A Gift 12 Month Reading For The Holidays

It’s the magic season, the winding down of the old year and the start of the New Year all in the next few weeks.  Deep breath anyone?  It’s easy to rush through this last bit and the holidays come with their own challenges, it happens.  So I am here to offer some insight and support, dialed in to you…


Okay, one of the things that happens this time of year is more time with family or friends.  There can be some ‘compare and despair’ going on, because it’s wired into our brains.  Oh yes, sibling rivalry is actually a survival instinct that flares up around any small group.  If we ‘did’ a little better than the next person, we stood a better chance of surviving.

For any of you who’ve been dismayed to find yourself in that space, welcome to the realization that everyone shares the impulse.  It  looks unique on each person, but we all have it!  So maybe you can give yourself a break there.

Now I want to share with you some help on how to manage that this holiday season as we are dealing with deep change aspects in Astrology, too.  There is a revolution brewing globally and many of you feel it specifically.  What a way to roll into the season…. Except, maybe it is!  What’s up for change in your life?

Did you know that seeing what others ‘achieve and receive’ allows you to open up to greater possibilities in your own life?  Yep…

The perfect example of that is Roger Bannister breaking the 4 Minute Mile.   For the longest time we believed that was impossible.  Humans just couldn’t do it – run a mile in four minutes or less.  Until Roger Bannister broke that barrier in 1954.  Within the next few years several more people went on to do the same.  Fire people have the easiest time going beyond the known limits – they are the front running 15% of the population folks.  That’s their job, though, to show us what else is possible!

You see once we know it can happen, the brain registers that and allows that possibility for you.  So when people around you receive and achieve, you have a chance to ‘compare and dare’ – to know what else is possible in life, even if you don’t have it yet.  Great way to re-view the comparison impulse that comes up particularly around this time of year.   Earth requires the most patience about registering and acting on the new possibilities, then Water is next with Air requiring even less time than Water and finally Fire, who can leap to seeing it the fastest.

Keep in mind Air and Fire grasp the possibilities the fastest but when Earth and Water do get there, they act on it more consistently.  We all have our strengths.

Know our brain stem runs us 75% of the day or more and that strong sucker is really only concerned with risk and reward.  That means expansion is considered risk!

All risk, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual (aka intuition) lights up the alarm bells in your brain stem.  Which is why so many watch others receive and achieve then slip into ‘compare and despair’ rather than ‘compare and dare’ mode.

Even hugely successful people can feel the cold sting of ‘compare and despair’.  You are not alone…

I have help for you, this video clip explains how to disengage the risk alarm and you can do it all in about three minutes! This video  Breath Of Love teaches you simple brain retraining when you need a little long lasting support.  It’s free, portable and legal – so use it when needed.

Dropping into your breath is the best way to center down and take care of yourself in a way your body registers and responds to – very well in fact.  So this way you can take in the inspiration that is around you – whether it’s the good fortune of a stranger or someone closer to you.  Let life show you where you can dare to receive and achieve your own version of more, just like Roger Bannister.

Now finally, about that Gift 12 Month Reading (a $100 Value).  Curious to see how your New Year is unfolding?  Or perhaps you wish to give it as a gift to someone you love.  Well purchases any reading or gift certificate with me by Friday December 12th, and you receive a Complimentary 12 Month reading to keep for you or give away as my thank you for your business.

Get customized Gift Certificates for a one of a kind present they won’t ever forget.  After all, how many people can say they received the gift of really seeing themselves and all their glory for the holidays.  Not the kind of present you easily tire of, right?

Simply include gift recipients name and short message when you purchase the reading that’s right for you.  See a sample gift certificate:  Gift Certificate Image

This gift certificate will be emailed to you or you can choose to have Lisa print it out and mail it for you for a small additional cost.  Simply include special instructions to Lisa at check out (up to 140 characters).

Be unforgettable this holiday season and I will say thank you with a gift 12 Month reading valued at $100.  Hurry, this is only available for a short time!  First to buy will get their choice of limited bookings for their reading by the New Year.

Make this holiday season unforgettable and enjoy a peek at what the New Year will hold for you!  Here’s wishing you the best of the magic season,

Lisa Greenfield



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