Full Moon Tonight – Fitting In, Standing Out – Winning The Battle Within

Tonight’s Full Moon at 14 Leo is extra powerful with Jupiter on the scene.  Jupiter always expands and exaggerates whatever and wherever it shows up, so the theme of this Full Moon is underlined, bold and in all caps!  The question it asks is where do we fit in versus where do we stand out in life.

In Astrology we add layers as we move through each of the signs.  I operate from the belief that there aren’t 12 signs, there are six pairs.  For what we begin in one sign, we round out when we get to the other sign.   With Leo and Aquarius we begin with the sense of “I” that Leo’s are famous for.  On the student path we find ourselves talking, relating and operating from the me, me, me place that helps us understand where we are different than those around us.  This is important and not a negative thing, it’s a beginning!  The goal is to progress through that to a bigger picture.

Just as a baby learns to walk, so we learn how to see ourselves, our uniqueness and what stands out about us as a way to enter the world and create what is ours to contribute.  A worthy goal is to move through to understanding that each of us has a similar need and gift for standing out.  When you get to that place where standing in your spotlight and giving yourself credit is powerful, you own and enjoy it, knowing you are here to offer those gifts,  it gets easier to cheer for others doing the same for themselves.

When you are struggling to stand out, shine and feel the unique worthiness that is your contribution then the scarcity mentality will cause you to resent, fear and block others having their moment in the spotlight.  Competition becomes a feared or hated thing rather than an opportunity to test yourself against the collective talents of others.

Aquarius helps pull us into the bigger understanding (Air is always the big picture) of how each individual operates as part of the whole tribe or collective. It’s the we, we, we mentality.  On the student path it will have us judging those who are struggling with their student path of being ‘special’ and Aquarius prides itself on their ability to sidestep those base emotions.  Air prefers to distance itself from those messy, unrefined feelings and wants to see things from a fair-minded just place that benefits all.

The reality is, those base emotions are the starting point and we all have them.  Not owning them, not being willing to acknowledge them forces them into an underground pocket that Pluto and Uranus (Deep Transformation and Shock Change) are playing with right now.  It’s a rare window to move from the limited sense of me out into the special view of each of us being that special ‘Me’ in the ‘We’ collective.  Say that five times fast, whew!

This full moon is a chance to drag those judgments and difficult worthiness issues out into the light of day to know that what is unique about you and causes you to stand out is the whole picture, all of it.  Every bit of you contributes to your astonishing presence in the collective.  See where you cling to outdated versions of you and trade it in for a much more complete and impressive picture.

It’s all here to be part of that whole!  The true gift of the Aquarian Sun is to give us the perspective to see all of us, first you as an individual and then the rest of the world with that understanding that every scrap of our humanity can be worked into blessing both us and then the whole when we acknowledge, work with, play with and create from that total package.

So I ask you this full moon, where are you ashamed, hiding or standing on top of a garbage dump of unacceptable parts of you that can be retrieved, re-viewed and worked into the collective whole of you before being shared with the community at large?  Don’t make those flaws precious, don’t make them the bad guys, just own them and see where they can be part of a more complete and solid YOU. They provide contrast just like shadow and light.  Let those flaws illustrate how much is good and strong and rich in you.

Often where you have the most judgment and criticism about OTHERS is the best place to start uncovering those pockets of shame and blame.  You cannot feel that way about others without that same feeling being unconsciously applied to you in slightly different clothes.

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So for tonight, spend a little time with you – all of you.  See how that big Aquarian picture has room for your flaws, secrets and mess – they aren’t the whole Truth after all.  You have so much life to live being unique, why not open up to a much more expanded version of just how glorious you are, faults and all!

Wishing you a fabulous Jupiterian Full Moon tonight!


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