Venus Retrograde – Power Plays & Passion

Venus Retrograde makes a beautiful Star shaped pattern every 20 years.  She sketches each point with her forward and backward dance in the sky.  Her path travels between her Evening Star and Daytime Star – her Dark and Light to create the Star.  This particular retrograde moves from devotional, passionate Scorpio into balanced, fair minded Libra and back into Scorpio again between Oct. 6 – Nov. 16th.  This particular section of dance asks an important question.  Are you satisfied with your ability to get what you want?  Or perhaps you are more like the Stones song, instead of what you want, ‘you get what you need’

The next forty days are a bridge between what you’ve you settled for and what you really, really want.  Be prepared to divorce your limits in relationship to get to the real deal.  Sometimes it takes an actual break up with a person, but let the full measure of time reveal your best choice.  Take a good look at where you use the shadow side of Venus to achieve what you want versus where you use the light side.  Everyone has both.  The difference is the shadow side contracts and keeps you locked into a small containers of love.  Call this the land of power plays and conflict – the opposite of Venus’s Light.

So it’s worth the next forty days to visit the value conflicts within you as well as between you and what your love.  Curious for more on this topic?   Than join me for this 20 minute audio about Love, power plays and YOU.  Harmony is the destination.  Detours are inevitable.  Stay tuned for specifics towards the end of the recording, along with a special invite for more insight into your lines and love patterns.

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Thank you and may your next forty days bring you to your own Promised Land…


Lisa Greenfield 

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