiving and embracing it made me stronger , happier but also feel more at ease in my skin . This is a time of change.. and also looking at oneself clearly in the mirror.

Renee Rogers-Westby

I want to pretty much second all of Steve’s comment. And now hearing that there are 2 more coming, I am both scared and excited. Lisa can you give us any heads up about these? When or what they will possibly be effecting? I know what this last one has deep affects on…

November 4th of this year brings a really intensifying energy of the change aspects started last June with the next connection for Pluto and Uranus. Then at the end of November some really powerful aspects kick it into HIGH gear that signal major upheavals where the old is phased out and new is still coming into being. Strap on for big shifts…

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