2015 Is An Eight Year – Find Out What That Means For You

Deep Transformation Pluto and Uranus the Shock Change King are going to make their seventh exact connection in March.  So what’s been rocking in rolling in your life the last two and half years is reaching the final stages.  But these two heavy weights are also getting in the dance with our North and South nodes which call in our Destiny and our Karma!  All of which shows up in your hands, too, in case you didn’t know.

Eights are about endings and new beginnings, death and rebirth like the planet Scorpio or your 8th house in Astrology.  If you have strong placements here (major planets in your birth chart or transit) then you will really be feeling the depth of this year’s effects.  It is all to bring about a more complete, whole and authentic you.  So it isn’t happening to you, it’s really happening FOR YOU.  Although it may feel a bit rough at times, right?

If you have major markings down the outside of your hand (the pinkie side) from mid hand down towards your wrist you also have Pluto/Uranus effects going on for you.  I love combining the strength of all three to help you understand where the upheaval is coming from and how to sail through it unharmed.  It’s why I write the blog to give you what I can as my gift.

So if you’ve been feel emotional, irritable, tense or excited you are feeling the planetary shift in your own life!  Aries/Libra planets are going to really feel the effects of this year with the solar and lunar eclipses served up,  Your New Year 2015 is a number 8 year – add up each digit and you will see what I mean.  You can also take your birth day and month, add that to the 2015 and find out what your personal year is.

Eight is a powerful year for good or for bad.  It’s all up to you what you do with it!  Nothing is just one or the other.  Let me share what it helps to know in navigating an eight year.  What you put out there comes back to you! Now there is more to it than that, but it’s a good starting point.  I’ll get to the deeper stuff too.

Now if you’ve put generosity and compassion out there, you will meet more of that coming back to you.  If you’ve put fear and suspicion out there, you will find more reason to be fearful and suspicious.  Yet there’s another layer to this simple formula that come in with an eight year’s Scorpionic overtones.  Eight sign of the zodiac is Scorpio and is symbolized by the scorpion sting and the Phoenix rising from the ashes.

Both are appropriate for this year!

The deeper layer can help you understand why the simple give to get what you want in return will not work so clearly this year.  First you are likely to be confronted with the shadow side of what you’ve got hidden deep in your unconscious.  So simply trying to give goodwill to get goodwill is only going to work on a surface level.

On the deep stuff, it is going to first call you out on those pockets of fears, doubts, control issues, bitterness, envy and all the rest of those little hobgobblins sitting in the underground of your unconscious.  Pay attention to who and what you are dealing with that does not agree with you and notice your opinion of the people or situation.

It’s a great way to see where your hidden judgments and fears are, that you have to get it right, do it right, be right.  These are keeping you from transforming the old limitations into a powerful new Phoenix of your own rising from the ashes of the old!  This year is a chance to let those dark shadows come up and see what happens when you bring the light of acknowledgment and grace to them.  The light of those emotions will burn off the old and allow the new more complete you with those rotting pockets cleaned out and simple emotions more in balance in their place.

We all feel the range of emotions, good and bad.  The unacknowledged and shamed ones take on a ugliness that keeps you from engaging in a more whole bodied way.

This year will bring endings of all kinds.  Some that are a welcome relief and some that will be difficult.  But in order for the new to emerge, you must first let go of the old.  Grief is something that requires a ritual in order to move the emotion through, honor the attachment that is passing away and clear the ground for what is next.  This is where funerals began as a ritual to say goodbye.  Get help to see your way through it!

Whatever is passing out of your life this year, be sure you give it a ritual as a way to honor a bigger, more inclusive expression of who you are.  Make it your own, it doesn’t have to suit anyone else, but see if you can be worth your time for that.

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Whatever you do, know that this year especially you will get your answer back from the Universe as to where your course needs correcting.  See it in that light and it may help you transform into the life that looks so much more like what you are meant to be living!

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ALWAYS insightful and fascinatiing info Lisa! So looking forward to the great changes – and developments of long laid plans this year!

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