Mercury Retrograde, Massive Storms and A Gift Call With Me…

Last Wednesday we had a perfect storm of planets lining up to give us a very powerful Mercury Retrograde.  And now we have epic storms hitting New England and Europe! In Vedic Astrology they believe that retrograde makes a planet stronger.  With the what we have cooking right now, there is some real opportunity for you when you can harness the energy and apply it for yourself to manage your internal weather.  Here’s a bit on how to do just that…

Mercury is the messenger of the Gods, who can travel easily at the speed of thought from heaven to hell.  When it retrogrades, the effect is it moves back over and revisits the things that have been communicated, which is why it has a bad reputation when it comes to signing contracts, travel, beginning new projects and purchasing electronics.  Now we can add weather to the mix, right?

What we don’t always remember is how many moving parts there are in communicating with others until those parts stop working so efficiently.  Then suddenly you are aware of what you cruised by at light speed prior to Mercury Retrograde.  We learn in contrast – we understand hot because we have cold, day because of the night.

There will be things that ‘come to light’ when Mercury goes retrograde three or four times a year.  Count on that contrast to show you a clearer picture.  Based on your birth chart and where they land for you specifically, you can see how it plays out.  When it comes to your chart the twelve houses are like twelve different theaters or stages.  Depending on where Mercury sits, you can see where the communication, travel and connections are going to be highlighted.

For example, my Mercury sits in the eleventh house, which represents the stage of friends, group activities, hope and dreams.  I started the retrograde on a business trip to Sundance with one dear friend, now business colleague, heading off to meet our team leader and other dear friend.  For me the trip was a big experience that revealed a great deal about how rich those friendships are and how blessed I am to have them.

Not because they are problem free, not at all.

We had challenges, misunderstandings and miscommunications typical with this aspect sitting in the 11th house.  The difference is what the story was in my head about what would happen and the reality.  It was messy, less glamorous, occasionally really hard work requiring patience and discovering some of my own shortcomings in the process. Always such a joy to witness, sigh.  However, what I walked away with and will continue to let unfold over the remaining time of this retrograde (through February 11th) is how deep the connection goes with my friends and how valuable they are to me.

I had the uncomfortable and powerful experience of having them see me at some very human moments and still love me in spite of them.  They had a couple of their own. Humbling and transforming all at once.  There were a couple of things that came to light that will serve the company verrrrry well, thank you, as we move forward into that March finale, which by the way, hits our leader in the 10th house of career, yippee!

What we began this last week is going to have shock waves that put her and the company in the public eye in a much, much bigger way and we will be able to see more of how that will play out by March.  So the foundation we laid down with the disagreements, adjustments and miscommunications was a great groundwork for what’s to come.  There will be much more being discussed and now we have a better idea of how to navigate it together…

P.S.  My friends had a terrible time getting home with this epic storm, another example of where Mercury retrograde plays out on the stage of your chart.  For me I’m relatively helpless as they struggle with travel.  All I can do is be a friend.  With Mercury in Aquarius, we will have large scale waves of readjustment.  Just watch what happens with this weather…see what it disrupts beyond the area dealing with the storms.  The collective will feel the impact.

But back to Mercury retrograde and you.  When the connections get tangled up, wherever they may fall in your charts, notice what your story is around those challenges.  This is what can be changed!  You have the most power there in rewriting those old scripts!  Mercury is ruled by that little finger and if yours stands far away from your other fingers, be prepared for some really big changes! Big gaps between the top of the ring finger and little finger mean you already lean towards lightning shifts.  With this line up, wowza is possible.

We decide what something means and so often we don’t revisit that meaning until something goes haywire for us.  When Mercury goes retrograde is a when it disrupts the autopilot we operate on most days.  Use this time to see where the old beliefs, the old stories are ready to be swapped out for a new one.  This a a very useful way to use the disruption.  I also had a cyber attack happen and through it have an update on my website for mobile that is happening.  Good out of bad… it can serve you when you let it.

Another example, I’ve seen and believed that disagreements with friends who work together means you can’t do both, it won’t succeed – you lose friends or the business.  I swapped out that story this weekend.  Instead I gained a new understanding of working through challenges with friends and colleaguues, a kinder, more connected understanding of each other and how to disagree.  I walk away knowing more of how we each use our own strengths and where there are weaknesses, being accepted, supported and balanced by each other.

What are your stories and where are they up for change?

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Take care of you, check in on your stories and use this time to edit them so they suit you better!  PLEASE do share the success stories with me, I love to hear what you are doing well…Always!

Thank you,


Lisa Greenfield




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