What’s In The Cards This Valentine’s Day For You… Shake Ups A Plenty

What’s your take on Valentine’s Day, hmm?  Are you eagerly looking forward to the romance of it all?  Hopeful or nervous, resentful, or maybe afraid, embarrassed or impatient?  What seat are you sitting in this year?  We are just wrapping up a punch filled Mercury Retrograde and gearing up for the BIG shift in March when Pluto and Uranus really finalize all that’s been percolating for the last couple years.

With all that change taking place I decided to pull some cards to help… stay tuned for the results I have for you.

What shake ups you may ask?  Well, you have a chance to have a completely different Valentine’s Day than you have ever had.  That’s my guarantee…  Yep, I said I guarantee it.  The catch?  The difference is INSIDE of you before it shows up on the outside of you.  Everything is aligned to help you or push you into a bigger more loving space right now.

Very simply, our minds are the opposite of our hearts.  Dynamic tension exists between the pull of distance and logic from closeness and connection.  We’ve seen how they operate as enemies of each other, all you have to do is look at your history and the stories you tell yourself about disappointments and pain when in comes to love that move you out of the sweet space and into defensive mode.

Your logical story about what went wrong has been the vigilant protector from more pain.  The promoter of status quo even when the status is, well, unsatisfying and uncomfortable.  Which is why this Valentine’s Day you can totally switch it up!

It begins with allowing, simply allowing whatever is happening in your life.  That is not a passive, victim, letting it go on around you while you tragically say nothing.  Allowing is to notice what your wishes are, expectations are, past experiences are and allowing yourself to want all those things, the heart at it’s best.  Then you are going to observe (the mind in it’s best) what happens and pay attention to the story you think it all means.

This leads with loving acknowledgement that what’s in your life has something to offer, even when it doesn’t look the way you want it to – at the start!

Because loss of love pushes the loss of life survival button in us – wired in as infants because we depend on the love of our caretakers to live – the brain has wrapped some intense stories around what you think may have happened in the past and what is happening now.

The greatest tragedy I see is the mind used in opposition of the heart to everyone’s detriment when those stories about being unloved or unlovable cast a big pain shadow in all directions.  This is your chance to rewrite those stories…If you are ready to do so.

Which is why I say you can have a Valentine’s Day that moves the enjoyment bar up even without the full treatment with a loved one.  Which is why I want you to add that simply act of allowing, relaxing, observing even the busy critic in your brain into the next couple of days.  Simple shift but a profound one.  Try it… relax into letting it all be information and notice the old story.  It’s up for replacement if you will let it go…

Now back to those cards…  I pulled a card for each day between now and Valentine’s Day here you go:

Wednesday – 2 of Pentacles

This card has to do with juggling two sources of security rather than one.  Fear of loss can be relaxed because there is more than one way to feel really good about yourself.  You may find yourself switching between the old pattern that contracts, pinches and makes you feel worse about you then swing over to the new choice of allowing that everything and I do mean everything can work for you.  Pentacles require time, presence, patience and collaboration.  Just keep going back to a better way of feeling whenever you catch yourself in that painful story that sees or feels itself less than adored.

Thursday – Magician

This is my favorite card in Tarot!  It can turn lead into gold.  What that means for you is that the Magic of seeing how when you change your story, a whole lot more love and fun get in the mix.  Allow it to look however it looks, keep your eyes open for possibilities because with the magician’s wand it may not look at first like what you think it should, but you will turn it into gold!  Watch for signs from the Universe, they will show up. Then play with the Magic of it all!

Friday – Page of Pentacles

This is the Aquarian page with opportunity in hand when you apply patience and reinforce the last two days of redoing the old story.  Pentacles unfold slowly but you own them for life.  Celebrate all the signs, the moments of the last two days and reinforce the new way of approaching love.  Your bigger love story is unfolding in its own path, your opportunity now is to smell the roses, notice the ladybugs and avoid the dog ‘you know what’ along the path!  More is coming, much, much more!

Saturday – Nine of Cups

No lie, this is the card for Valentine’s Day.  In Tarot this is the Heart’s Wish Come True card.  Nine is a master number and cups are all about love, creativity and connection.  So it is a promise of success for those who are willing to unwrap the old story and replace it with one that feels sooooo much better.  That is the beginning of having all the rest of it show up outside because of that internal shift in you.  What a promise of love fulfilled.  Remember cups are the water element so it ebbs and flows.  Trust the pull backs and let the tide keep advancing.  Manage the fear brain when the wave retreats.  It doesn’t mean the love is gone… just gathering for a bigger surge.

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Meanwhile, you have what’s in the cards for each of you when you let the changes in – IT’S MAGIC AND LOVE!  Now who wouldn’t want more of this… I wish it for each one of you!

All the best,


Lisa Greenfield


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