Historic Eclipse, Loss & Action, Live Session With Lisa

Hello and thank you for your patience, those of you who haven’t heard from me in the last couple months.  There were two deaths in the immediate family over the last year and it all caught up with me.  I needed some quality reflection time.  It’s funny how death will remind you of its contrast, life.

How I live mine became important to review and edit.  One thing that emerged out of it was how much I love interacting with you.  The quality of time I spend in my work is what brings me joy because in doing it, I get to ‘see’ amazing people.  I don’t ‘have to do it’, I really want to do it.  So thank you for your patience while I went quiet to figure that out.  Nothing like absence to show you what you miss and what you don’t.

We each have fears of being unworthy, unlovable or unacceptable if our whole self was known.  We paint over those fears with achievement, busyness, activities that look good on social media.  But I hear those fears and doubts come out of your mouth in sessions and I’m here to tell you, you are not alone in those feelings.

When you overcome them you buff up the brightest and most attractive features about you.  It builds strength and character to dare in the face of fear.  What we hide out of shame creates some of the stickiest and most uncomfortable coping skills.  Shortcomings are a standard part of human nature.  How we hide them twists us and the relationships we long for into an unappealing tangle we then struggle to escape.

When you stand in the light of life’s high noon moments, your shadow is underneath your feet, pressed down to manageable size by all that shines around you.  I ask you, how do you ‘see’ you in the brightest possible light?  That’s what’s required right now.  You don’t need to escape your worst behavior, simply replace it with more of what’s best about you.

Eclipses offer a unique opportunity to see what is in the shadow so we can bravely own it and move on from it.  We don’t need to run from it or make it a bogey man that frightens us.  The Solar Eclipse two weeks ago started to peel back the layers of false ego.

This Friday’s Lunar eclipse reveals where fear of the Truth gets between you and the light of what you love.  The Moon stands for what we love and fear losing.  The inconstancy of the Moon doesn’t reflect a loss of love, after all the Moon is always the same shape and the size whether we see the whole or not.  What changes is how much of the light we see because of the earthly interference.

Rather than try to write to you all that I’d like you to enjoy about YOU,  I invite you to join our discussion on Facebook Live Wednesday 7/25 at 9am PDT.    Astrologer extraordinaire Kathy Biehl and I talk with you about the Eclipses, how they impact you and how it shows up in your hands courtesy of Shay Parker and the Best American Psychics.  You can join us and sign up for a reminder HERE.

I’d love to have you, your questions and of course, bring your hands.  After all the theme of the eclipse season is ‘be yourself’ according to Kathy.  Since your hands are the most personal map of YOU there is, let’s explore more about the extraordinariness in you and how you can expand on it.

The hand sample on my Facebook Page highlights where to see if this eclipse has an extra effect on you.  Plus, if you would like more of this kind of opportunity to engage live with me about you, I’ll know that when you ‘like’ my Facebook page.  If enough people like this format, I’ll gladly do more live events with questions for you.

I hope this summer is treating you well.  Stay cool and love to see you tomorrow.

Lisa Greenfield


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Hi Lisa

So nice to see you back in the place you like to be. My condolences on the loss of close family. Its quite the journey. I wish I could join the LIVE but mornings are filled and at 9am with my morning practice, movement, sliding into work. Breaks I can take after the morning period at least right now.
I hope to join in at another time along the way.
All my best, Lisa xx

Hi Lisa-

You and Kathy Biehl – both of whom I’ve had the privilege to interview on B-NOW RADIO.. are shining examples of giving us information and wisdom to deal with life’s vagaries and understand the impact of our physical world and skies. I will be done with my show this morning by the time you are live and plan to tune in. My heart sends you comfort in the loss of family members. Keep shining! xo Jeanie

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