A Peek At The Future In 2015 – What’s In Store For YOU…

One of the reasons I was intrigued with Tarot Cards is because I wanted to know how to see the future.  Haven’t almost all of us wondered about that…

Well, the woman who offered to teach me was a bit of an icon as well as being a long term practitioner.  She worked high up at Disney Studio with a past that included being a dancer at the Whiskey as a teenager when The Doors performed, knowing Clint Eastwood and Walt Disney on a first name, chummy basis and working with the top names in Hollywood daily in a powerhouse job.  Who wouldn’t want to hear what someone who’d created such a fascinating life had to say, right?  Maybe knowing what’s in the cards had some perks worth tapping.

Yet the science geek in me always wants to know how something works!  So I went back to brain research.  It turns out that Tarot Cards operate on us somewhat like commercials do when it comes to our brains.  The Advertising Industry spent billions in this research over the last five decades to find out exactly what motivates us and how to tap into our behaviors.  This was over 20 years ago I started studying and I kept up with the research – geekdom is my nature.

Using the results from those studies, I went to work on how our futures can possibly line up with something as random as cards thrown down by a virtual stranger in many cases.  Here’s what you might be interested to know…thank you Advertising Greedy Guys!

Unless we are in the market for something, most commercials and ads are simply white noise.  They go right by us!  Unless the ad provokes fear of loss, something the brain vastly overestimates, most things fade into the background until we want or need them.  Then suddenly you see those ads.

Well this is how the cards work in the right hands (choose wisely and anyone who tries to frighten you with a reading – RUN FROM THEM).  Whether you touch them or someone puts them down for you (I do phone readings for people all over the world) you have a frequency that is uniquely you.  They can measure the electromagnetic field around you, this isn’t woowoo.

Based on that frequency, the cards have colors, numbers and symbols with their matching frequencies all of which have information for you about what you are ready to connect with in your life.  Something that is going to answer that want or need, just like the commercial!

Funny one guy after his reading said, ‘but you’re just telling me what I want to hear’.  When I pointed out that I didn’t know what it was he wanted to hear the only thing he could say is ‘doesn’t everyone want this’.  I can safely say, NO.  In fact the client just before him would have been horrified at his reading.  Why is getting what we want so hard to accept, hmm?  That’s another post though, really.

Now the important thing to remember is that the cards don’t decide anything for you!  You make your own decision and when you are look at what comes next for you, based on that additional information you make different choices, or more informed choices.  For example, recently I read for a break out singer who had one of the worst cards in her reading.

Well, needless to say, I’m going to share the information because it showed up as something important for her.   Not scary, important.  We talked through how she has to let go of what she is holding onto so tightly and her brain is reading that as the worst kind of loss.  Helps to know our brain reads loss as life or death in a lot of relationship and work matters.  It ISN’T REALLY LIFE OR DEATH but our brain stem will overestimate loss.  Which is what advertising uses to get you to buy things you really don’t need.  Okay, back to the cards…  (Or grab your reading here if you’re in a hurry)

In spite of the difficult card, I could show her that based on the full reading, she had to let go in order for something much bigger to come into her life! It would take time but it would more than take the place of what was on its way out.  Meanwhile she had to learn to trust what she was creating and herself in the process.  That’s what loss often does for us when we let it.

The challenge is the brain stem was so stuck on what she was giving up, it hadn’t moved on to the big picture of all that came after that.  Needless to say, the relief that came with that information was profound.  It still stinks to let go, but there is big comfort knowing it’s going to be replaced with something much more in line with the greatly expanded life she is stepping into with her success.  Perspective manages those darkest, unreasonable fears.  What I love giving you!

Whew, right…

That’s why I delight in doing the New Year’s Readings, birthday readings and insight into what’s coming next for you.

I did an overall look at 2015 and there are some really challenging things that are going to sting next year, much like the reading I just told you about.  However, the outcome is the same message.  There is nothing the world does not lose or give up in 2015 that won’t be replaced with something bigger, richer, more in line with what is evolving when we give it time and trust what is unfolding.

First though, we have to prepare to let go.  Some of what we let go of is old, outdated ideas about how things are supposed to look, work out or be.  The release begins in our hearts and minds first.  Are you ready?

Do you want a peek at your year?  I love doing these readings.  I have clients that come back year after year because they love them, too.

You can call in (people all over the world already do) and receive your recording plus a picture of your cards to refer to throughout the year.  Or join me in West Hollywood for your in person reading.

You can know what’s opening up, what requires letting go and where the big changes are going to be on a month by month basis – that’s the fun waiting for you right HERE.  And with a little expert support to go with it.  Say YES HERE!

Start your year off right and be one of the lucky ones to get that reading when you say YES now.

Thank you and wherever you are have a joy-filled beginning to 2015!  Wishing you well,

Lisa Greenfield



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