Three Planets, Including Desire On The Horizon And In Your Hand

Three planets convergeVenus, the planet of desire is in close connection with Mercury and Jupiter.  So what does that mean to you, Hmmm?

Venus is not what or who we love.  Venus speaks to what we are passionate about, what we desire, and what pleases us.  Whereas true love can be very unselfish and heart centered, Venus is more about pleasure.

So when the pleasure planet is sitting close to Jupiter the expansion planet and moving towards Mercury the messenger, hello to knowing and speaking up for what you want.  This is a very good time to expand on this theme in your life!

Now for me, some of that had to do with an uncommon pancake breakfast swimming in all things buttery and syrup.  YUM…

It was followed by a lunch of two bowls of guacamole.  Yep, I ate two bowls.  Now granted, they were small, but oh so indulgent.  And I feel absolutely no regrets.  It was delicious and soul satisfying as well.  Sometimes you just have to fall in and swim in what you love doing!

My Venus in astrology is in a challenging place so it isn’t always easy for me to know what I want and then let myself have it.  Luck for me, on my hand I have good markers that help balance that out – so the combination of the astrology and my hand shows me that it gets easier with time and a little healthy attention.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with where to find Venus on your hands, it is the fleshy base of your thumb, the bottom joint where it joins your wrist.

11-lifelineIt’s that territory inside your life line, between your thumb’s knuckle and the life line, from your wrist and continuing up an inch or two.   Take a look at your Venus and here’s some insight to keep in mind.

The higher and firmer the Mount or ‘mound’ of Venus there inside your life line, the more you are driven by physical desires.

Are the a lot of marks on it or is it pretty clear?  The more activity in the region, the more active the Venus theme is in your life for good or bad.

The flatter and softer the Mount the more your desires begin in the mind.

Now one clever person told me that all desires begin in the mind.  To which I acknowledge that our programming has an incredible influence on our perceived desires.  What I mean by that is what we are trained in childhood to find appealing and/or comforting has life long echoes that we are largely unaware of.  So the mind is a big gatekeeper on our desires.  Hence the saying – desire begins in the mind.

Which is exactly what this planetary line up is triggering.  An awareness that goes beyond what we learned in childhood to a more expanded updated version of what you want as an adult.  Now is a much easier time to communicate what we want and also to see our filters (Mercury) on what outgrown limits we may have placed on those desires.

It’s a nice follow up to the shock change and deep transformation planet we heard from last week.  The goal is a bigger understanding of you!

For those of you enjoying the holiday, it’s nice to not only remember those who have died for our freedom but to honor them by living and living well.  That doesn’t have to mean Kardashian extravagance.  It is simply that we enjoy this moment, the place you are in, the people you are with and be glad for each breath, feeling and memory you are making.  If it includes a lazy lay down in the hammock or a delicious indulgence – go ahead, live a little.  Venus and Jupiter dare you to…

If you want to dive deeper into where that shows up easiest and best for you – this is a great time to capture the magnetic draw of your inborn desires to help make your bigger dreams come true.  Tonight is the last night to get the combined Astrology and Hand Analysis reading from me for 20% off!  Click here to enjoy some time where it’s ‘all about you’ with Lisa and at a savings as well!  Let’s see if it’s your house of love or money that’s getting a big push from the planets and then use what’s ‘in hand’ to make it real.  I love doing that with you…

For everyone out there, enjoy a wonderful day whether you are in snowy New York or sunny Southern California.  Make some wonderful memories.  Happy Memorial Day!

Lisa Greenfield

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