Success, Celebrity and Your Free Look At Next Year That Ends Today

I’m getting ready for the People Magazine Awards next week and was struck by the similarities between you and the people I read for at these star-studded events.  Yes, I said similarities!

You see we all have gifts and talents we are meant to share, regardless of whether it’s with a big world or a small world.  For some of you, your audience (including critics) are your friends and families.  For others it’s your work place as the stage.  While still others expand out from there to bigger arenas.

The differences between the celebrities and you?

This is where there is the Fire element in each of us.  Now it may not be a key part of your hands or your Life Purpose, but you still have intuition and the service element.  In fact if it’s not a big part of your hand, it could be your buried treasure… All the elements work together in a wonderful constellation that we call YOU.

The celebrities I read for often have Fire in a key placement somewhere in their hands or Astrology because those are the biggest risk takers.

Fire is the Fame/Humiliation axis and it is here to serve the greater good.  (I know some of the contributions don’t clearly appear to serve, that’s another post)  These high profile people have to face the judgment of the crowd along with whatever critics are raging in their heads in order to succeed and receive the standing ovations.  Their success or failure has witnesses, in some cases millions of them.  Not everyone’s cup of tea, I know.

There is a part in ALL of us, though, that longs to be seen and recognized for our unique value.  Whether you have a few people who see it or a much bigger crowd who is witness to the Truth of you, everyone has that need wired into us.   Okay, about that need and those differences between you and celebrities …

The people who risk and succeed have an Entourage.  That’s the name of a clever HBO show and often times a reality in the star business.  These people have a group around them that can reflect back to them what they are capable of and the value of their gifts.  We won’t go into where that can run amok.  Just know that these supportive crowds around the celebrities, have an important role to play!

Fire is the only element that requires fuel.  It’s not negotiable.  If you want Fire to burn brightly, you must stoke it.  Fire’s fuel is praise, applause, recognition and respect.  So these stars have a source of fuel that comes from those in the Entourage.

Okay, back to the similarities again.  Where is your Entourage?  Where are the supportive people around you who help you when you doubt yourself and what you can accomplish in any situation?

If you find yourself struggling to share the best and brightest part of you with a small group of chosen ones or maybe those bigger audiences and risks, where are your believers?

It’s proven brain science, we achieve more with support and acknowledgment.  True statements from a good observer with perspective better than our critical brain opens the door to more success and feeling better about the risk in going for it.

This simple addition of positive feedback allows the flame in each of us to burn brighter.  Whether Fire is a key part of your hands or not, each of us benefit with that encouragement.  It builds your success, and allows you to expand in a warm radiating glow.  How appealing is that, right!

You don’t need to risk national humiliation in order to get your standing ovation, just be aware of who in your life is giving you the gift of turning up the heat on your unique contributions.  Who do you share it with that feeds your Fire?

If you want fresh perspective on just how special you are, that’s what your Life Purpose can show you.  It’s all there at your fingertips, literally.  I’m passionate about sharing that richly layered view of you and what your Destiny is here in life.  It’s a powerful reminder of where we deserve that praise, applause, recognition and respect!

You can discover yours with ‘The Three Keys To Unlock Your Life Purpose’ and know just how special you are.  That’s at over 60% off AND if you purchase it by Midnight tonight, you also get a sneak peek at what you have ‘in the cards’ for next year.  That’s my Gift to you with any purchase!

Actually with any reading your purchase you can receive some quality time seeing the BIG TRUTH about you and also have a look at the next 12 Months.  You are always worth your time…  I’m here to help!  That’s why I’m giving you the gift of the 12 Month reading, a reward for investing in you!

Next week is completely booked with the People Magazine Awards, but you can still squeeze in a reading before Christmas or the New Year.

Do you want to start the Year knowing not just what your Destiny is but how the next 12 Months shape up to help you achieve it?  Say YES Now and end this year with your own version of a standing ovation.

Already know your Destiny?  Then give the gift to someone you love and share the magic of knowing you are making an important difference in their lives!  Be their believing eyes this holiday season and help them achieve more of their dreams.

It’s a gift they won’t forget and at a steal of a deal, too!

It’s what I love to do…  Let me help and add me to your Entourage!

Wishing you and yours the very best of the season!

Lisa Greenfield



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