M – In Your Hand For Magic & Last Minute Gifts They Will Treasure

Do you have the mark of a Magician in your hand?  When the Heart Line, Head Line and Life line are all connected with a Fate line, you are marked as a Magician!    Quite simply it means that you have easier access to pull from your heart, your head, your actions and your intuition to achieve what it is that you want in life…

In other words, to those non M’s it appears that you can make Magic happen!  The challenge is because it can be easy for you, sometimes it goes relatively unnoticed and you can be a bit baffled by those who don’t do what you do.

If you are an Magician, where do you see it in your life?  Do you ever stop to appreciate the fact that you have that, right in your hands, in your life?  The more attention you give it, the stronger the lines grow and the more your capacity expands.

Hmmm, worth your time don’t you think?  Each day notice where things flowed and how your magic was at work.  Reinforce it and watch what happens…

For those of you who don’t have the magic in hand (at least not obviously marked with an M) don’t despair.  You can access more magic… Remember when you change your mind you can change your line!

How you might ask?

Well, I’ve done it so I can definitively say it’s possible.  Here’s one way.  The secret is so often in the Fate line, running like an axis pole up the center to connect the main lines.  Because it is usually under Saturn, it shows that the M for Magician people have the ability to invest time and patience to see where things can connect.  It gives the persistence that separates out most of the wannabees from the successes.

Take a good look at your life and where impatience for results or judging things before the whole picture emerges may have robbed you of so much upside.  That was key for me in adding the M to my hand!  I had the Fate line but not well defined or strong in my right hand.  The more I practiced patience (NOT my strong suit I promise) and waited to see how things revealed themselves over time, the more the dots connected and my efforts paid off in ways even bigger than I had imagined.  It moved faster the more I was willing to practice patience, so you do see results.  You simply have to be patient (oh that word again, I know).

My old habit of picking up my toys and going to play in a new sandbox when things got bleak was replaced more and more with investing in what was in front of me, in spite of the fact it didn’t look anything like what I had pictured.  I have a Fire Mind line and those of you who’ve tuned in to my writing for long know one of the key things for Fire includes the fact that it won’t turn out the way you expect it to at the outset.  The time I continued to invest began to reveal connections, opportunities, pay offs I couldn’t have pictured and certainly would have missed had I just moved on with frustration!

Saturn requires time, structure, handling limitations and learning to build muscle all of which can show up for you in your own specific ways.  Curious to know what’s in your hand?  I’m glad to help.  It’s made a world of difference in my life and I love to share it with those who want the same.

Trust me, what I share with you has been road tested by myself and tens of thousands of stories collected over a lifetime.  Great body of evidence indeed…

But back to the Magic.  Whether you are a Magician or not, you have the ability to bring more of it into your life.  It begins by leading with your strengths and celebrating those talents.

If you are Earth, you are a rock star at making things happen – boots on the ground kind of reality is your forte.  If you are Water you have a gift for feeling your way through and plumbing the depths of emotions across the board for others and connecting in rich, nourishing ways.  If you are Air, you are sharing your ‘big picture’ point of view and verbalizing it so well building bridges of understanding for all those around you.  And Fire, you are leading us into what else is possible, burning away old limitations and expanding horizons.

Today is a good day to give yourself the present of your recognition and acceptance that what you are creating, doing and living is perfectly you.  What a gift for you… Right?

Speaking of gifts, for those who need a last minute out of the box special gift, why not give a reading for someone you love and have it personalized for printing, and wrapping.  One clever customer printed it on parchment paper and wrapped it with that fun twine and holly.  Certainly a stand out gift where it’s all about them!  You can purchase it as late as 6pm December 24th and still have it customized in time for Christmas!  See what it looks like here.

Choose the reading you want, give me details for customizing and have it within 12 hours.   For those people who are really hard to shop for, you can gift them the Three Hidden Keys To Unlock Their Life Purpose and it comes with a bonus call to be sure they understand their Destiny!  Give a gift they’ll never forget at over 60% off!  Lisa will host one call a month to walk all those who’ve purchased through their questions.  After all, your Life Purpose is something worth your time!

Here’s wishing all of you a Magical Christmas, a wonderful holiday season and a little more magic in your daily lives.

All the best,


Lisa Greenfield


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