Valentine’s Day Passion – Gift Call Wednesday 2/13

Valentine’s Day arrives dressed in a revolutionaries clothing. Centuries old structures around relationships crumble around us without a clear ‘next’ in view of what will take their place. Independence and Co-dependance are relics of the old and Interdependence is up for an overhaul.

You create that ‘next’. To do that is use your heart in ways you may not realize you could. Want to talk about your heart-fueled passion ‘in hand’ – that is your capacity to create? You can do that in a live discussion with Lisa Wednesday 2/13 at 5:30pm PST. Sign up to get your Zoom invite Here when you share the email you want used for your invitation.

Just put ‘Valentine’ in the Subject header from your email and Lisa will do the rest. If you can’t join us for the hour call, register to receive the audio.

We will touch on passion, capacity and compatibility – Download this short recording for a sneak peak. But don’t worry if you can’t spare 15 minutes for the audio. Just come or listen on your own time if you want your creative sparks to light all the right fires for you.

Bring your hands, your questions and let your unique gifts add to the creativity of the world with your authentic, passionate creation, especially in relationship. Post pictures of your hands and/or email questions on my Facebook page up until 4:30pm PST. If you are shy you can send it in email or Messenger.

Your passions matter. This breakthrough we have tomorrow that ushers in a new chapter in this Revolution can explode into argument or channel into passionate creation, you decide. One feels so good, the other satisfies for a moment than crashes down consequences that takes a good effort to clean up.

Join me and let’s create a better ‘next’ together. I look forward to it.

Lisa Greenfield

Did you want to experience more passion in your life? Well, some tools, tips and insights are in layers for you below. Much as we may long for a quick ‘tip’ or magic bullet, the Truth is that expanding your capacity for passionate creation requires more than a ‘quick fix’ to make a fire that burns bright and long.

So towards that end you have a bonanza of goodies for you to enjoy – all about you and how to relate to yourself and others with the most, excuse the pun, bang for your buck.

In order to get the audio with a fun exercise about four minutes in that you can do for your own exploration, I need to email it to you. Let me know you want it Here. Just put Passion Capacity in the subject matter and I’ll send it off to you. You can do the exercise for yourself or with a partner and use it to increase the intimacy between you.

Below is the PDF that helps you identify your particular line placements so you understand more about your creation potential, along with how to dial it up.

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How do I register to receive the audio of tomorrow’s Valentine zoom session?
Thanks for your help.

Carol, you just did. Thank you…Talk to you tomorrow night!

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