Magic Monday Gift Giving

I couldn’t get excited about Cyber Monday.  The name does nothing to evoke the spirit of the Magic season, my favorite time of year.  So I’m tardy to the party but I’m going to make it up to you with Magic Monday Gift Giving. Once I renamed it, the excitement began to build.  I thought about what would make me happy to open after an action-packed Thanksgiving weekend.  The problem was, I couldn’t settle on just one thing.  So I decided to give you three options.  That felt like the perfect amount to me.

So let the Magic begin with these specials that run until Midnight Wednesday.  Let’s start this holiday season with abundance and joy!

 Tarot Twelve Month Forecast – Get Yours Here

The first one is a 12 Month New Year forecast.  It’s one of my favorite things, to share the excitement and adventure of what’s ahead next year with you.  For some it’s been new love, for others a leap of faith where work is concerned.  Year after year I get to hear the stories and I love it.  So enjoy that at a sweet price for the sneak peek at 2019.  It’s an action packed year, let’s find out how that shows up for you…

Three Hidden Key’s To Your Destiny – Say Yes To Your Destiny Here

The second one is the miracle that is YOU.  Those prints on your fingers pack insight about your unique gifts, where your shadow sits and how to navigate from darkness to light time after time.  Your Life Purpose is right there in your hands.  Enjoy the Three Hidden Keys Illustrated guide as it walks you through your Destiny, the one you were born to live.  I added bonus hours of audio to further explain how to work with what’s in your hands.  You can’t miss out on what you’re meant to do here on Earth, but you can struggle more and enjoy less when you don’t see the big picture of YOU.  It’s a story that never gets old telling, so I thought you’d enjoy it too. (You can add a live call with Lisa for an additional fee once you’re done sleuthing your Life Purpose)

 Learn Tarot – Follow Your Intuition Here

Finally, for those who want to nurture their own intuitive gifts I’ve got the Beginner’s Tarot package.  This is the guide to the cards along with Audio that takes you on a journey through the deck along with sample readings.  You can  pull your own cards or read for family and friends to get practice trusting your intuition.  This collection helps you navigate these ancient symbolic language for fun and insight.  Now you have extra help, right there in the cards.   It’s always fun to see someone discover how truly good they are at intuitive decision-making or guidance.  This book and audio bundle get you started on an journey laced with exciting surprises, twists and turns.

There you have it.  Short and hopefully sweet.  These are gifts that get me excited to share, so perhaps they will delight you as well.  After all, you are so worth your time.  What better gift to give someone, too, then to show them they are worth both time and money.  It will be our secret that it was such a bargain.  Gift certificates are available so you can print and wrap for the holidays.  Just email me and we will get that gift ready for those you love.

Thank you for sharing my passion with me.  After all, I never get tired of seeing the Magic in you.  When you forget, you can always check in for a reminder.  The stars in heaven contain the same material that makes up you.  You are living, breathing magic.  Happy Holidays to you,

Lisa Greenfield



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