The Truth In Your Hands

What does the soft animal of your body want? Mary Oliver asked this in Wild Geese and I was hooked. Can you answer that question? How long has it been since you asked yourself what truly brings you joy and given yourself that.

Not just the gift of happiness in its fleeting nature. The comfort food, the guilty pleasure on TV aside. No, I’m talking about joy. That deep in the soul vibration that outlives the moment and continues to shift your mood when you recall it, even long after it happened.

Your life can be lived with that joy in the center, radiating out from it with an ease and grace in the darkest night or most dismal day. I know because I’ve lived it. Over the last few years, I lost too many people, loved ones that meant so much to me.

In the shadow of death, the moments that lit the way were joy-filled. Like a single candle held aloft, they threw off the deepest shadows of grief. I’ve discovered and rediscovered what brings me joy.

One of those is poetry. Let’s also include plants and people. But reducing it down to any one category feels a bit cramped, like corset laced too tightly.

The Real Me

Ultimately it’s how I feel when I connect with each of those things I love. There is beauty and structure and wildness and inconsistency in each of them. Personal taste and distaste is included. I lunch on the bigger contrast of life. All these things add up to me… The real me.

Not the imagined me, or the perfected me. Just the odds and ends, bits and pieces of a mosaic that becomes a picture when you stand back far enough to see. I started to read hands when I was just 13 years old to make sense of me.

The world’s feedback I received at that age didn’t offer a view I could relate to, which baffled and confused me. What did they see that I didn’t? More importantly, what did I know and didn’t show? My life’s work started there and it’s been four plus decades excavating it.

That report card in your hands is personal, and it always holds good news. Yes there’s trouble that shows up ‘in hand’. But always in the context of everything else you have to deal with whatever happens.

Plus I saw that you can change your mind and change your lines. I love seeing how I impact my future with the choice I make today. The lines tell the story and it’s ever-changing along with me. My three marriage lines are down to one single line, my writer’s fork took an interesting turn into blogging.

Astrology became a way to study more about what I know of hands. It felt magical to see psychological themes match the nerve centers in the brain, match the lines in our hands. We are woven together with choices, moment by moment into an intricate web of life.

Falling In Love…

Falling in love slows or even stops time. Imagine learning how to live your life from this place, enchanted by each moment no matter how good or bad it seems to others.

Get to know you, what you love and how to let that shape more of your day to day choices. How you can do that is one of the things I do best and it’s one of my greatest joys.

Recently my hand is my new favorite geography, followed closely by the stars. The inner and outer landscape connect in extraordinary ways. For example, my Mars (planet of action) is in the gate of Stillness in my Human Design Astrology chart.

While in my hand I have two Mind lines – these lines are the ones that run through the Mars/action center on my hand. It points out my split personality responses. Sometimes I rush in blindly, get discouraged over obstacles and then stop altogether, shown by the short straight line.

Other times I pause, reconsider, study the problem, adjust my course after a break to change my story of what’s happening. I see the challenge as resistance training and choose to get stronger, so I can’t walk away until I finish.

That shows up in the second line that has grown longer and lost most of the frazzled edges of a mind that couldn’t stop. Which is exactly what the Human Design outlined as the results when I learned how to conquer my rush to action or thought. Oh the years of trial an error these puzzle pieces helped reduce. Whew…

Action, inaction, preparation all layer up and connect with the story I tell about me. What I do well, where I stumble and how to get from the rocky parts back out to the better path all shows up. When I put the puzzle pieces together, ta da, the mosaic is clear.

This is how to put what’s there in your hands to work for you. I’ve been watching as the lines in my hand reflect back important shifts and even mirror the forks in the road for me. I watch the unfolding map of me, there in my hands, fascinated still after all these years.

A Personal Hero

It’s fun going back to what I know, what I’ve taught and adding back in some of the poetry to go with the science. We are a mix of science and magic, we humans are. Each one of us has our inner potential for a Hero, Genius, Lover and Leader etched in the landscape of our hands.

Seriously, the heart sends more messages to the brain than the brain sends to the entire body. We just don’t know how to translate those messages yet. Perhaps the experts try reading it as prose when it’s actually in verse?

How magical are we?!

I love to share this with you. Do you want to be enchanted by you? There is much to delight in, where you are concerned. I share some of it below. Shay Parker from Best American Psychics interviewed me on ‘who we are revealed in our hands’.

Enjoy the Facebook Live presentation Here.

If you enjoy learning about YOU, then let’s do some more exploring next Tuesday night for a gift call where we will begin the journey of what you can find to enchant you. Bring your hands and questions.

Your Personal Hero, Romantic, Inner Genius and Inspirational Leader show up in the lines on your hands. See, hear and discover how to bring those parts of you to the world with some fun exercises to build and train your better nature.

Just sign up for the gift call Tuesday at 6pm with the subject line gift call.

Come play with your intuitive wise self who enjoys surprising you with information and insight that astounds. Take one hour to discover more about YOU. I’ll show you how delicious it can be.

If you can’t join us but want the recording, sign up and you’ll receive it within 24 hours of the call. You can practice the exercise at home so you don’t miss out on the inside scoop.

The seeds you plant now you will harvest come Fall. Why not plant the wisdom of your inner Hero, Romantic, Genius and Leader? I’ll show you how…

Talk with you soon,

Lisa Greenfield

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