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Welcome to 2015!  I love to see how the first day unfolds and use that as a guide for the whole year.  Now for those of you who didn’t feel too good yesterday after celebrating the night before, don’t worry you aren’t doomed to spend the year hung over.  Same for you who were down with the flu and posted photos of the kleenex box and tea for your celebration.

No I’m talking about how you related to your choices, your needs, your wants and plugged in to the world around you.  There’s a simple key to more joy that makes a huge difference day by day throughout the year.  With this little shift you receive a way to sweeten the relationships you have that does make all the difference in your wealth, your health and your happiness this year.  Curious?

Okay, let’s have some fun with this!

Think back on your best and worst relationships if you will for a moment.  Notice what themes appear.  The best themes and then the worst themes.  What did they have in common?  This includes work relationships and friendships.  That’s as challenging as it gets, just think back on your year.

If you are Earth notice what your actions tended to be and where you stayed in a behavior pattern that made you feel safe even if the relationship wasn’t comfortable. Then also give yourself credit for where you showed up for the details and made sure there was something tangible and secure to the relationship.  See where you are solid and real in a way people can count on and trust.

If you are Water pay attention to where other people’s emotions, needs and drama became your own.  Notice where you gave away your power or let the emotions of the ‘other’ be more important than your own.  See where you ‘gave to get’ rather than just giving.  Now give yourself credit for the depth of feeling, the range of emotions and the rich bounty of feeling you tapped into with those relationships.  Notice what you do give and generously so.  Pay attention to the ebb and flow of your feelings and see where they are more information not a lack in you!

For you Air people you have that big picture view so take a good look at where you stayed in the Air Traffic Control tower  being brilliant at making sure everything got handled for everyone else on the planes, but you yourself never got out of the tower and onto the plane.  Notice where your analysis paralysis or information gathering took over.  Then take a bow for all the wisdom you made available for everyone else and the innovation you brought to those connections.  Real out of the box thinking!

Finally for your Fire types notice where you saw the Truth of what was possible, tried to share it and was met with resistance, push back and flat out rebellion as the world and those in it failed to live up to your high expectations of what we can achieve.  Notice where you set the agenda, wanted it to be perfect and were met with anything but that.  Then be sure to take a bow for seeing so much more of what’s possible than the other 85% of the non-Fire world can see.  Enjoy knowing you are the trailblazer and take the heat for that.

So now that you’ve done that, how do you apply that to the last 36 hours and the next 363 or so days to make a difference?

Here’s the secret….If you want the full bang for your buck don’t read this until AFTER you have done the little exercise above.

Notice the way you think of yourself, your history, the story that you just ran in your head.

Where is there room to be kinder to yourself, gentler with the truth, more compassionate?  The generosity of thinking you have for others is the generosity you have for yourself!  Is there someone you rant about, rage over, cry over because of the unfairness of it all?  When you find yourself getting angry about what happened, that’s NOT WRONG.  It’s what you do with the anger that will make all the difference.  Anger protects us and puts a boundary down.  Notice what needed to be protected and give yourself praise for taking care of you.  Doing that before you act shifts so much!

If you find yourself feeling sad and hurt by it, there’s a chance for you to be present for your own pain without having to fix anything in that moment.  Just let yourself have an emotion and be accepting of it and you.  Emotions take about 10 minutes to travel our nervous system.  Let the emotions flow in, they will pull back just like the waves on the beach.  Sit with them…

These little tiny changes have the ability to shift enormous amounts of energy into something so much more powerful than we realize.  Which is why our brain stem prefers that we keep doing what we’ve been doing.  That way instead of using what’s ‘off’ in our lives as a doorway to help create more of what we do want, we just push back on what we don’t like.

I’m telling you right now – what you don’t like, didn’t want, don’t have is just the starting point to helping you get to what you DO WANT.  Not by changing the situation first, but by changing your relationship to the situation!  From there all kinds of possibilities open up which is what makes your brains stem (our security guard) go crazy.  Which is why little shifts yield so much more results than massive change your brain boomerangs back from.

But try it…When you see what you didn’t like along side of what you did, let the contrast between them help you carve out a bigger picture of what you can have in your life.  So even the last day and half becomes a great opportunity to shift how you relate to the story of you and rewrite it bigger and better for the New Year.  Now that’s a GREAT START…  I’m here to help!

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How sweet is that!  When you say YES to you, I’ll be glad to match your investment.  That’s how much I believe you are worth your time, I’ll invest mine as well.

Here’s to a WONDERFUL 2015 – here’s to making it the best it can be!

Lisa Greenfield

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