2015-A Beginning Ends This March And What It Means To You

Those regular readers know we are in an eight numerological year from the last post, a year of endings and new beginnings.  The biggest global ending is coming Mid March with a unique lineup between March 16th and 20th that will affect everyone.  How it affects you may vary, but we will all feel the shift.  In fact it won’t be a surprise so much as a relief for many.  Where you have Aries and Capricorn in your chart will be the strongest impact.

For most of us it has been building over the last two and half years with the planets Uranus (great awakener) and Pluto (deep transformation) having come together six times over the last few years.  Now in March we have the seventh of seven exact squares (adjustment required).  What makes it even more compelling is the Eclipse happening March 20th at 29 degrees Pisces.  It’s the last visible eclipse in Europe until 2026 so the greatest changes may echo from that direction.  The energy has the look and feel of a Phoenix rising out of the ashes of the old.

This kind of change can be tailored most specifically to each of us and I’m happy to help you with that, especially if you are feeling it.  Yet I’m going to focus on the global shift for this post.  This year holds the possibility, no even the requirement to step up and be your own authority first.  It doesn’t mean I’m advocating anarchy, far from it.  Instead it’s a sense of power you’ve been waiting a lifetime to connect with and put to use in your life.

There is no authority outside of you that is greater than the authority inside of you.  I rarely get too much argument on that, people nod and agree in theory.  The challenge is in living that reality.  This year is where you start realizing it’s true and experiencing it in more and more ways in your life.

Here’s an example of where the gap shows up.  It’s sneaky and slips in the back door, here’s how.  Someone you love does something you really don’t like and don’t want them to do.  When you have lost touch with the authority within you their actions bring up a story that is painful, angry, difficult, insert your own adjective please.

Typical scenario, you want them to stop, change, or do something different.  There is often tension, struggle and discord around wanting two different things.  We forget to honor the authority in us that champions feeling a certain way.  So we forget that there is that same authority in someone else that has that same thing cooking.

Instead we are triggered by feeling denied what we want.  If we don’t get it we feel like something outside of us is denying us and we react. This year there is a knowing that more is possible than the old dynamic.

This pattern is at the heart of the big change and what has been coming with the End Of The Beginning.  We have the necessity to move together as a whole global community out of reacting and into creating.  Never has it been so imperative with all the possible transformation we need to create together to keep our world a place worth living in, right?

Where we’ve been in child mode personally, professionally, emotionally and spiritually we are being confronted this year with the shadow side, bringing it up for review and transformation, finally!  People with low and straight heart lines (earth or water) learned to respect and obey authority, even give theirs away.  Those with heart lines that curve up towards the fingers learned to fight or challenge authority as their patterns.  Both are still reactions rather than creation mode.  Now be patient with yourselves.  This is the end of the beginning so we have a learning curve unfolding.  The hardest part is over, now it’s learning to work with the new to make it our own.

The last couple years will have given you plenty of examples of where your deep pockets are, those things that are hard to see about yourself, others, the world.  Pluto brings the disowned deep secrets to light and with Uranus in the mix it speeds up the process of awakening.  Take stock of where you’ve felt at the mercy of…or at odds with any outside authority.  That is coming to a close…

That eclipse is at the end of Pisces, the last sign in the zodiac and then there is a whole new cycle beginning the following day at 0 degrees Aries.  This new cycle begins with the ending of the old chapter where anything outside of you was experiences as more powerful than you.  This is HUGE PEOPLE.  The real secret though is that when you center, really center, in your own authority you are much less reactive to anyone else’s authority.

Suddenly you see the possibility of taking two different paths, plans, desires and collaborating in a way that can give each of you more than you originally wanted.  Now this is not the case every time with everyone.  Some situations are for practice and they just don’t ultimately mix well together.  Good to know!

But it can become a fun or rewarding exercise rather than a power struggle that exhausts.  Imagine what we can do globally with this view that can learn to respect the authority in others because we are clear about our own.  Imagine!

You can test yourself against challenges and build strength rather than struggle and expend energy viewing the outside as a threat, dangerous, unloving or inhospitable.

This is what’s coming.  For some it is clearer than others, it depends on what is in your hand and in your chart.  For example if Pluto shows up in your fourth house the changes could impact the way you live so dramatically as to change the whole last part of your life.  If Uranus is in your first house then the changes will bring sudden beginnings and endings to much of what you do.

The area of the hand to check is down by your wrist on the pinky finger side of your hand up to about mid palm.  If you have markings or lines that are in those areas, you have Pluto/Uranus and Moon all involved.  This final chapter will show up even more strongly.  I’m here to help!

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As always, the greatest gift you can give yourself is to take time for YOU.  There is so much happening in this Eight Year.   Now aren’t you worth your time?

All the best,

Lisa Greenfield


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