Tension, Resistance And The Truth In the Lies

Hidden agendas are exposed and in view right now, so you may want to be sure you’ve spent quality time with your own drives and motivators before we hit mid September.  The energy right now has Truth as a driving force and those ripples travel far, if not fast.  Secret and purely selfish motives catch up with everyone now, in the interest of life lived on a solid foundation.  Lies are quicksand that pull you down the more you try to hide them.  So the tension to act or make changes that built up while Mars was retrograde the last two months is best applied to Truth of you.

Everyone has needs, but how you meet those needs can get sticky without a closer look.  It’s because we don’t often learn to relate to our needs in a healthy way.  Neediness and greediness drive secret agendas and lies.  It’s an imbalance that strangles quality connections and we get a little assist to personally clean house these next couple weeks.  Each of us is the microcosm of the World’s macrocosm.  When we get this ‘shift’ in ourselves, the balance tips and healing on a grander scale globally takes place one person at a time.

Here is a recording  about a better relationship with your needs, one  that helps you side step a harsher correction on neediness and greediness.  There’s no shame in what you feel, there’s just healthy or unhealthy ways of dealing with it.  Listen to the recording HERE.  Or you can download it HERE for easy access whenever you need.  See what’s happening through a broader, kinder lens and make adjustments from this place.  The Truth of you isn’t cruel when you see the whole you.

To help illuminate that ‘whole’ you more clearly, I’ve included a special Two Day sale to unlock a few of the most precious secrets of you, your unique contribution to this world through the fingerprints that are yours and yours alone.  The Three Hidden Keys walk you through over 50 illustrated pages, the how to understand your Destiny as it shows up in your fingerprints.

Those prints are formed before you are born and are the part of the hand that does not change over your lifetime.  Check it out here.  The sale price is 75% off until Midnight Monday night.  What better time to know more about the distinctive talents and gifts you bring to the world then now.

Your E-book purchase includes a live ‘question and answer’ group call with me for questions about what type of prints you have. It happens the third week of September.  This call is recorded for those who can’t attend in order to give you lots of support to access your best potential.  You’ll receive details a week in advance of the call.

For now, find the Truth of your needs.  They matter, they are part of you and crave a relationship with you better than the one you have.  Conflict, disagreement, disappointments can almost all trace their roots back to this place.  So let the tension of resolving your wants and needs in a better, more honest way help get you airborne, butterfly.

Thank you,


Lisa Greenfield



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