Saturday Eclipse, Caterpillar Soup and Live Q&A With Lisa Thursday

The first three weeks of August are like what happens when a caterpillar crawls into the cocoon in one form and emerges a completely different form.  To do that, the old self dissolves to make way for the butterfly.   It’s like Caterpillar soup inside the cocoon.  This state is reflected so much in our five retrograde planets and the third eclipse this Saturday.  Time for internal transformation and letting go of the earthbound ways so you can soar.

The world is in major change mode, so are you.  It feels mildly stressful to extremely uncomfortable at times.  Think of the comparison though between a caterpillar and a butterfly.  There is very little resemblance from one to the other.  So there’s reason to be a bit unsettled now.   Good to remember though, you are about to take flight on a life that offers far more possibilities of beautiful creation than you have now.   After all, your dreams won’t be so landlocked.   I put together an audio to walk you through what I know can make a difference.  It’s easier to listen than to take time and read, especially right now.

Listen to the Audio Here.

Download Audio Here.

The July Solar Eclipse had the Asteroid Icarus involved.  In case you aren’t familiar, he’s the one, who through ego fueled ambition, flew higher than was safe so he crashed and burned.  It’s a cautionary tale to own our butterfly moments, while you want your dreams to soar keep in mind that rush and self-importance at the steering wheel cost you dearly.  The transformational tension builds strength and resilience, go slowly and find time to be pause, rest and be still.

Best American Psychics enough requests for a follow up to our last Facebook Live Show so Astrologer Kathy Biehl and I are back this Thursday morning at 9am Pacific, Noon Eastern to talk about how this affects you looking at the Astrology in your hands.  Join us Thursday when you click on THIS link and register to get an alert/notification.  Bring your questions, your hands and let’s find out what’s in the ‘soup’ for you.  If you post your hands to my Facebook Page with questions, or message me if you wish a bit more privacy, I will do my best to answer your questions.  Please have them to me by 8:30am Pacific time August 9th.

Meanwhile, I wish you a nourishing, refreshing caterpillar soup with your unique expression of you unfolding.

Thank you,


Lisa Greenfield



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Hi Lisa,
Haven’t heard much from you in a few months, but have Always enjoyed and truly loved what you share with me.

Having been divorced and Alone for 15 yrs!!!, I’m now in a Relationship with the most Amazing man I’ve ever met or known, and he is THE Man I’d love to spend the rest of my life with…he is busy trying to make a living, and get his life back together after being married for 9 1/2 yrs and she died of Cancer, and her grown 2 kids are hateful to him….very sad. He took her last 12 mos off work to help her totally, until she died…now he is working majorly…but it’s slow. Anyway, let me know if you find anything to tell me….Patience is not one of my major virtues! LOL!!
Hugs my friend!

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