Upgrade Your Relationship, Help From Gift Readings

Have you felt it? The rumbling in your relationships? All relationships are about to get a major upgrade. Which is definitely good news. Except old relationships can’t run on the new program. So you need to improve those or let them go. Which is why there will be Gift Readings…

The trade off between old and new is going to happen, with or without your agreement. It’s that simple…and that uncomfortable. We get into relationship ruts and nature (with a little help from Venus and Pluto) is about to do a clean out by the end of the week.

The most important relationship inventory to begin with is the one you have with you. You know that, and it helps to be reminded.

Other people are a mirror for how well you treat yourself. I’m sure there is good news and not so good news there when you look at the people you interact with daily. Use the quality of those interactions as a map for your personal tune up.

If you’d like some help, boy do you have a chance to practice receiving. As a grateful member of Best American Psychics, I get to participate in their week long 10 Year Anniversary extravaganza that kicks off tomorrow morning with me doing on air free readings from 11:20-11:40am PST.


Register for the event (no cost to you) Here.

This week is chock full of free readings from the Best of the Best Pet Psychics, Mediums and Readers. How lucky am I that I’m the only Hand Analyst, so they kindly include me to offer attendees a rich array of insight into YOU.

On Wednesday I take an hour to teach your more about your love style based on your hands. Plus here’s a bonus, free PDF that goes with an audio I did for Valentine’s Day. Feeling the love yet?

Oh, you’d like that audio, too, with a fun experiential exercise about YOU on it? Good for you, ask for what you want, already rocking that relationship upgrade.

No problem, just email me and I’ll gladly send it your way. Put Valentine Audio in the subject matter and you will be listening and playing along with the fun, fab exercise right near the beginning of the hour.

If you feel more private than the public forum allows for those gift readings, you can get 10 minutes for $10 with me through live calls on Wednesday between 1:00-3:30pm or Thursday between 3:00-5:30pm PST at Best American Psychics Immediate Readings.

Told you you’d practice receiving. That special runs for three days with a number of Psychics joining the fun. Bonanza, abbondanza, cornucopia overflowing.

Then again, you may really be feeling the rumblings on this Upgrade and can’t make the daytime online fun this week. For you Cancer, Capricorn, Aries and Libras – the impact is definitely present.

Anyone, though, can take advantage of my Passion Capacity Report, available to purchase this week only for the celebration. You don’t have to be online this week to get it. The offer goes away after Wednesday, but the information can last you a lifetime.

In it you get a triple stack of hands, astrology and an exercise to reveal your current passion setting. It’s all too easy for us to be blind to our limitations, especially since many are self-created and/or inherited.

The report outlines your capacity, highlights your sweet spots, identifies strength builders and pulls back the curtain on pesky blind spots for you. All this is on audio so you can listen to it as many times as you wish. We tend to hear new things from the same recording when we are ready to make that particular shift.

Grab your Passion Capacity Reading Here. Sorry due to time constraints it doesn’t work to discuss this report on those 10 minute special calls. You can’t schedule in advance and there’s no overtime available. But I have you covered…Here’s how.

If you find you want personal help to make sure you master this relationship upgrade from your Passion Report, get 20 minutes with me at the 15 minute price. It’s that important to feel good about your love connections. Enjoy that upgrade Here. With that report in hand there’s a lot we pack in to those 20 minutes.

Okay, chances are you are staggering under the array of goodies including those gift readings to perk up your day. Here’s to feeling the love.

I look forward to seeing you online live, talking to you on the call lines, or diving in to help you turn up your personal ‘Passion Capacity’ this week. You choose which one suits you best. Don’t you love the feel of this upgrade already? And isn’t this subject so worth our time!

Here’s to full steam ahead, happily.

Lisa Greenfield


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